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Good job mineplex...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by QuickCombo, Feb 13, 2020.

    • Warned for GR 1.
    mineplex you did just a great job on the new event, i mean it must of been so hard to copy an already existing mode and use it for your special event...
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
  1. umm, i am very sure mineplex usually does this for their events. i don’t see much of a problem in bringing back rose rush, and i can tell the community is happy that it’s here again.

    also not to minimod, but isn’t this supposed to be in the server discussion forum?
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
  2. Would you rather them halt any development on other things that will improve the server? Making an event game from scratch would take far too much dev time away from other things, and the event would only impact the server for as long as it is active.
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
  3. Hey there....

    I agree with @crazygeek516, the developers are super busy with their hands tied up. At least there is a special event, they work hard and well all know it. So, I think instead of criticizing, we should be thanking them for working so hard. :D
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
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  4. What does this even mean? I am so lost. Like... what?
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
  5. The holiday games are usually reused every year around its holiday. The developers are hard at work on new games and features so I personally don't see the need to develop a new Valentine's Day Game. In fact, the Valentine's Day Game has been changed before a game titled "Valentine's Vendetta" used to be available.
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
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