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In Discussion Help These Kits! [SSM]

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by IsWater, Nov 24, 2019.


If you could, would you add my changes?

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  1. The 3 Kits

    In SSM there are three different kinds of kits.

    Overpowered kits.

    Frustrating kits.

    Weak kits.

    These balance changes will change out the stats of mobs and the abilities of mobs making them less frustrating to play against, and making the game more fair.

    Out of the kits that need minor or big changes there’s 3 that I think need to be changed Very Badly. The first one being Skeleton Horse. Why skeleton horse?

    Skeleton Horse
    Skeleton horse is known for being a very rewarding kit to play, and being the least skill based kit in the game. How can we make skeleton horse a balanced kit while also being a kit that takes absolutely no skill? Well first let’s think about why it takes no skill.

    Skeleton Horse has two very simple abilities. Bone rush, and Bone kick, The main reason skeleton horse doesn’t need any skill is bone rush, the ability bone rush makes it so you charge at your opponent and bones will follow where you go damaging enemies, while bone rush isn’t that powerful, you can still attack your opponent while using bone rush, on top of that your opponent can hardly move once trapped in bone rush, people to use skeleton horse will run away and wait for bone rush to recharge, and using bone kicks absurd knockback to keep them at bay, or use bone rush to trap an opponent, deal melee Damage, and kick them really far away using bone kick. This cycle has no skill needed, you just run, wait for your non skill based abilities to charge up, and use them over and over.

    How do we fix this?

    If you’ve ever played cow you know cos has a move called Milk Spiral which is a lot like bone rush but you can only move in one direction, if we make bone rush do more damage, make it only go in one direction, decrease the width of bones, and make it last longer, while also increasing the cool down by 3-5 seconds, that would make bone rush a lot more balanced, as for Bone kick, it’s decently balanced and skill based but it’s width and knockback are both crazy considering it’s damage isn’t bad either. If you decrease it’s knockback by 20% decrease it’s width by 35% increase it’s damage by two and remove a second or two on its cooldown it could also be more skill based making it so you would need to get really close to your opponent without relying on bone rush completely.


    To make skeleton horses less likely to charge in and try to take advantage of abilities we should increase it’s health regen and decrease it’s armor.

    Current Armor: 6.5
    Improved armor: 5

    Current HG: 0.3
    Improved HG: 0.4

    Second mob that needs to be changed badly?


    Yes that’s right you heard it here, Zombie, Zombie is pretty OP It’s corrupted arrow is absolutely insane, don’t you just love getting pegged from the other side of the map and losing half your health from single arrow that takes hardly any time to charge up dealing 13 damage? Because I don’t! Zombies corrupted arrow is really insane and is kind of the main reason it’s unbalanced, other than that deaths grasp, and spew bile are both perfectly fine, we’ll spew bile should get a buff but that’s for later.

    What should we do about Corrupted Arrow?
    What I’m thing of isn’t balancing corrupted arrow but completely changing it, I much prefer my version of corrupted arrow, instead of zombie having a bow, Zombie will have a sword, like all zombies should if not a fist am I right? Instead of Corrupted Arrow Zombie will have Deep Wound basically if you right click your sword it’ll charge up your XP bar the more charged up your XP bar is the more damage your next melee attack will do, every 5 seconds you right click your XP bar will be filled 20% taking 20 seconds to be fully charged up, once fully charged up your next attack will do up to 5 bonus damage Just like corrupted arrow

    Spew Bile

    Spew bile is kind of useless without a bow only being useful for keeping enemies at bay for a certain period of time or just assisting in getting void kills. the reason for this is because despite the amount of rotten flesh that zombies spew bile spits out, not all of it hits the enemy, this should be changed, the width of Spew bile, the amount that lands and hits, And range should all be increased by a lot, Range increase 25%
    Damage increase 40%
    Width increase 30%

    As for stats?

    Well you might be thinking, Corrupted arrow does 6 bonus damage, it’s not the same, But I think that zombies melee Damage should be decreased from 6-5 as for its armor it should be decreased and it’s health regeneration should be increased as well to make it a bit less tanky, just a tiny bit though.

    Old Damage: 6
    New Damage: 5

    Old HG: 0.25
    New HG: 0.3

    Old Armor: 6
    New Armor: 5.5

    Third mob that needs to be changed badly?
    Chicken, Chicken is without a doubt one of the most frustrating kits in the game Chickens egg blaster makes it so if you get hit by a single egg you’re most likely going to be hit by the rest of the eggs that are going to be shot and probably on top of that a chicken missile. That’s right chickens egg blaster can be a stun gun and set up for chicken missile. Chicken missiles range is infinite, it’s got good width, and is chickens main source of damage, but other than chicken missile, the chicken class pretty much exists to be annoying. Having 6 double jumps this should be pretty obvious lol.

    Chickens also take advantage of these 6 double jumps to chase after you if you are low or to get away from you which yes, having a enemy capable of recovering from any amount of knockback dealt or chase or down in seconds while also legging you with chicken missile is annoying. How can we balance out chicken while also making it more enjoyable to play and play against?

    Well first let’s talk about Egg Blaster
    Well egg blaster hardly deals any damage at all only existing to slow down enemies or set up for chicken missile, how can we fix this while also having a reliable move that has a short cooldown, Egg Shot Gun

    A ability that deals lots of damage, has a short cooldown, but can only be used at close range, Egg shot shoots out 5 eggs in front of you, one in the middle and 4 all around it It shoots out 2 blocks before starting to fall only reaching about 3.5 blocks before it reaches the ground, if you get hit by all eggs it does 6 damage.


    Flap is one of the reasons for chicken being really annoying, how can we change this, Well first instead of chicken being able to jump 6 times let’s change that to 5 times, also Flap should have a 0.4 second cooldown making it so people will be more cautious about using it and so it has a bit less recovery.

    It should also take flap 40% longer to recharge it literally takes no time at all for flap to fully recharge.

    Chicken Missile.

    Honestly if the damage could just be increased by 2 the width decreased by 15% the projectile speed increased by 10% and the range decreased so it can only travel up to 20 blocks long I think chicken missile would be perfect.

    Stat Changes.

    Old armor 2
    New Armor 4

    Old HG 0.25
    New HG 0.20

    Old Knockback taken 200%
    New knockback taken 165%

    Also Important.

    Pigs xp should regenerate 15% faster, pigs bounce bacon Bombs should be thrown in the air and pig should have a separate ability called flame charge which makes Pig an dash where pig is looking up to 12 blocks of pig collides with an opponent do 5 damage ability costs 50%of xp bar but still has a 2 second cooldown

    Sheep’s Wooly rocket and smash crystal are broken, sheep’s static lasers damage should be increased up to 10 and sheep should be able to charge up static laser for 30% longer, wool mine needs higher projectile speed.

    Creepers lightning shield knockback should be decreased by 50% Lightning shield should do 7 damage instead of 4

    Slimes XP bar should take 25% longer to charge up, Slime Slams knockback to self should be decreased by 50% slime slams knockback to enemies should be increased by 25% Slime Rocket cooldown should only restart AFTER slime rocket is used not once it’s been started up.

    Magma cube deserves a third ability with a short cooldown and should automatically be bigger slime but should be able to go up to size 4

    Wither skeleton also deserves a third ability or a passive ability.
    --- Post updated ---
    I didn’t expect this thread to take so long, I sort of rushed through it so it has a few grammar mistakes, sorry about that,
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  2. First of all, thank you for putting all of this effort into this thread, it looks great! I agree with all of these changes from how much I have played SSM most of these seem necessary although there isnt much I can say as I don't play to often. They do seem very thought out! People that play SSM have been asking for a balance update for ages, and I think this would help alot. +1
    Posted Nov 25, 2019
  3. -20 No.
    Posted Nov 25, 2019
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