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Guilds/XP Sharing

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by War Robot Dogee, May 21, 2022.

  1. This is an idea to help even out the XP loss glitch. Basically, every game, 20% XP from each game gets put into a pool. Every person in the guild automatically participates. So after every week/month, all the XP combined gets distributed by the players. For example

    I play 100 SW games throughout the week.
    Each game gives 1000 XP
    100x1000=100,000 XP x 0.2 = 20000 XP in the pot
    let's say the guild gets 10 players that get the same exact stats
    20000x10= 200000 XP per person earned in the guild.

    This would be great for accounting for XP loss
    Yet as always people will abuse. That's why you must play for at least 1 hour of the week to receive the rewards.
    Posted May 21, 2022
  2. Ignoring the xp part I actually like the idea of guilds. I know nethergames has them. I think guilds could be added some day with a limit on how much players could join, and if the owner has a certain rank this could maybe increase? In addition to that, maybe a leaderboard for guilds could be added (as soon as stats update happens). We could get a leaderboard for perhaps gems earned in total, one for monthly, one for weekly and maybe even one for daily. The guilds part certainly is a cool idea though
    Posted May 22, 2022
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  3. If mineplex were to add communities to bedrock, which has been suggested for years, it would most likely be done in a completely different way. Community chats should be allowed by Microsoft as it would not be a private chat (which is why /msg was removed when mineplex partnered with Microsoft back in 2018).Hive and Galaxite currently have party chat (there may be other featured servers with this, not sure) which requires at least 3+ people to be in the party for it to work. This is to bypass Microsoft not allowing a chat room with only 2 players. So a chat system similar to how it works on java would probably be allowed by Microsoft if mineplex ever chose to implement communities to bedrock. I like the idea of members being able to contribute a certain amount of gems weekly in order to unlock perks and rewards for the communities, java has this, and a leaderboard of that would be cool as well.

    The only issue here is that mineplex has this issue. The issue is that they don't actually care about their server at all!111!!!11. They don't like releasing these cool things called updates and it makes the player base very, very sad!!11!!1. But why would mineplex every need to release such a thing called an update, right?
    Posted May 22, 2022
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