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[GUIDE] How to Access and Use the Mineplex Settings (Bedrock)

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by TheArrow'sShadow, Sep 5, 2021.

  1. Hello! I've noticed a lot lately that Bedrock players have a lot of questions involving the Mineplex settings, so I made a video about how to access them and what each settings does.

    Here is the video:

    Here is an overview of the video!

    How to Access the Settings:
    When you first open the Minecraft settings, you probably won't see the Mineplex Settings option. You'll probably see this:

    There are two ways to fix this.
    First Method:
    Exit the settings and re-enter the settings over and over until you see the "Mineplex Settings" pop up.
    Second Method:
    Go to your generic Video Settings Tab:

    Then turn off "Screen-Animations."
    Then exit the settings and re-enter, the Mineplex Settings should pop up wayyyy more. Either way you do this: You should end up seeing the settings:


    Every Players default settings look something like this: (Ranked players yours look a little different)


    On Bedrock currently the particles are very broken, and there are really only two settings to alter how you see the settings in game.
    No Particles: You don't see any particles in the server at all.
    Low Particles- Maximum Particles: I'm 80% sure there is no difference between any of these settings- they will all allow you to see particles in the server.

    Public Chat:
    [​IMG] You will be able to see people's chat.
    [​IMG] You will not be able to see people's chat.

    Private Messages:
    This is broken and doesn't matter which way the slider is. Bedrock doesn't have private messages (anymore/for the meantime)

    Hub Player Visibility: (I'm not positive about this- but I'm pretty sure)
    [​IMG] People will be able to see your name/account thingies in the right hand side pause menu.
    [​IMG] You will not appear in the pause menu.

    Party Invites:
    [​IMG] People can invite you to parties.
    [​IMG] People will not be able to invite you to parties.

    Auto-Join Next Games:
    Broken- I'm 90% this does nothing. I'm not positive what it would do either, It might have booted you to the lobby in the past but I'm not sure

    Incoming Friends Requests:
    [​IMG] People can send you friend requests.
    [​IMG] People cannot send you friend requests and it will tell them that you are not accepting friend requests at the moment. (You will still be able to send friend requests to other people.)

    Friends Visibility:
    [​IMG] This shows people on your friends list if you are online- and if you are online- it will show them where you are so they can teleport to you.
    [​IMG] You will always appear offline in your friends menus and they cannot /ftp to you. Basically the equivalent of "appearing offline" on discord. You can still /ftp to your friends (assuming they have this on :P )

    Friends Notifications:
    [​IMG] You will get notifications in chat when your friends log on and when they join certain games.
    [​IMG] You will not get notifications of where your friends are or if they are online or not.

    If you have a rank, you settings look like this- (It might not be duke but Replace "Duke" with whatever your tag says- it works the same.) The ONLY difference between the two settings is the "Primary rank" Button/Menu.


    If you have multiple ranks, you can toggle which rank is displayed above your head and in the chat next to your name. Changing your primary rank does NOT change your monthly perks/ bonuses or anything. Whatever your highest rank is, that is the rank that applies to all your perks- monthly crates, friend slots, party slots etc.

    How to change your rank
    (If you have more than one)

    Click on where it says "Primary Rank" And it will give you a drop down menu. Whatever rank you select is what you will see in chat and what other players will see above your head.
    Posted Sep 5, 2021
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  2. Hey Arrow! I really appreciate you making this guide for a Bedrock Cross-Platform noob like myself, and I know this will help out a lot of players with questions about Mineplex settings on Bedrock. Not only is the video great in quality/detail, but so is this guide! Thanks again for the in depth, well written guide about Mineplex Settings! <3
    Posted Sep 5, 2021
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  3. Great guide, love it!
    Posted Sep 5, 2021

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