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Here is my thought on new games to get this server popping

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by EnderboyYT, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. Simply this, add a team based game to the server such as an obstacle course that requires each side to work together to get together and kill each other. Add a time limit too to make it even more frustrating.
    Posted Dec 6, 2022
  2. This is a cool idea, I've seen similar stuff on different housing servers and it's usually a really big hit. It'd be interesting to see if this could be implemented as a party game or something, but I like the vision!
    Posted Dec 6, 2022
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  3. That sounds a fair bit like Death Run.
    Posted Dec 7, 2022
  4. Ideas won't be enough to rejuvenate the lobbies, especially when the head of Mineplex remains profit oriented in its desolate condition. Ideas won't be enough if leadership is indifferent to you, or at least giving you a facade of attention, unless you enforce your control of their life force, that being your time and money, unless they truly see what you are highlighting and how it would affect them.
    Posted Dec 7, 2022
  5. From a Java player's perspective, I personally think that Mineplex already has plenty of great team-based game options (such as Cake Wars or The Bridges) and some great options for parkour-based games (such as Deathrun or Dragon Escape).

    I do realize you're a Bedrock player, and I believe there aren't too many parkour-based games if my memory serves me right. I'd be interested to see how the game idea you propose could work out on Bedrock, and how the player base would react.
    Posted Dec 7, 2022
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  6. I think Bedrock could use a few more games that aren't so pvp-based, and a parkour game would be great. I'd love to see Dragon Escape added to Bedrock. The game you proposed seems interesting, it reminds me of the Area 51 game Java had for a bit.

    I do wonder, if a parkour game were to be added to Bedrock, should pvp be an aspect? Or should it just be a chill parkour game that people who aren't the best at pvp can enjoy?
    Posted Dec 8, 2022
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  7. I'd say that it should be less PvP focused as the Bedrock player base has a larger young audience compared to Java. It would give them something they could play that wasn't so competitive. Perhaps you could have two game modes to the same game? A PvP and PvE game mode.

    Regardless I think the idea itself is great and a little more balance between competitive and chill would certainly go a long way.
    Posted Dec 8, 2022
  8. I have a better solution that nobody has suggested. Bring back all of the older games that were removed for no reason! The community loved them. I'll give a list of the removed ones to give you an idea (Not including LTM modes and Cakewars mega). Those are:
    - Death Tag
    - Dragon Escape
    - Gladiators
    - One in the Quiver
    - Skyfall
    - Skyfall teams
    - Survival Games
    - Survival Games teams

    These games were all removed to nobody's request, and I really miss playing some of them. I want them to return before I see any new game, and I'm speaking for 99% of the bedrock community that has involvement and isn't just a random little kid who doesn't talk
    Posted Dec 9, 2022
  9. A lot of younger users love pvp based games. Like me.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 9, 2022
  10. Which is great, but bedrock consists almost only of PvP games. I don't want to take them away. Just add more Non-PvP related games. Thus balancing things out
    Posted Dec 9, 2022
  11. Bedrock could really use some new gamemodes, this isn't a bad idea.
    Posted Dec 9, 2022
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