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Hitmen vs The Beast

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Zymond, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. Hitmen vs The Beast

    Beasts Objective

    A Mini survival gamemode where the beast's objective is to take out a Ender Dragon. Also to try not to be killed my the hitmen because if he does he loses.

    Hitmens Objective

    There will be a team of 5 Hitmen working together to try to kill the beast, If he defeats the Ender Dragon they lose and If they kill him they win.

    What Will the Setup be?

    Beasts Spawn: Clean Iron with 3 Diamonds on them with an Iron Sword, Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Axe, Iron Shovel, and 3 Protection 1 Books and 2 Protection 2 Books with an Enchant table and random enchant book for the sword. And a crafting table renamed called the dragon summoner which will be used for summoning the dragon and special beast crafts and a special beast bow that doesnt need arrows and doesnt hurt the hitmen but hurts the dragon a decent ammount

    Hitmen Spawn: Full Leather with nothing but a tracking compass.

    Game Mechanics:

    1. The Hitmen Spawn 1000 Blocks away from the beast
    2. To Spawn in the dragon the beast will need 4 Quarts, 2 Emeralds, 4 Books, 1 Cake, and 2 Glass Blocks. and to put them all in to the dragon summoner then place it down
    3. Hitmen Can respawn with keep inventory untill there 2nd death where they will have to restart with the same stuff they originally spawned with
    4. Average game time: 10 Minutes - 1 Hour and a Half
    5. A Craft for a book
    6. Has to get emeralds by either mining them or trading with a villager 5 diamonds for the 2 Emeralds
    7. Has to get emeralds by either mining them or trading with a villager 5 diamonds for the 2 Emeralds
    8. Everything the beast will need to fight the dragon will be within the radius of 2000 by 2000 blocks


    1. If the game is not complete by and 1 and 30 Minutes its settled as a draw

    2. The Hitman who finishes off the beast gets podium

    3. And the rest is up to mineplex if they think this idea is interesting
    Posted Sep 19, 2020
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  2. Hello!

    I have to say this seems like an interesting idea. One thing I would like to point out before I delve into the post is that most games with this fashion where a team of players trying to reach an objective are usually seasonal events. I believe this is because Leadership feels that over the time, the game will get repetitive and boring. That being said, if this idea can be adapted to fit the general criteria of an event gamemode it might work! I feel like 1 hour 30 minutes is a tad bit much regardless of what game it is. Perhaps the overall game can be adjusted to fit within a 30 minute period, where at that time, it is settled as a draw. Other than that, this seems like a great idea, and I love to see it implemented :)
    Posted Sep 19, 2020
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  3. Thank you for you're input!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 20, 2020
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