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Hey :D

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lexushi, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. So I've been on the forums for a little while now but haven't done an introduction yet so here we go

    Hi, i'm Lexushi (pronounced "like sushi")

    I'm 18 years old from the UK soon to be starting a degree in Computer Games Technology soon because i'm a nerd and i love that i am. I like the american rap scene a lot, my favourite artists are usually those who have been on Lyrical Lemonade , my favorite artists consists of Lil Skies, Ski mask the slump god, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep and Old Eminem. My favourite songs at the moment is between Brain Damage by Eminem, Runaway by Lil Peep and Infinity 888 by XXXTENTACION feat Joey Bada$$ also Beachtown by Landon Cube is another great song but not one of my favorites at the moment

    (Just a little note i hate Posthumous albums for the reasons here and because i find them quite exploitative of the artist and tarnish there discography as i believe they should remain unreleased songs because they are unreleased for a reason, i only think it's okay in Lil Peep's case because his -unapproved link- )
    Posted Sep 7, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 7, 2019
  2. Hey, nice to meet you Lexushi!

    I've actually seen you in-game a few times now :P
    It's nice to meet another person from the UK, what country are you from within the UK? I'm from England myself.

    Honestly, starting a degree in Computer Games Technology sounds like a dream to me, you are so lucky! I wish you luck on the course.

    Rap is also my favourite genre of music, I like a lot of American rappers like Eminem, Logic and Joyner Lucas but I also like some British rappers like English Frank, Stormzy and a few of Skepta's songs.

    It sounds like we have a lot in common. If you see me in-game feel free to say hello :)
    Posted Sep 7, 2019
  3. Joyner Lucas is amazing devil's work and gucci gang remix are my favourite from him i'm also from England :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 7, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 7, 2019
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  4. Hey buddy!

    Firstly I'd like to point out that your name is very interesting, it's definitely unique and not similar to anything I have seen before. Also, the pronunciation of the name is quite unique, without you mentioning how it should be said, I would have no idea how to pronounce it! You sound really cool, you should definitely try Computer Games Science because you never know, perhaps you'll really enjoy it and you'll learn enough to make a career out of it.

    I don't actually listen to as much rap as you, I do occasionally though, and if I do, it's usually Eminem or Nicki Minaj. I see your taste in music is quite fascinating though. I enjoyed learning some facts about you, and I hope I can see you in-game or on the forums sometime soon! If you ever need anything or just want to chat, my PM's are open! :)
    Posted Sep 7, 2019
  5. (I’m typing this on my phone so autocorrect may go SICKO MODE on what i day here)

    Hey man thanks for replying first of all, taking your name’s Nick so i’m Going to call you Nick

    I’m plannings in making a career out ignore making games by HOPEFULLY meeting some nice people at my Uni to start an indie company and make some good and special creatively infused games with them as i’ve Wanted to make games as long as I can remember and have some really good ideas for games which i ain’t gonna share ( I have a piece of paper which I’ve kept and later typed up and printed off all my ideas i’ve had from super vague to fully fleshed our story lines and game concepts)

    At the moment old Eminem sits at my 3rd most listened to rapper at the moment behind X and Lil Peep at no.1 at the moment, judging from the two rapper song you’ve listed I’ve gathered your Into lyrical rappers with a hint of melody because you also listed Nicki Minaj and you also said you’re not the biggest rap fan so if your looking to get more into the scene I would recommend Landon Cube because he is more of a singing type rapper this isn’t just purely judging from the rappers you have listed though The song I would suggest is called 17, one of my favourites from him. Annoyingly enough he doesn’t release music too often
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 7, 2019
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  6. Hi, I am _Prof_!

    I am 16 years old from Canada, aiming for a degree in either computer science, medicine, or chemistry. I mainly listen to rap, pop, and rock. There are a lot of musical artists I like. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay!

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    Posted Sep 8, 2019

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