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Halloween: What Next?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by ClassN, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Halloween on Mineplex: 2019


    Good morning, Mineplex. In just a few more days, it will be the Autumn/Fall Equinox, kicking off a lot of people's favorite season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything that comes with it, will pervade culture for a few months... but more importantly, Christmas items will slowly begin to enter shelves in overzealous stores all over the nation! Just kidding- nobody wants that yet.

    With the Autumn season drawing near, I think it's important to look at Halloween events on Mineplex in particular. What makes a good Halloween event? Which games are fun for the players? Cosmetics? Other small features? How can Mineplex maximize its time to make the best Halloween event, while still getting some much-needed moolah in the process? Well I think it's quite simple: combine all the best aspects of previous Halloween events... into ONE!

    I. Games

    Over the years, Mineplex has released three Halloween games: Halloween Horror, Pumpkin's Revenge, and Halloween Havoc in that order. It may surprise you to find out that there are people who actually like each of these games and prefer one to the rest. So, to please everyone, here's what I suggest Mineplex does.

    The month of October has 31 days. So let's split them up.

    1. The first ten days: Halloween Horror, the father of the rest.
    2. The second ten days: Pumpkin's Revenge.
    3. The next eleven days: Halloween Havoc.

    Though I don't have an opinion on the matter, there are two ways this could be executed. One: the games could only be active during their period of time; after their time is up, they're replaced by the next game. This makes sure people are being attentive and playing on Mineplex for the whole month. Or, the games could be ***ulative; after each game releases, it stays for the rest of the month and doesn't go away. The benefit here is that it gives people who may not be able to finish in the time frame the ability to play for more time. But I'll leave this part up to interpretation.

    So, what about rewards? With all these years of Halloween event history, there are lots of exclusive cosmetics that are only now available in Omega Chests. Should they be made available again? Should new rewards be added? To that I say... why not both?

    Year - Game(s) - Rewards
    2013 - Halloween Horror - Pumpkin King's Head Morph
    2014 - Halloween Horror - Pumpling Pet + Flaming Pumpkins
    2015 - Halloween Horror - Decrepit Warhorse Mount + Flaming Pumpkins with a chance for Titan rank
    2016 - Pumpkin's Revenge - Grim Reaper Pet
    2017 - Halloween Horror + Pumpkin's Revenge - Pumpkin Mount + Flaming Pumpkins
    2018 - Halloween Havoc - "Oblivion" Diamond Sword Name (Challenger Mode only) + Flaming Pumpkins + pumpkin scavenger hunt in the lobby

    *The Pumpkin Shield Particles seem like they would be Halloween-related, but they're actually from beating the 2017 Christmas Chaos II event.

    If we want to make each of these achievable once more, then we also need to consider fairness; Mineplex can't be handing out copious amounts of cosmetics because that damages the bottom line. So here's what I suggest.

    1. In the first ten days, Halloween Horror will be released. Beat it once to get the Pumpkin King's Head Morph, three more times to get the Pumpling Pet, and five more times to get the Decrepit Warhorse Mount. The idea here is to balance out the rewards with the difficulty of Halloween Horror; since the game is relatively easy, the more wins you get, the higher the reward you get. I also suggest Gem, Shard, and Experience be buffed up for each of these games since people with all three of these will feel left out. But don't worry- there will be new rewards eventually.

    2. In the second ten days, Pumpkin's Revenge will be released. Beat it twice for the Grim Reaper Pet and two more times for the Pumpkin Mount. A total of four wins will get you both cosmetics. That seems reasonable to me.

    3. In the last elevent days, Halloween Havoc will be released. Like before, beating Normal Mode just gives a solid amount of Gems, Shards, and Experience. Beating Challenger Mode twice will give the "Oblivion" Diamond Sword Name. Beating it three more times, for a total of five wins on Challenger Mode, will give a new Diamond Sword Name that hasn't been released yet. I don't actually know which of them hasn't been released, but whatever it is, it should be semi-related to Halloween. The best choices are "Deathraze", "Noble Phantasm", and "Vanquisher". Or, if Mineplex so desires, a new one can be made that better fits the theme. It doesn't really matter.

    The good thing here is that there is technically only one new reward: the Diamond Sword Name from beating Halloween Havoc five total times on Challenger Mode. Everything else is from years past, so it doesn't hurt Mineplex to allow us to get them through work. However, it still needs to be balanced out through cosmetics purchasable through chests in the store. I'll talk on that in a bit because MP does need to make money, or things like these aren't possible. But for now, I'll also explain one of two missions that will be available.

    Mission 1: "Halloween Completionist"
    Objective: Get every reward for beating every Halloween game.
    Reward: "Halloween Completionist" Title*; 5,000 Experience; 5,000 Treasure Shards.

    *This isn't the most creative name. If you have a better name idea, let me know down below. Or if you just want to balance other things out, say that, too.


    II. Cosmetics

    Cosmetics are vital to how Mineplex makes money, and holidays are prime time for adding new, interesting things that will make players want to head over to the Mineplex shop and spend their, or more than likely their parents', money. There's no issue with that. It's even more important to make sure this year's set(s) of cosmetics are bigger and better because of how much free stuff is given away. So here are some of my ideas.

    1. Halloween Chest Bundle - $15-$20
    -5 Haunted Treasure
    -5 Trick or Treat Treasure
    -5 Trick or Treat Bags
    -5 Creepy Cauldrons

    2. Halloween Enthusiast Chest - $1.50-$2.00 each
    -These new chests include all previous and new Halloween cosmetics except those that were obtained from the games. They do not include the Spider Mount or my suggestion for the Commemorative Halloween Win Effect.
    -They act like Illuminated Chests, guaranteed to give one new one every time.
    -The Halloween-themed Gadgets can be found, but only once, and they give about 100-500 of them.
    -If Mineplex so desires, they can be also be bought in-game with 20,000-25,000 Treasure Shards if only to be consistent year-to-year. But this isn't completely necessary because of how much else players are getting.

    3. Halloween Enthusiast Chest Bundle - $???
    -This bundle contains enough Halloween Enthusiast Chests to get every Halloween cosmetic, including any new ones.
    -I'm not quite sure how many unique cosmetics there are for Halloween, so I can't suggest a price, though it would be steep needless to say.
    -This is specifically for the collectors and big spenders.

    4. Spider Mount - $4.99 (used to be $9.99, but nobody is going to spend that much for one Mount)
    -Simple Spider Mount. It moves similar to the Spider from SSM with directional jumps.
    -Be close to a vertical surface and look up to make the Spider Mount climb.

    5. Commemorative Halloween Win Effect - $4.99
    -The Pumpkin King, Pumpkin Prince, and Gendo the Angel gather around you in a spooky, Halloween Horror-reminscent town island. They shower you with small Flaming Pumpkins as a sign of respect. A wolf howls in the distance, and a few fireworks light up.

    These prices are just my interpretation for what seems fair and also able to make a profit. Obviously if they were implemented, MP would have the final choice. Additionally, these are just some ideas- the sky is the limit with cosmetics, and mine aren't even that creative. If you have some cosmetic ideas of your own, feel free to drop them down below. Here's a format I made up for convenience:

    Type (Particles, Pet, etc.):
    Explanation/How it works:
    Method of Getting (Chests, reward, individual purchase, etc.):
    Additional Information (pictures, prices, etc.):


    III. Scavenger Hunt

    Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt? With the lobby of course being redecorated for Halloween, I think a scavenger hunt would be neat. But to change it up from previous years, it should incorporate the globe/pumpkin hunt from the last, big lobby... and the trick or treat villagers from unce opon a time. Here's how it should work.

    There are relics hidden around the lobby from Mineplex Halloween past. Find them, and you may be given a trick... or a treat. After finding them all, report to Sam the Slime to finish the second mission for this Halloween event. Right-click the relic to find it, after which a line of text will be sent to you only that is related to the spooky relic. Throughout the time of this Halloween event, a hint book is in your inventory; it has hints for every relic, so players aren't just guessing.

    Here are some ideas.

    1. Tituba and Abigail, the Witch Sisters: Right-click them or their cauldron to unearth what they've been cooking this whole time. The cauldron bursts with an explosion of bats, blasting you off. Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble...
    2. Xenu the Silverfish: Right-click Xenu to be given a Silverfish Pet and get a bad case of the teleports. For a couple seconds, you are randomly teleported from place to place within the lobby.
    3. Tomb of the Pumpkin King: Right-click the tomb in the lobby to find a few Treasure Shards from the dead king's royal reserves.
    4. Morgan Freeman: He kind of looks like the Pumpkin King. That's odd. Right-click Morgan Freeman to find some Experience (he is old, after all!).
    5. Pumplings: These feisty guys used to eerily follow lobby-dwellers. Now they just like chilling in Douglas's old cave. Right-click one to temporarily have a pumpkin be placed into your helmet slot and be given Blindness.

    Mission 2: "Walk Down Memory Lane"
    Objective: Complete the scavenger hunt.
    Reward: Gendo the Angel Morph- abilities include flying and right-clicking to spawn two "Corrupted Creeper" minions. The Corrupted Creepers will act like normal Creepers and explode within a certain vicinity of other players, except you, and blast them off with rougly the same velocity as the Elder Guardian Morph's ability. The cooldown for the Corrupted Creeper spawn is 30 seconds.


    As you can see, this event is a big one. And to be honest, I'm probably a bit late suggesting all these things. But I think they're neat ideas nonetheless, and who knows? If theyr'e not used this year, maybe next year? Additionally, this idea is supposed to be a celebration of the season and how Mineplex has celebrated it in the past- a celebration of celebrations basically. Lots of stuff for everyone to do, and lots of opportunities for MP to make money. A win-win if you ask me. But I know some of you have thoughts, positive or negative, so absolutely feel free to leave them down below. Besides that, thanks for reading this wall of a post, and I hope it wasn't too boring!
    Posted Sep 19, 2019
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  2. Dang, you put in a LOT of work on this post! I can tell this is one of your favorite mineplex events! I think that these are some great ideas although I like all of them they will probably not do all of your suggestions because that would give out so many rewards, especially the ability to get the old Halloween cosmetics from winning in past years. But other than that I think this is a great idea.

    P.S. I bet the Halloween exclusive chests will cost a LOT more shards than before because of the huge inflation of shards the Area 51 event caused.
    Posted Sep 19, 2019
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  3. I genuinely love all of the ideas you have here. These are extremely cool, and I think it would spruce up the season and Mineplex in general. However, there is one thing that concerns me. Almost all of your ideas would take some sort development, wether it be on the website or in-game; not to mention the building aspect to it. This would be a fairly large project, and with October only 12 or so days away, this doesn’t seem realistic. I’m sure some of your ideas could have a chance of making it, but all of them does not sound like something we would be able to make happen. Regardless, I’m a huge fan of this idea, and I’d be down for bringing the Halloween spirit to the max this year. It’s a major +1 from me.
    Posted Sep 19, 2019
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  4. Hey, I am so glad to see you incredibly involved with the holidays here on Mineplex! Your post seems like it took a lot of thinking and time w/ these ideas and once again I want to thank you for that. You have some incredible projects in mind, but one thing I would like to note is that Halloween is right around the corner, so these ideas may not come into play this season. Now, I would absolutely love to see some of your ideas implemented for maybe next year's holiday but, if I am going to be honest, I do not see it happening this year as this does seem like a large project like Caameronn stated above.

    Overall, I do not really have anything bad to say about the ideas as they seem to be coming from a very educated community player! So, I would love to see these implemented at some point down the line!

    Best of Luck!
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
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  5. Hey mate,

    It's absolutely amazing you've spent this much time brainstorming these ideas. I love how you went into tremendous depth, discussing all of your suggestions, their pricing if necessary and how they would work on Mineplex. I agree with all of your points and think that each and every one of them would fit perfectly into Mineplex for the Halloween season. Since you have mentioned quite the number of changes, it would be a lot to put into this years Halloween considering they may have planned things out already, but these changes would highly benefit the server next year when they start developing the changes for the 2020 Halloween season.

    Thank you so much for spending a lot of your time thinking of these ideas, and then writing them out and explaining them, you've done an amazing job, and I really hope we can see these changes implemented in the future! :)
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
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  6. Hey,

    These are amazing ideas! I love on how you put so much effort into this post. I would love to see them happen even though it would be incredibly rare for all this to happen in-time for October. My only thought to improve on this would be to have all of the Halloween games out at once, this way all of the players would be satisfied at having their favorite Halloween game going for the whole Month! If it were only specific days, that would be unsatisfying for players who preferred one of the game over another. Also the games would fill up more because more variations of the Halloween games exist. Bedsides that I would be more that happy with these changes!
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
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  7. I'm so impressed with all of your ideas you have, ClassN! This will make the most substantial improvement for our Halloween event and brings more motivation to all players. I love Halloween so much and still always be my favorite traditional season along with Christmas! I'd started to love Halloween a lot when I was little because I used to go on trick or treat way back. I haven't played 2013 and 2014 Halloween Horror before, and I need to have a variety of experience.

    Overall, I'll have to agree with everything you have! Great job! +1
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
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  8. I love the idea of this! You definitely put a lot of work into this post and have plenty of ideas as if it was your own server! Mineplex and their Halloween events always make me so happy every year and I would love to see your ideas put into consideration this year (and future years!). I love to have all of the special holiday chest n stuff and I would really like to see some of your cosmetics incorporated into the bundles! In conclusion, this post is very well done and I give it a gigantic +1 :) (I love how organized your post is too so I can see exactly what ideas you have and where they are btw!!)
    Posted Sep 21, 2019
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