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Discussion in 'Help' started by Gummybeargamer1!!, Feb 12, 2020.

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  1. hi I use a lot of hair skins and there is a glitch where the hair and mouth and other things are separate this looks weird please help
    Posted Feb 12, 2020
  2. I have this problem too. Try removing the skin and equipping it again while on the Mineplex server.
    Posted Feb 16, 2020
  3. Hey there!

    If you’re still experiencing this issue, be sure to report it at mineplex.com/bugs where your problem will be looked at. I’m unsure if you’re referring to the second layer glitch that has affected skins on Bedrock, but an update was recently installed that should’ve fix your problem. If you aren’t referring to the second layer glitch, feel free to report it. Cheers!
    Posted Feb 22, 2020
  4. Thread moved to the help section

    Please take the time in reading the message above. Since your concern has been addressed, I’m going to lock the thread. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.

    Thread locked > Concern addressed
    Posted Feb 22, 2020
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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