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In Discussion Hidden Heros

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by smartninja000, Apr 7, 2019.


Is this game good

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  3. Maybe for reason I comment below

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  1. Basically I had a cool idea for a game (a minigame like in mixed-arcade). Basically everyone is a civilian except two people (Villain). Those two people's goal is to kill everyone. Everyone else's goal is to kill the villains. Pretty basic, but here's where it gets cool. One player starts as the superhero, randomly one of the kits. Around the map there will be a bug (endermite silverfish, cavespider) running around. If you get bit by it (take damage), you become a superhero (see below) When the bug bites someone, it'll disappear for a bit, and then respawn later (30 seconds). There will be at most 3 superheros (so 1 of each kit). If there are 3 superheros, the bug will stop respawning. When a superhero dies, 30 seconds later the bug will come back. Name tags are hidden. The maps are night time. Roles/Kits described below.

    The Villain:
    Their goal is to kill everyone, without being killed by a superhero. They look like a regular player, unless they right click the head representing their kit, then they will get slowness for 2 seconds, and slowly armor will appear on them (so they get dressed in their suit.) While they are in their suit they can use all their abilities and weapons. They can unequip their suit instantly at any time while suited up, but it takes 2 seconds to suit up again. The villain has a map with the location of superheros. There are two villains, they cannot attack each other.

    The Superhero:
    Once a civilian is bitten, they gain superpowers. They also suit up with the same cooldown, however if there are nearby players (radius = 8) they cannot suit up. (As they have to keep their identity a secret) Their goal is to kill the villain. The only thing is, the villain can see them on the map while they are suited up, as well as their nametag (it'll say kit name, not IGN).


    Zapper - Villain - Default:
    Gold sword

    Stun snowball - freeze hit player completely for 3 seconds, 2 hearts damage, 1 each 5 second, limit = 3
    Lightning bow - player hit gets zapped by lightning. 1 arrow each 4 seconds limit = 2
    Firework Rocket - right click to get: Speed 3 (8 sec) - cooldown 30 seconds

    Speed 1 forever

    Gold Boots, feather falling 2, yellow leather chest legs, some skull that looks lightning-y

    Rock Steve - Villain:
    Stone Sword

    Throwable Cobblestone - right click to throw, hit players get thrown into the air - 1 heart damage + fall, 1 each 5 seconds, limit = 2
    Effect Rock - right click to get: Anti-KB slowness 2, & resistance 1, 5 seconds of all effects - cooldown: 30 seconds

    Iron chest, gray leather boots & legs. Stone version of steve's skull

    Mad Scientist - Villain:
    Diamond hoe (Sharpness 3)

    Fire Charge - right click launches fireball - explosion 1, no damage, 1 each 4.5 seconds, limit = 2
    Boost potion - absorption 2 (4 gold hearts), resistance 1, regeneration 1, 8 seconds all effects - cooldown 35 seconds, limit =1
    Splash Potion of Random Effect - applies one random effect (level 1) for 6 seconds - cooldown 40 seconds, limit =1, effects include: [blindness, absorption, regen, instant health/damage, posion, wither, night vision, speed, slowness, strength, weakness, fire resistance, resistance, nausea, invisibility]

    white leather chest, iron leggings, white boots. Mad scientist skull

    Creepy Clown - Villain - Achievement Kit:
    Iron Axe

    Splash Potion of Nausea, 20 seconds, 1 every 40 seconds, limit = 1
    Balloon - launches the clown into the air and keeps him hovering (he can move around) for 10 seconds, 1 every 25 seconds, limit = 2
    Glowstone Powder - creates a bunch (5) of armorstands with the armor of the clown, and they are shot in multiple directions. The real clown is also shot, and gets speed 2, The armorstands stay until someone punches them, one hit destroys them, hitting them, results in nausea for 10 seconds. - cooldown 60 seconds

    disco leather armor. clown skull

    Ender Chicken- Superhero (Endermite):
    Wooden Sword
    Multishot Egg - shoots all eggs at once, all launching with some variability in angle, so it's kinda like a wall of eggs shoot out (like the paintball kit)

    Egg - 1/2 heart 1 every 3 seconds, limit = 12
    Enderpearl - 1 every 10 seconds, limit = 1
    Potion of clearing (removes effect) - 1 every 45 seconds, limit = 1

    Speed 1

    Purple Leather armor, Purple chicken skull, but with enderman like eyes

    DiamondSpider - Superhero (Cavespider):
    Wooden Sword

    Tripmine - pressure plate, when stood on, the person gets trapped in webs -1 every 9 seconds limit 3
    Web Swing - launches user forward up to 8 blocks - cooldown: 12 sec
    Web Throw - throws a cobweb like throwable tnt, but instead it just places a web when lands - 1 every 4 seconds, limit 4

    Black leather armor, cave spider head

    SuperMole - Superhero (Silverfish):
    Wooden Sword

    Dirt Wall - clicking it on a person or just air, and it will either create a dome around the player of brown stained glass (Mage Ice cage), or creates a temporary wall (brown stained glass) that slowly breaks down (goes up quickly then pause for 3 seconds (5x4), them every 0.2 seconds a brick from the top breaks down) - cooldown 40 seconds
    Throwable TNT - destroys blocks temporarily (blocks regenerate slowly) - 1 every 20 seconds, limit 2
    Mole Spawn Egg - summons a baby zombie with mole gear, but they have 3 hearts - 1 every 25 seconds, limit 3

    Night Vision

    Brown Armor, mole head

    Construction Worker - Civilian - Default:
    Stone Pickaxe


    Nurse - Civilian:
    Iron Shovel (Renamed Needle, Sharp 2)

    Splash Potion of Regeneration (30 seconds) - 1 every 60 seconds, limit = 1
    Splash Potion of Instant Health - 1 every 45 seconds, limit = 1

    Student - Civilian:

    Throwable Book - 1 1/2 hearts - 1 every 10 seconds, limit = 6 (sharpness 2 so it can be used as weapon)

    Speed 1 (since they are young, they are fast)

    Dog Walker - Civilian - Achievement Kit:
    Bone (Sharpness 2)


    Starts with two tamed wolf.


    Super - Win 25 games
    Deadly Homework - Kill a villain with books

    Good Samaritan - Kill 5 villains as a civilian
    Scaredy Cat - Win a game without damaging or taking damage.
    Radioactive - Become all types of super heros
    That's not supposed to happen - Win 3 games as a villain

    Final Things:
    Time Limit = 5:00
    Player Count = 12 (9 civilians, 2 villains, 1 hero - at the start, there will be 3 people)
    The Bug will come after 30 seconds from the game start, and each respawn

    That's the game, if you would like it, just you know, commend below. If you have ideas for new stuff, comment them below. Hope you enjoy <3 <3 <3
    Posted Apr 7, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 7, 2019
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  2. Posted Apr 7, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 8, 2019
  3. There is one hero selected at the start. After 30 seconds the bug will come and choose a second. Every 30 seconds another will be selected with a limit of 3, one of each type. Once a hero dies, 30 seconds later the bug will come back. Remember there is only 10 players to kill and there are two villains, so that would mean each villain has to kill one player each minute, so really it's not too difficult in my opinion. I also will edit the post so hopefully it's easier to understand. Thanks for the comment, and feel free to change your vote if you would like to!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 7, 2019
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  4. I love this unique game. One thing I really like about this is that you explained everything in great detail and gave examples for achievements. I don't think heroes should have separate kits and instead just be a single default kit. Great idea and I'd love to see this idea develop even more! +1
    Posted Apr 10, 2019

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