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Guide To Bedrock Cake Wars.

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by JetStarglaze, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. Hey! This guide is for Bedrock Cake wars.

    First run to the gen and collect 40 bricks.

    That should get you full iron armour, and pickaxe, and a sword and blocks.

    Next, speed bridge to mid.

    Capture mid, and see if there are any weak teams.

    If they haven't made a bridge to mid then bridge to their Island and finish their cake while crouching. if someone spots you you then kill them and finish the cake.this will be faster and safer with a teammate to help you, but it is still doable solo.

    Now if the team are full iron(unlikely) then run back to your islands, to avoid getting 3v1ed, let someone else deal with them, or if the whole team is spread out, kill them one by one.

    If they are just still leather(likely), just kill them off.

    Once the team is gone, get their resources in their gen, and if there are emeralds, grab them and get yourself a diamond sword.
    Get their emerald points, and go back to mid to recapture the middle point.

    Go back to your base and get some protection enchantments if you haven't already.

    Get a teammate, and get some diamond armour. From there, it should be easy to rush the next weakest team eat their cake, and I sometimes do this, if they have endstone, and once you have killed that team, I harvest all their endstone for my cake.

    After this, you have to make a choice for the last team. If there was a fierce battle for control of mid, then they probably have enchants already, and they are probably stacked.

    And if they have a lot of obsidian, then I don't think it's worth diying ALOT, since cake rot occurs, and you might be defenceless.

    If you feel cake rot is coming soon, get mid, get recourses 1, get emerald points, and get stacked.get all enchantments, to help you.

    In reality, you will probably be the only one left so be careful

    Main things you will need are:
    Bow(helpfull if you have archer kit)

    12 - 16 ender pearls

    2- 6 golden apples.

    3 stacks of blocks.

    Ender pearl to mid and watch to see if anyone is coming.

    If you have the archer kit, stand at an angle to their bridge to mid, crouch and hit them off as they try to come to mid.

    Once you have hit one off, they will wise up and ender pearl to mid. Eat your golden Apple, put your ender pearl in the second hot bar slot and get ready for battle. Try and get some combos in, but if they 2v1 you, and mange to get your health below half, ender pearl to an island and eat another Golden apple. They will chase you, and hit you off the island, so dont stand near the edge. Ender pearl back to mid, and get free hits in while they are distracted.

    Focus on isolating one, and killing one.

    Then eat one more golden Apple, and head in for the final 1v1.

    You should be able to take them down with reletive ease, if you survived all this time. Use your ender pearls to go to other islands, eat an apple then finish him/her.

    Enjoy your rewards, and slight shivering from that intense 1v1.

    Please suggest changes to this guide, and how you play!

    Have an awesome day fellow mineplexians!!
    Posted Nov 1, 2020
  2. Whoa 40 bricks is insane! I generally only take 8 and then rush in java edition, but idk how costly items are in bedrock since I don’t play it. Great guide nonetheless :D
    Posted Nov 1, 2020
  3. This is the better safe then sorry approach, which almost always results in a win or the game ending with more then one team remaining. This is very good for newer players and people who are playing to enjoy, not grind. Nevertheless this is a very detailed guide.

    Now here is another method:

    A lot of players including myself use a rush type approach, which requires a decent understanding of game sense and map size. Amount of bricks needed will vary from 3-14, depending on the size of the map, how good you are at block clutch, and whether you want an iron sword or not (Usually more a need then a want, unless you’re fairly good at PvP). Mind you this approach requires a bit of practice for success, and since the point is to eat the opposing teams’ cakes ASAP, you may need to learn how to jump bridge or speed bridge for it to actually be a successful rush, because if they cover the cake and you fail to eat it, you will have to continue with what @JetStarglaze has said. This also requires a bit of knowledge on PvP, since you will most likely find yourself in a 4v1 situation while rushing, so it would be better to follow Jet’s technique if you don’t think that you are at the right PvP level. The good thing about this technique is that most of the time, you have the element of surprise on your side, and if done successfully, you can get a huge amount of wins in a short time. (With friends is even better, because no matter how good a player on an opposing team is, 2-4 swords will do more damage then 1)

    If I didn’t explain this technique very well, then watch the players in the videos below.

    Skip to 0:48 to see how the Rush Technique begins and how it progresses
    Credit to @SmokeyCobYT

    And this guy, who taught ME this technique

    Credit to @LT Tombstone 77

    But anyways, if you’re starting out in CW or just playing for fun, use @JetStarglaze’s technique, which is great too :)
    Posted Nov 1, 2020
  4. Heya!

    I like the guide @JetStarglaze, a nice strategy overall. I also like what @Tamman had mentioned as well, these both work as great strategies in the game!
    Posted Nov 2, 2020
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  5. Thanks for this lovely guide!
    Posted Nov 2, 2020
  6. Guide to java: snowball
    Posted Nov 2, 2020
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  7. More like going builder and rushing teams from the start xD
    Posted Nov 2, 2020
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  8. Sounds promising, but you're bold to assume I know how to pvp well enough to be able to just finish someone off, chances are I'll fall into the void on my way to their island.

    It's a good guide for beginners though - unless you're going against players that will rush islands the second they have enough blocks, while you'll be chilling at your generator.

    Definitely have a bow. In games like these, archery and awareness skills are so crucial and after practicing enough, just knowing long distance combat will make you powerful.
    Posted Nov 12, 2020
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  9. This is coming from a Java Player but, usually my teammate who mains builder (as I go frosting <3) gets 3 bricks and rushes to mid with 2 bridge builders and a breezily/sideways sb. Then after that we each go to different teams and 1v3/4 by building on top and dropping/retreating when neccesary, and afterwards get cake. We help each other out when we're done. Please note that this all requires a good grasp of Rinse and Repeat for easy stats imo.
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  10. hey, i can see why many people decide to rush with 8 bricks, but the reason i said 40 is because lots of people come to mid with no armour and just an iron sword, and when you show up to mid with full iron, you can hold it long enough to get prot and sharp
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  11. Not really, just rush mid with 3 of you, 1 at base to hold stars and stack. You can easily dominate mid with this as long as the players you're with are decent.
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
  12. Personally don’t like your strat because it will end up making the game 20 minutes long. If you are trying to win the game quickly I would say 11-14 bricks max and 8 for Boardwalk. There’s a lot more I’d do differently but for a strat that is good for those who may not be that good at pvp, just playing for fun, or not that experienced in rushing this is pretty good.
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  13. This is more of a Java strategy for parties. On bedrock players who go mid first are usually bad at the game :)
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  14. By the time you end up with prot and sharp (12 stars) the game would already be over for a party of good players :D
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
  15. Yep, easy games usually end in 1-2 minutes if we do it right.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
  16. So true lmao, but sometime I play CW the way it should be played, the slow way, because it’s fun to verse teams when they get stacked, y’know?
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
  17. Hey,

    This looks to me like he’s trying to make a basic guide for players who are new to the game/aren’t completely pro (such as myself). Honestly, I like it, since it’s assuming people will rush 20 seconds into the game and how to plan accordingly. If you want to keep rushing, by all means, go ahead, that seems to be the best strategy. However, for those of us who don’t like to take that risk/can’t effectively rush, this is the best we’ve got. Thanks for the guide, Jet!
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
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  18. Hey, lovely guide there!

    This is defiantly helpful for the newer players to the game who need a basic grip/understanding on to get started.
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
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  19. 40 bricks? how about 14
    Posted Nov 24, 2020
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    Posted Nov 24, 2020
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