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How about a leaderboard reset?

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by TimmyP, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. There are obvious statistical anomalies from cheating in almost every single game on your boards. In my case, Block Hunt, watch the leader go up 100 in less than 2 days? I dont think so. Either he is defining he has no life, or cheating.
    Posted Dec 28, 2018
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  2. Cheezeburgerfan


    I doubt they will reset the leaderboard since that will make the majority of the community very upset.
    Posted Dec 28, 2018
  3. Yeahhhhh I agree.

    There were holes that were patched (you could just stay logged into a room in BH and get wins without even being at your device), but now its small scripts that circumvent this and they work at least on Android\Windows. Before they were patched, the leaderboards were destroyed already, but some of us worked hard to get up there.

    To see what is obviously screwed up, remain screwed up, is disheartening, demotivating to an extent. I know they are overwhelmed with bugs and god knows what, but this seem(ed) like something that should be done from time to time.

    I am 2 on BH and I dont care if they wipe. I would be at least 2 again, probably 1 until the other player just stays logged in a couple nights.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 28, 2018
  4. ImFeelingLucky


    Edit: Though this is a MCO/Bedrock discussion I feel as if it could apply to Java/PC too. My response below takes both servers into count, specifically Java/PC considering there are more leaderboards here on the website for Java/PC stats.

    I am not opposed to the idea, but there are enough things Mineplex has to work through. I’ve always like the idea of seasons which is another word for “stat resetting”. It can keep the game interesting too. If they never reset the stats then you’d pretty much see the same people on the top of the leaderboards. There has never been rewards for stats and leaderboards but maybe if they choose to reset stats then that is a new idea that can be implemented, motivating people. With Mineplex’s player base down as low as it is I really do not see it affecting the playerbase too much. People are going to continue to play no matter how it is.

    If a reset were done correctly I could definitely see a slight increase in player activity. How so? With a leaderboard and stat reset, it will encourage the average player to want to be on top and have better stats then before. Take a past game for example, Mineplex Competitive League. When introduced it was Mineplex’s most active game at the time because of the leveling system. People wanted to reach the top tier, or top level, and having a clean leaderboard also helped and motivated people to keep on playing. Same goes with Cake Wars, another one of Mineplex’s most active game at the time of being released partly due to the clean leaderboard.

    With what has been said I can go both ways with this. I’m not opposed of the idea. Truthfully, I believe it will spark a little bit of more activity for a bit of time, and motivate players to have better stats of that of before, and be on top of their favorite games leaderboard.

    If a reset were to be in the talks I’d suggest, seasons, and saving the stats for each season. For example, on this website one can see their current stats. With a reset I highly recommend Mineplex saves one’s current stats into a sub category called “Season 1” on their profile, do a reset, and then have their “Season 2” or “Current” stats in another sub category. That way a person's stats are not completely abolished and you can still have some bragging rights about stats. Additionally, I would suggest some type of reward system. For example reaching 25 wins will get you an extra 1,000 experience, or a Omega chest. Reaching 100 wins will get you 2000 shards, 1000 experiences, and a Mythical chest. Something of that sort, if plausible.

    As a average player a reset does not bother me, and i’m sure many others really do not care either way. But for future discussions we need to agree and define “stats”. What corresponds to stats. Levels? Wins? Losses? Gems, etc? Basically what would be reset to 0. Also, just as important, what about cheaters and hackers? Many important questions and discussions to go into this before further progress of this idea. Overall, in my opinion not a bad idea. Looking forward to other people's opinions or alterations.
    Posted Dec 28, 2018,
    Last edited Dec 28, 2018
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  5. Wiz_Techno



    A leaderboard reset does not affect me in the slightest. But I am 100% sure this idea will not be implemented and here's why:
    Yes, there are hackers in every game. That's inevitable considering it's Minecraft and Mojang has given 0 thought on implementing their own anti-cheat or at least reprogramming parts of the client to make it easier for anti-cheat developers to map out player's positions and detect if those patterns are unusual or not. Resetting the leaderboards may clear all the hacker's stats, but a majority of leaderboarder's don't hack and resetting their hard earned stats cause a MAJOR riot among those players. Additionally, resetting stats is just a waste of time with development. Instead of regressing stats, why not build them up? It's just the backward thinking that does not get us anywhere here or in the world. The last time Mineplex did a reset on anything it was bans and that caused mass confusion from a lot of players and ruined years of staff's hard work. The same thing will happen with player's and their hard-earned stats.

    Posted Dec 28, 2018
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  6. Im kinda just coming at the perspective: "so what?"

    Not trying to be negative or anything, but the improvements in the anti cheat over time will benefit the real players vs the cheaters.

    I really dont think anyone can logically refute that the cake wars board shouldnt be reset tho (for example). There is cheating every match. Okay 95 percent. That 5 percent would be on top for awhile. A lot could be learned.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 30, 2018
  7. joshbet9


    People have more than 200 days in-game, if there were to be a leaderboards reset they'd have to still keep the old stats. Maybe have some sort of "Ancient" tab with the old statistics.
    Posted Dec 30, 2018
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  8. My personal opinion. Just leave where it is, the leaderboards are constantly updating. And what makes you think people are cheating to get up there? It’s not impossible to get 100 wins in a day. You can’t just look from the [email protected] perspective.
    Posted Dec 30, 2018
  9. Because I have seen them. There was also no afk timer for a long time and people would stay logged in while afk and rack up wins.

    Look at the BE Block Hunt leaderboard. If this was court, someone would get probable cause. That is a total statistical anomaly.

    EDIT: and its kinda suspect when I caught him with my alt on Android while logged into the same game, then I called him out on it... I have never seen him in a single game since. Everyone seems to know who I am and I see them all the time, but not that anomaly. That person learned to avoid me because they know I am onto them.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 31, 2018
  10. NothinButNet36


    Bruh cake wars on bedrock has no cheaters at all like ever. A leaderboard reset would be unfair to those people who worked hard to get where they are. I am also not on the leaderboards but in just 3-4 months ago I started playing bedrock cake wars and loved it. Haven’t stopped since and I have matched up against @DanTrains222 (#1 player) and have beaten him and his squad of leaderboard players all by myself 6 times. I consider myself a really good cake wars player because I have 1000 wins and I hav been playing for 3 or 4 months. I have lots of respect for leaderboard players. And I don’t want them to lose all of there stats especially after me and a lot of other players lost the “edit kit feature” because players complained about it being too OP. This is would piss a lot of people off
    Posted Dec 31, 2018
  11. The rampant cheaters in Cake Wars are even worse than Block Hunt (In no way does Cake Wars barely have any cheaters, there is one 99 percent of the time and you are either lying, one of them, or blind). I fail to see the importance of where you are now, given that there are so many cheaters. The people that work hard, such as myself, will get back and take the position they earned. I earned 2 and I would give it up just to earn it again.

    The amount of wins you have in game where every single match has a cheater makes the leaderboards pretty trivial. 1000 wins means nothing when the person right next to you has 1000 wins by cheating, or just sitting there (which was probably worse in Block Hunt, but the fact is these wins are still in their score).

    Not really necessarily talking a full leaderboard reset. Just ones that are totally comprised.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 31, 2018
  12. NothinButNet36


    I rarely run into hackers. Flight hacks are the only hacks I rarely see. If your talking about the duplicator cheaters that are on pocket edition. That glitch has been patched in the recent update for the Minecraft app. But for cheaters that didn’t update their app they can still use it sadly. And Mineplex can not stop them because they have no control with that. It’s a glitch that Microsoft must fix. And I don’t think any leaderboard player on Cakewars is a cheater. I honestly don’t play block hunt so I can’t talk about that.
    Posted Dec 31, 2018
  13. @TimmyP I'm sorry, but I am going to have to disagree with your idea of resetting the leaderboards of certain games. First, several others have stated that players have worked hard to get to where they are on the leaderboards. I have over 7,000 wins in Cake Wars and I can ensure you that I have never cheated in game. In fact, I am completely against cheaters and I am not hesitant to report them on the Forums or to my friends on the Staff Team. As you have stated in a previous post, leaderboard players could either be a no-life or cheat excessively. I, however, "have no life." I have been a proud Mineplex player since March of this year and I have devoted countless hours to playing on the server and grinding legitimate wins. Also, I have made a multitude of progress ever since I have joined and still find the server fun to play on 4 months after I have obtained level 100.

    Furthermore, I have played against the majority of players on the Cake Wars leaderboards, winning and losing matches against them. But one aspect that all my experiences share, is that it was fair. The players on the top of the Cake Wars leaderboard do not hack, dupe, or bug exploit in any manner. Most hackers that I have observed and encountered are mainly low level players (0-30) not on the leaderboards attempting to ruin gameplay for experienced players. Luckily, the Staff Team catches most hackers and bans them accordingly. But remember, the Staff Team is not perfect and can miss some bug exploiters in game. By resetting the leaderboards, the server would take away months and years of hard work by players who play fairly. Therefore, I feel that this should not be implemented for Cake Wars or most other games. Besides, the recent 1.8 update has fixed most forms of duping and has condemned Toolbox hacking, so the amount of cheaters in Cake Wars has tremendously decreased.

    As for your situation, I am extremely sorry that this is occurring. After looking at the online Block Hunt leaderboards, I can conclude that the 1st place player cheats and most likely exploits glitches to obtain unfair wins. In your case, maybe it would be ideal for the Block Hunt leaderboard to be reset completely and for that player to be punished for their actions.

    In sum, this idea could be useful in a situation like yours, but overall, most games do not contain a plethora of cheaters as they have before. For this and other reasons, the majority of the Mineplex community (not just me) feel that resetting the leaderboards is a mostly bad idea and would cause chaos/ spread hate within the server.

    *NOTE* I am trying to see both sides of the situation and remain as neutral as possible.
    Posted Dec 31, 2018
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  14. NothinButNet36


    @YourNewDad33 is clearly a cheater and I think the solution to the block hunt fiasco is to ban him/ remove all his stats.
    Posted Jan 1, 2019
  15. chile


    I guess there shoud be a leaderboard reset for block hunt, there are some exploits like the sheep block abuse (placing it below you and giving a boost or even get out of the map) and before there was wall climbing, so i guess the block hunt leaderboard is destroyed
    Posted Jan 17, 2019
  16. Well you can’t just delete the entire leaderboards. This would be unfair to the people that do play fairly. A lot of people grind games for this specific reason.
    --- Post updated ---
    To grind the leaderboards
    Posted Jan 17, 2019
  17. Deleting would be unfair, majority are not cheaters, and are on the leaderboard legitamatly, and if delete current leaderboard, nothing will stop the cheaters from being on the top then if that is the case, yet you took away the mojorities hard work.
    Posted Jan 18, 2019
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  18. Really guys? Wow. I have been on mineplex for..maybe two years? I think.. I can't be certain. Talk about disheartening. .TimmyP your accusations are absolutely ridiculous. Who are you to judge how much time I spend playing this game? You know nothing of me, or my situation. This game is the one thing I have had for some time now, which is why I have the wins that I do. I could go on, but I will stop there, because I see no reason to defend myself from this. you don't know me, you don't know what I'm dealing with in my personal life any more than I know you. I wouldn't judge you based on how you spend your time... the only thing you're seeing is the amount of wins, and you want the number one spot well then work for it like I did. Don't just expect it to be given to you by way of false accusations.
    --- Post updated ---
    Sadness. I'm no cheater, Dan.
    --- Post updated ---
    And who is this person? I've never even met you..so when did we play block hunt together and I cheated?
    Posted Feb 12, 2019
  19. Overdog


    Resetting would be unfair to the players who have constantly grinded extremely hard to get their position. Honestly, a better suggestion would be to remove cheaters from the leaderboard system, which may be hard, but it's worth it. They may reform or not.
    Posted Feb 12, 2019
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  20. Even if they were [email protected], wouldn’t they just be kicked out by anticheat?
    Posted Feb 12, 2019
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