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In Discussion [Hardcore gamemode] - Cavewars

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Parrotlet, Nov 24, 2019.

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    Hello! I wanted to make a suggestion for a brand new never seen before game to be implemented on the Mineplex Network. Cavewars! Mineplex is in desperate need for a new permanent game-mode that caters toward the more competitive side of the community. I've taken the time to draw out map schematics, build an actual playable map as well as a gameplay demonstration.

    Click here for the video!

    The map was a map built by me with a little assistance from my friend xYeeHaw. This video showcases how the gameplay would work, as well as what kinds of places/items you will encounter.

    Sky-wars and UHC are both very popular game-modes on youtube, they require a lot of skill to be good at them but yet at the same time is so ridiculously simple. A cool combination of this would be cavewars, which is essentially underground sky-wars. I personally see that this game would be very easy to implement technically speaking, as there really isn't any weird or odd mechanics.

    The game is basically underground skywars. The objective is to mine to other caves to loot chests and to attain better gear to be able to kill the other FIFTEEN players that spawn with you in the game. As shown in the gameplay video, players will spawn in their spawn caves find items in their chests such as:

    - Player compass: A compass that shows the distance and height of the nearest player
    - Center compass: A compass that shows the distance and height of the very center cave that contains the Zombie Gaurdians (Shown in amour stands in video)
    - An Unbreakable (shown as Un-breaking III in video) Efficiency III iron pickaxe
    - Torches for players who do not have gamma/full-bright (glow-stone part of the map as well)
    - Various types of amour and weapons
    - wood and cobblestone

    As the player finds other player caves/center caves, they will attain better gear and tools needed to be able to successfully kill other players.

    This image shows how the maps could potentially be set up. (Top view) [​IMG]
    Please note that the y-levels for the caves do not necessarily all have to be at the exact same height, it would be boring always mining at the same height!
    GREEN marks show the caves where players first spawn. Shown in video at 0:00
    RED marks show where random chests caves can spawn throughout the map that contain various useful items much like the cake island chests in Cakewars. Coordinates of these caves would be announced in the chat as they spawn. Shown in video at 0:43
    ORANGE marks show the caves that are essentially the "semi-center" caves that contain useful gear Shown in video at 1:44
    PURPLE marks shows the very center cave that contains the most useful gear, as well as all the enchanting tables, anvils and zombie guardians. Shown in video at 2:47

    The entire map is takes place in a giant bedrock enclosure (so players cannot exit the map) filled with stone and various ores that players can mine as shown below.

    Definitely! much like how theres skywars and team skywars, there could very well be a Team Cavewars. Although modifications must be made to maps to allow gameplay for more players.

    Mole (Default kit)
    - Receive 1 safe teleport (eye of enders) that teleport you to another cave on the map, as well as the ability to see a warning on your screen if a player is close by making surprise attacks difficult.

    Fireballer (2000 gems)
    - By right clicking your sword you have the ability to shoot a fireball once at players every 30 seconds

    Gigadriller (3000 gems)
    Receive permanent Haste I and as a power up receive Haste 10 for 3 seconds which can only be used every 30 seconds.

    Trapper (Achievement kit)
    - Receive 5 buckets of water and 5 buckets of lava which can be used to pull off obsidian traps early on in the game and beyond, as well as 5 red-stone repeaters, 10 pistons, 40 wooden logs and 10 slime balls.

    Bob the builder
    - Place 2000 blocks
    - Reward of 6000 gems

    Block hogger
    - Mine 10000 blocks
    - Reward of 15000 gems

    Cave Monster
    - Kill 350 players
    - Reward of 8000 gems

    Beware of Falling Rocks!
    - Win a game without wearing a helmet
    - Reward of 10000 gems

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.
    - Throw 250 fireballs
    - Reward of 15000 gems

    Speedy Miner
    - Survive for at least 10 minutes as one of the last 2 players
    - reward of 15000 gems

    - Win a game and always have a pickaxe in your hand.
    - reward of 30000 gems

    Skilled Miner
    - Kill a player whilst having no amour after 5 minutes of the game has progressed.
    - reward of 20000 gems

    If you don't want to watch the gameplay demonstration, here are individual photos of each of the map components! :^) Please refer to the map schematics to see the position of each of these components.

    Player Spawn Cave VVV

    Random Chest Cave VVV

    Semi-Middle Cave VVV

    Center Cave VVV

    I've worked super hard on this thread, and it would be incredible if this idea we're implemented on the Mineplex Network. We need a new permanent competitive game-mode so the player count is able to boom again, and I think this is a unique, creative, innovative game-mode that is very simple yet super original.

    All feedback, constructive criticisms, suggestions, compliments etc. would be well appreciated below :). Credit to @Tylarr for the thread format which I took some bits and pieces from haha.
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  2. Hey!
    I love the resource pack, I also think this a great concept and pretty organized. I think this is a good sub-category and I feel like it will be interesting to not have a skymap for once, it changes strategy a lot. Is there anything if you mine down a lot? Lava maybe? I also think the haste 10 should probably have a little bit bigger of a cooldown. I like the concept and think this is a great idea with a little more detail, I can definitely see this being a game. I don't think there are enough cave minigames and this one sure seems interesting!
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  3. Hey! I think this is a great concept and would attract a lot of attention. As for game play and development is concerned, it would take a lot of time to find players who utilize stone as a source to hide about the map. Since it's a hardcore game, the clock of up to 30 minutes or even an hour would be nice to see. For development, it slows everything down when it comes to locating all the potential spawns for developers. Maybe less to mine through and bigger spaces would be nice, although it's just a suggestion. I am a little claustrophobic! Overall, I'd enjoy a game like this one!
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
  4. Hi!

    I think this would be a great game to implement! Like @xailia said, not many games have to do with caves. Clans is one of the only games on Mineplex that has to do with caves. This is original, and I like it. This would probably be really fun, and could be a game, like Cake Wars, that becomes really popular.

    Overall, a really good suggestion you made!
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  5. I agree that the concept is interesting but I feel like it’s just Skywars but underground. Player cap is the almost the same, Zombie Guardians still exist, and overall just feels like it’s Skywars rebranded. Not sure if implementing a game that’s quite similar to an existing game would be very beneficial to the network. It might bring in some new players or even split up the playerbase more and attract players from Skywars. With our current playerbase right now, it’s not realistic to have two games that are almost the same, rather than creating an entirely new game that’s unique from other games on the server and on other networks as well.
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  6. Games like UHC are rebranded from just regular mine-craft survival mode, and survival games was inspired off the Hunger Games Trilogy. I don't see adding this game as splitting the community, but rather giving people a new medium to play in, that requires so much different strategy than just fighting in the sky or on the surface. If you've ever played UHC (or even just having an underground fight in bridges) you'll realize that a fight underground is substantially different and requires very different strategy from a fight on a regular surface. There's no server out there that consistently offers this kind of fight setting, it goes far deeper than just calling it rebranded skywars.

    This game-mode could attract so many new people and content creators who are interested in pvp to the server. I think adding this is very feasible, because in all honesty the multiplayer community wants something simple, interactive, challenging and fun, not a complex elaborate game that doesn't give you any kind of adrenaline rush.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  7. Hello!

    I think that this game is very special and unique. Although it is quite similar to skywars, I don't personally see a problem with that because there are many different variations of the game. I like the aspect that the game is played completely underground, as I think it would help create more of a need for strategy which would be fresh.

    I see a couple of problems with this game however, and I have a couple of questions.

    First of all, this place would be a hacker haven. There would potentially be xrayers everywhere just looking for fast, cheap thrills. I'm not sure that would make the game mode very fun, and xray, like ESP, is already pretty hard to be sure about.

    Secondly, will there be any part of the game that is not played underground? Will the game have parts above the land, on islands, etc?

    Overall, I don't see much of an issue with adding a variation of skywars to Mineplex, and since it's unique I think it would serve to be a beneficial game mode that will bring a lot of new players to the network and community. I commend you for the effort that went into planning and designing this game, and I personally can't wait to see it implemented in the near future. Once again, good job, and I can't wait to see more about this!

    Posted Nov 24, 2019
  8. Hey,

    to address your point about xrayers, in order to be able to catch them in a swift and efficient manner I would believe the map would have to have ores that are already pre-placed, and not ores that spawn as you mine much like bridges.

    Some might argue that spawning ores as you mine is the best way to deal with xrayers, but the thing is even in bridges there are ores that already exist that people xray to and use the whole ore spawning thing as a cover for their cheating. Pre-placed ores will allow moderators and players to have an easier time detecting xrayers by looking at their mining patterns.

    To address your question, the map I built is just a prototype, so maybe if this game was implemented there could be a few segments of the map that can be played on the surface, but for the most part everything will happen underground. I hope to see some map variation this becomes an actual game though!!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  9. Having ores placed in this fashion does seem like an effective and efficient way to catch the cheaters, but it does rise some other issues:

    1. People could potentially memorize the location of some of the ores, which effectively creates cheat-free xraying.

    2. Games would get bland and repetitive.

    3. The overall purpose of the game, which I see as the discovery of caves for resources, would seem to go away over time.

    I don't know how I feel about having pre-placed ores. Honestly I'm not sure it would be much of a help when catching xrayers either.
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
  10. I was thinking the game idea was a bit meh at first until I read through the entire thread and looked at the video, it seems to be a wonderful game suggestion and with just some tweaks and changes I think it would be a brilliant new game!

    This was one of the issues I was concerned about, however, instead of lava I would suggest making it bedrock. If you mine too low or too high you will end up meeting bedrock, so the map would be fully covered in bedrock where no player can get out of the map. I think this would be better than lava or void as it will allow the game strategy to be pvp-oriented instead of players utilizing the lava/void to create traps or other strategies to kill players. This isn't necessarily a bad thing and is completely up to opinion, but I would personally see bedrock to be the best option.

    As far as xray hacking is concerned, I think there should be pre-placed ores just like in skywars that randomly spawn into the map every time a game loads. It's not easy catching xrayers and the aim should be to make xraying as ineffective as possible rather than a way to catch them because I don't see that going far as xraying is a hack that is hard to detect. But mining ores shouldn't be one of the main objectives of the game, you should be good to go with looting chests just like in skywars as you want to get to the middle as fast as possible for that good loot. All in all, players cheating is inevitable and although there are ways to make xray ineffective I do not believe it should hinder any features of the game.

    I like your game idea, with a bit of tweaking and adding I think we're potentially looking at a brand new game!
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  11. This reminds me of a game I used to play years ago on some small server. You would spawn in a cave and could mine ores and smelt them to get gear (like bridges) and then you had a tracking compass to hunt down other teams. Similar to this there would be other random caves that contained chests that you could find. There was no centre of the map and as far as I remember, the positions of the caves were randomised each time. I would prefer your game to be more like that game, rather than just skywars underground. It's a great concept, so it would be a shame to lose out on some great ideas by restricting it to being a copy of skywars, although I'm not suggesting just copying all the features from that game. I do have some thoughts on your idea though.

    Firstly, I think the player compass should be on a cooldown so that sneaking around is a viable strategy. I think that the game being underground where you can't see where anyone is allows for some really interesting tactics and letting people be able to know your location at all times would be really boring and take a lot of enjoyment from the game. The player tracker should be the same as the one in Wither Assault, where it's on a long (WA is ~40 seconds but that doesn't have to stay the same) cooldown and it just points in the direction of players instead of saying in chat exactly how many blocks away a person is. I think this would be an interesting mechanic because that way you have no clue whether that person is hiding behind one layer of stone or is half the map away. This lets people know where to go to find people so that games don't drag on for an eternity, but also doesn't render sneaking around after people a waste of time.

    Secondly, I think that there shouldn't be many chests on the map. You should get ore by mining it and then crafting armour yourself. Otherwise, this is just skywars but it's slower-paced and frustrating as you've got to mine to get anywhere. Ores should spawn more frequently in caves so that people don't start strip mining because that would make finding people a chore and fighting people in 2x1 tunnels isn't very exciting. I think there should still be chests around the map (perhaps random locations each game) that could contain equipment and some gear (such as TNT and redstone, lava buckets, cobwebs, and other interesting items other than just diamonds, although they could still appear infrequently) however I don't think there should be many chests at mid because otherwise that becomes super overpowered and again it just becomes underground skywars without utilising the fact that it's underground at all. I think this change would open up many more possibilities on how to play the game. Do you only mine enough to get some basic gear and then rush other people? Or do you turtle up until you have loads of gear and then search for people? Or do you take a chance and try to find some secret chests with good loot? As long as these chests were reasonably balanced (in terms of what/how much it provides and rarity) and there was a reasonable number of ores to mine, all of these strategies would be valid. Surely you could see how having many options on how to play the game is more interesting than a one-dimensional game and allows for more replayability?

    I think the caves you have shown in the screenshots need to be bigger. These are the main areas where people will be fighting throughout the entire game. You should be able to manoeuvre around them easier or the PvP becomes stale. Obviously they shouldn't become cavernous, as the restricting geography of the map is the defining feature of the game, but at the moment they seem too small to do anything in except for the middle cave. While I do appreciate that having the middle cave be much larger than the rest makes sense as there are chests there that people want to loot and so it will be a hotspot, having all the other caves be minuscule in comparison makes the gameplay anywhere other than the middle pretty dull. Perhaps to make this easier to do, (and to make areas of the map distinguishable from each other) the caves could be designed as if they were once inhabited. For example, there could be a cave that is a derelict library, with a couple of levels and some alcoves. This would be an interesting location to fight in and would be a landmark for you to work out your position on the map so that you don't get lost.

    I think your kit ideas are really cool, except for "Mole". Even if it's just 1 eye of ender, I feel like the ability to instantly teleport to a random location on the map is pretty overpowered. If used in a fight, this would be really broken if you could just instantly get out of the fight when you're about to die (and really frustrating to play against as even if you also have the Mole kit, it teleports you randomly so you won't be able to follow). It could also be completely useless, as you could teleport to another cave that has someone in it, who would easily be able to kill you. That would not be fun. You could also be able to use it right at the beginning of the game which would be overpowered for rushing. You could spawn in someone else's cave when they have no gear and kill them which would not be fun to be on the receiving end of, or you could get teleported to middle and get really good gear way faster than you should be able to. I think this kit should be removed.

    Overall, I think this idea has a ton of potential, just not as a clone of skywars as you've presented it. Especially since in the title you call it a "hardcore gamemode" yet it's essentially skywars which is a classic gamemode.
    Posted Nov 25, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 25, 2019
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