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Discussion in 'Survival' started by MinecraftFan, Oct 4, 2021.

  1. There are many opinions about a reset happening. Here is my personal and honest opinion

    a reset would remove hacked items and give players a fresh start. There would be no more skyscrapers of diamond blocks in every direction. But this is not all the case.
    While a reset does good, it also does bad.
    There are some people who will loose legitimate work. Not everyone does use "gboxes" so the people who actully work for thier stuff will loose progress. No offence to anyone out there though. I do believe a reset effects everyone. Yes even hackers.
    My final opinion on this is hackers will hack in items right after the reset unless hacks are fixed thatd all and have a great day
    Posted Oct 4, 2021
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  2. Thread Moved | Survival Subforum


    I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the Survival subforum, as this thread discusses topics that ask for opinions, not help with the server in general. To answer your suggestion, a Survival Season 3 is planned and will (hopefully) be released soon. This will not just be a reset, but also a series of updates that will fix bugs and add new features to make playing survival more enjoyable. For the second part of your post, yes, people who have built structures, bases, and houses will have their work deleted, but this is natural for any Minecraft world, such as an smp (which is basically what this is). I look forward to seeing the thoughts of the community on this planned update, and have a good day!
    Posted Oct 4, 2021
  3. Thank you! I appreciate it and look forward
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 4, 2021
  4. To be fair tho I dont want the reset!The only reason I play mineplex survival is because its sooo different from other minecraft servers when it comes to survival!I have never saw a survival server with something called gboxes or megas or ghasts,etc in them,If they reset and we can not make or use any gboxes,I am pretty shure many people will leave immediately because (at least I think) The people who play survival everyday is because of the hacked items,able to change ur gear's name or making a custom gbox ! Overall I do not want a reset on survival and many players dont too!
    Posted Oct 5, 2021
  5. As mentioned above, Survival will definitely be getting a reset, which would come with a big update for the game as well. I see a lot of the same arguments and concerns flying against it, namely "I will lose all of my progress", which is definitely valid, but, in my opinion, I think it's a small price to pay for an update that would make the game a lot better. Although certain planned features of the update could be released without having to give all of the worlds a reset, not all can be and it's best to group everything together and give everyone a fresh start, as daunting as that may seem for some.

    Restarting survival and beginning all over again with new features would be great. For example, shared claims are planned to be released, so it would be awesome to be able to load into a new world and immediately start your journey with your friends. Plus, maybe the nether or end would become enabled in some way which would bring more adventure to the game! The removal of hacked items and hopefully better or complete prevention against them would be beneficial for many players for the fairness of the game, and further precautions could be released which will stop allowing people from creating massive lag machines, for example.

    General system improvements would be great too, like something that would stop the servers from going down so often, as well as updates to the command block menu to bring better tps, detailed information on claims, and any other cool information that can be thought of. I personally think a reset is something to look forward to!^^
    Posted Oct 5, 2021
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  6. Thanks!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 5, 2021
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