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Help loading a Backed Up World?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The_Ghostwriter, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Okay, so this isn't really pertinent to Mineplex, but I don't know where else to find a community of seasoned Minecraft players.

    So I have a world in vanilla survival that I started gently, and decided to try loading it in the latest snapshot for 1.14 to test out crossbows and pillagers. (Illager beasts are overpowered, BTW.) Of course, I checked the 'make a backup' box just in case. All my stuff was still there. Fine.
    After I was done, I reloaded the game in 1.13.2 and went back to my world. And all my stuff was gone. My inventory remained intact, but aside from a couple of random fence posts and torches (no idea why those specifically) everything in my world had been reset to how it was when I started the game.
    So I've found the backup file that was created before I loaded my world in a snapshot, but here's my question; what do I do to transcribe the files back into the game and get all my stuff back? I'm playing on a MacBook Air, High Sierra version 10.13.6.
    Posted Oct 29, 2018
  2. While, this isn't the place to post this I will help you. The world file shouldn't have an extension. ie It shouldn't be a .zip .rar .png ect if it is a zip open it, and put that in your worlds folder. I may be incorrect. Haven't used the backup feature yet.
    Posted Oct 29, 2018
  3. I've been dealing with the same thing all weekend. You can't believe how many hours I've spent testing worlds between different versions this last weekend.

    What you should know now and for the future
    Some things you should know: How Minecraft worlds load can be very different between versions. In fact, the 1.13 update had an entirely different world loading system from previous Minecraft versions. I don't know the details about 1.14, but I am pretty sure world loading is different between 1.13.2 and the snapshots, especially considering the bugs in the 1.13 update.

    You can not load worlds from a newer version to an older version. For example, a world I created in 1.12 will not work in 1.8.3.

    In the future, do not convert your worlds to different versions without making a back up. In the past, there was no option to make a backup without manually going into the game files. You are lucky that versions 1.13 and up have that feature. Always make backups of your worlds. I'll show you how to make backups manually later in this post.

    What probably happened to you
    I am assuming you were using the 18w43c snapshot. Snapshots are a game version (albeit unofficial and very buggy). When you loaded your 1.13.2 world in a 1.14 snapshot version, your converted your world to a new version (18w43c). Then you tried playing the same world back on 1.13.2. It won't work. It's like trying to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the original Game Cube. It just won't work. Something will go wrong.

    I am not an expert but here is what I think happened.
    Because you tried playing a 18w43c world on 1.13.2, the world corrupted. In short, the world data was a scrambled mess that only version 18w43c could understand. Your world was corrupted. The game then read the level.dat file and regenerated the terrain. Your inventory isn't messed up because the playerdata rarely changes between game updates so it should be compatible. So yeah, that copy of the world is broken unless you are willing to rebuild everything and deal with other possible corrupted world mishaps. For all intents and purposes.

    Luckily you made a backup of the world. Follow the instructions below.

    Recovering the world from a backup
    This can get tricky. It is not hard if you are confident in moving files around, but can be a tad tricky if you are not sure about using your computer's OS. If you have a tech savvy friend or parent, please ask them for help. This is your Minecraft world, after all. The last thing you want is to lose your world because of some mess-up in copying files.

    Step 1) Navigate to the minecraft install location. I'll leave instructions for both Mac and Windows users (in case any Windows users reads this in the future).
    MAC: Open spotlight search (magnifine glass icon on top right of the screen). Type this into the search: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

    WINDOWS: In search (bottom right of screen), search for %appdata% and hit Enter. You should be in the Roaming folder. Next find the .minecraft folder (notice the dot in the name) and open it.

    Step 2) Find the backup. Open the folder titled backups. Inside should be a .zip file titled with the date and time your created the backup and the name of the world.


    Step 3) Extract the zip file. I don't use Mac so I don't know the exact steps but here is what I found from a quick Google search.

    For Windows users, right click on the file and click on Extract All... and select a file location. By default, it will be in the current folder your are in.

    The extracted zip file should be a folder. Inside the folder should be another folder with the title of your world. Copy this world folder.

    Step 4) Paste your world folder into your saves folder. Go back to the minecraft folder and look for the folder titled saves. Open that folder. This is where all your singleplayer world files are saved. Copy your world folder from the backup into the saves folder. Be sure that there is not a world folder with the same name already in the saves folder. If there is, rename it to something else before copying your world folder from the backup.

    Step 5) Open your world in Minecraft. Load up Minecraft 1.13.2 and look at the list of your single player worlds. Find the recovered copy of the world you just made. Check that the game version in the description of the world says 1.13.2. If not, then something went wrong. If the description says 1.13.2, then we are good. Open the world and check that everything is okay.

    All weekend I've been dealing with upgrading my private survival server and checking differences in land generation and multiplayer plugins, so I understand your pain. Many years ago, I also lost my 1 year old survival world because I accidentally deleted it. I take precautions to make sure my worlds stay safe. My word of advice is to always make backups of your world. I make backups every 2 months and save it on Google Drive. I also make backups before I upgrade my world to another game version. We spend many hours on Minecraft so we should be doing whatever we can from accidentally breaking or deleting our work.

    I hope you are able to successfully recover your world. Reply to me if you need any help or have any questions about this process.
    Posted Oct 29, 2018
  4. Thanks for all the support!
    It's actually a little awkward, though, because I figured out what to do on my own. I just opened the folder of the backup's files and the folder of the existing version's files and replaced all the existing files with the ones from the backup. It turned out to be pretty simple, and I haven't had any issues yet.
    I take your point about regularly backing up, though. Thanks for your assistance!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 30, 2018

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