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Hourly UHC

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Liqhts, May 10, 2019.


Should UHC be brought back, with one game every hour?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. If senior moderators are there, they can prevent hackers, which is why I said event squad should host them.
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
  2. I like this idea. The increment of time between games is up for debate, but clearly, as evidenced by the poll, this would be a fantastic addition back to the server. I think it would be a good idea also to have the world border and rewards for playing to be proportionally related to the amount of people playing. This means that even if you dont have 100 players actively looking for UHC games that some sizeable community can still enjoy the gamemode.
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
  3. All for this idea, but I heard the map generator for UHC is broken or something?
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
  4. The only things I can say that would greatly affect how this game mode performs is the amount of hackers it will be getting because of the outdated anticheat. I feel that it will become overrun with cheaters, which will eventually make players lose interest. However, I do like UHC and the thought of having it back on Mineplex does excite me, but as stated above, this is why I believe it won't succeed. I'm not saying don't make any more games because the anticheat is bad, I'm saying that if this is going to be a thing, it will definitely need a lot of staff monitoring because of how competitive UHC is.
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
  5. if games were hourly it would make it a LOT easier for staff to monitor each game and prevent hackers
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
  6. If you say so...
    Posted Sep 23, 2019
  7. I agree, staff could help prevent hackers/xrayers.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 25, 2019
  8. +1 UHC seems fun
    Posted Sep 25, 2019
  9. Anyone mentioned it, but there are players from other servers that want to play UHC. I think if Mineplex bring it back it would not only attract our players, but foreign players and players from other servers as well
    Posted Sep 27, 2019
  10. 100 yes votes LETS GOOOO
    Posted Sep 29, 2019
  11. Responded to similar threads in the past and I did comment on this one a few months ago, but there's somewhat an update even though no official confirmation. Saw that this thread was mentioned in one of the newer ideas hub posts so thought I'd share that reply here.

    "A lot of us want to see UHC return to the server and it has been said a few times that we're looking into the possibility of bringing it back. With that being said, we haven't decided if it's going to happen or not, just thinking about it."
    Posted Sep 30, 2019
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  12. I've seen lately a lot people (staffers included) saying that the biggest problem is the unpopularization of UHC. For them, if UHC was added back, it's popularization would decrease drastically in the first month. I understand their point of view, since UHC is a repetitive gamemode. On the other hand, I must say that what really caused its unpopularization is the lack of motivation when playing it. It is a very addictive gamemode, since it is hard to win, and when you loose you get thirsty for winning. Therefore, although it was one of the biggests gamemode on Minecraft, people get bored for it in the last year. Thus, I think that in order to avoid that problem you should think of out the box, adding something that differentiate from the old UHC. I'm not meaning to add things in the game itself, but making like championships? Like, depending on the amount of players, the 40 biggest winners of the month make one UHC match and the winners get prizes like ranks or money? It would be a great idea in my point of view.

    To sum up, I think that if UHC was to be brought back there should be only the classical UHC doubles. For me, one of the biggest mistakes from MP was to add UHC Solo and UHC Speed, because it splited the UHC community.

    I'm sorry for my long post, but I really want UHC to be brought back, my favourite gamemode that left a mark on my life.
    Posted Oct 4, 2019
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  13. UHC changed our lives brother...
    Posted Oct 5, 2019
  14. Hey! :)
    I personally love the UHC gamemodes. I think that UHC returning would be an amazing addition to Mineplex. This would make the entire server even better than it already is! I agree with the people who are saying announce when a new game is starting and having moderators watch over the games. However, if we too many staff hosting or moderating these games we might not have enough staff members for other occupations. Each game length is an hour, so imagine if 75% of the staff wanted to help out with the UHC gamemode, there would be minimal staff members elsewhere in the server. This would mean that if there were a big exploit, not many staff members would be made aware of the situation since most of them were moderating the UHC game. I think that maybe 2-4 mods per game would be a fine amount though. This would prevent hackers, people with x-ray, etc... As well as still having most of the staff members out & about on different parts of the server .I'm sure that if the UHC gamemode returns to Mineplex, all of us and everyone else in the Mineplex playerbase who loves UHC will be extremely hyped, resulting in lots of players playing the UHC mode that has just returned to Mineplex. However, it could die down after a few months or so which would result in very long queue times again. Maybe not even enough players to play UHC as it dies down. Of course, it'll probably take like 8 months for it to die down since so many players love this mode. However, it could be a shorter or longer time period for it to die down as well. As for me, I am hoping that the UHC community will continue on playing this mode and never let it die down. I know this is possible, but how likely is it really? This is a great idea and I am in full support of it! Keep me updated on how this fourm is doing, if you choose! :)
    Have a good day!
    Posted Oct 5, 2019
  15. To sum up some ideas already floating around and my own ideas, here goes:

    1) UHC weekly event/UHC dedicated gamemode.
    Having a UHC always open is not something I think would work too great, I can see lobbies being pretty small because people will join whenever they want, not necessarily when everyone wants. Because of this, I think that having a few games open at peak times for Mineplex will make lobbies fill up quicker and have more people playing in each game.

    2) Staff moderation of the games.
    I think this would be pretty useful to ensure the best possible experience for everyone playing the UHC. However, I don't think that all staff are going to want to moderate the hour long UHCs all the time. Because of this, I think a UHC subteam (Possibly under event assistance) can be made for those who wish to have a bigger part in assisting with the games. I also think that there won't always be staff moderating games, so I think it would be fair that people who are suspicious on any level are kicked by Gwen to reduce the amount of blatant and closet cheaters, overall making gameplay more enjoyable. (Yes I also know the downsides are that there can be false kicks).

    3) UHC notices.
    UHC announcements in my opinion aren't wanted by the whole Mineplex player base, so I think that a player preference should be made to turn UCH start announcements on or off depending on their choice. People who want to be notified will, and those who don't won't. Simple as that.

    4) Xray.
    There has been talk about the issues surrounding Xray. Adding a similar feature as the bridges anti Xray would be sufficient on top of the Staff moderation. Personally, I don't see a big issue with Xray on UHC, and if it is an issue, it will be dealt with.

    5) A final thought about hackers.
    Just a though, not sure if it would work or not. To prevent hackers playing UHCs, if someone was banned for hacking in a UHC game, their IP would be blocked from playing just UHCs for a month or so. Again, I'm not sure if it's possible, but I think that a system like it would be an effective way to prevent hackers.

    Overall I really support this idea and as EmmaLie mentioned, it's being thought about. That's good enough for me and I hope to play this game with you all!
    Posted Oct 5, 2019

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