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Hacker Smacker: Never lose to those pesky people again!

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Bagsofbags, May 12, 2021.



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  3. Everyone knows about this trick...


    They are rare, I know it, But once they join they really don't go away until they get banned. It can take a while though, so just follow these instructions and you could end up triumphing over those annoying hackers!

    Being myself, I die a lot in SSM, I am told it is because i play the worst kit in the game. (yes i am aware of this.. and yes, i'm just assuming that you know it is witch.) But despite that fact that it horrible in normal gameplay. It is one of the only kits that can kill hackers. The bat wave causes the hacker to get stuck, and taking damage for all of the bats that come its way. Now to be honest, i don't know the statistic behind this ability being one of the only ways to kill a hacker. But if you know there is a hacker in your lobby, you should definitely give it a shot!

    Step 1: Obviously report the hacker, Because then you can get rid of the hacker faster than just ignoring it.

    Step 2: Switch to Witch kit, and honestly prepare for the worst, because you need to try-hard a little bit to get away from a hackers clutches.

    Step 3: Find a corner in the map, For some maps there are trees, there are mushrooms, caves and also houses, (my recommendation is a tree but feel free to try any other one) You want to camp there until the hacker flies over to you. Unless they are smart in a way to get out out of the corner, you want to stay there at all costs until they start attacking you.

    Step 4: Once you get hit by the hacker, Shoot your bat wave directly in front of you (or towards the hacker) Continue to stay in your corner for 1-2 seconds until you can confirm that the hacker is stuck in the bat wave. (sometimes it doesn't always hit the hacker if you don't do it correctly.)

    Step 5: if you can confirm that the hacker is stuck in the bat wave, start to attack the hacker with anything else you can use to kill them, I do not recommend something that deals too much kb, because sometimes you can hit them out of the wave.

    Step 6: If your target has low HP, you might be able to knock them out on 1st try, but sometimes targets with more HP (like golem) will take 3-4 tries. If you end up dying because you cant space out your use of bat wave correctly, It's as easy as telling your lobby. (it works for me somehow) I do recommend not all of your lobby mates hitting the hacker with bat wave at once though, try 1 at a time for better results.

    Step 7: End of forum.

    (sorry Mineplex staff if this is at all considered to be teaming. But i hope you can agree that until a mod can ban a hacker, it is a good way to continue your game)

    (also sorry participants in forums. I suck at writing forums. i think it is cool that you clicked on this forum though ;) )
    Posted May 12, 2021
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