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How are you supposed to do the "Play 100 Games In a Row" on Nano??

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Fartay, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. I was going for the playing "100 games in a row" achievement on Nano games but with the stupid "Dead World" how is it supposed to be completed? I have been very close to completing it twice but the dead world gets me. Right now i was at 79 GAMES PLAYED and then dead world hits me.... this achievement is impossible to do.

    heres evidence i was at 79 games played right before dead world: https://imgur.com/a/TmjzDza
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  2. In reality I was at 81 games played however the last screenshot I took was at game 79.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 8, 2020
  3. Hey!

    I understand your frustration as I dedicated quite a lot of my time to getting this achievement. 79 games played is very close to the target which is why it's unfortunate that you encountered the "Dead World" issue. This often happens in Nano Games, which interrupts your progress and withholds your rewards if you have not claimed them yourself. There is only one way to overcome this and it's not the most favourable by any means.

    There is no way that you can resume your progress with 79 games played, even with the evidence you have provided. The only option is to avidly play Nano Games and hope you do not encounter a "Dead World". I advise you to do /rewards regularly so you're not losing both your rewards and the chance of unlocking the achievement. It is tedious to start again, but many of us have to grin and bear it.

    I find if you focus less on the achievement and more on playing Nano for your own enjoyment then it will be easier to be patient. This way you may even unlock it without any intent to work towards it! Either way, hopefully this helped you and best of luck - you'll need it to prevent that "Dead World" from happening again!
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  4. Yes, I was doing /rewards every game so I didn't lose the XP or gems however sadly I couldn't get to the goal. Yesterday I was at 85 games played when I also encountered the dead world. Is there a certain time when the server goes into Dead world or is randomly?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 8, 2020
  5. Hey,

    The only way to get this achievement until it's fixed is to get really lucky. I've gotten this achievement more than once before the "Dead World" issue was even a thing so I completely understand how annoyed you must be playing for almost three hours in one sitting only to have it ruined by a bug on our server. I'm not sure when it will be fixed. As @WowCaleb mention in their towards the end of their reply, I'd prefer if you play for your enjoyment rather than your statistics. It's better to have fun than let frustration take over.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
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  6. I mean the frustration is valid, the glitch is preventing them from completing the achievement. For me, getting achievements are sometimes more fun that playing the actual game, and playing 100 games in a row is hard enough without having to restart.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
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  7. It's weird because I never know when this error will occur, but it always gets me at the worst times. Luckily, this doesn't happen very often to me so I can usually focus on playing or getting my achievements but I can still understand your frustration.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
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  8. That sounds terrible. I have tried going for 100 games before but I can't see myself doing it in the near future. The dead world issue gets me too because I never remember to use /rewards, and I lose all of the exp and shards which really annoys me. It sucks that you made it that far for nothing, but you do now have an excuse to play a bit more. I hope you get it soon man, it feels really good to get all of the achievements! :D
    Posted Apr 12, 2020
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  9. I apologize this is a bit late, but we believe we have recently discovered what is causing the "Dead World" bug in NANO. Once that happened, our Developers worked extremely fast to fix the issue. Once pushed, it should no longer occur, so if it does please let me know here. If you have any more questions about it, please feel free to let me know.
    Posted Apr 26, 2020

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