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Not Planned Gladiators (Nano Games): State remaining health when you win

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by ClassyOwl, Dec 25, 2019.


Should Gladiators show the winner their remaining HP?

  1. Yes

    5 vote(s)
  2. No (Please provide feedback)

    2 vote(s)
  1. Hi all,

    I hope this message finds you all well. When you lose a match in Nano Games' Gladiators, it states your killer's remaining health from the match. My "idea" is pretty simple: Provide the same statistic to players who are victorious in their Gladiators match. If I'm engaged in PvP, I can't always pay attention to how much health I have when I kill someone, and that's information I'd usually like to be able to access. As an added bonus, implementing these "health remaining" messages would provide the victor with more accurate health information (i.e: 5.25 HP remaining instead of 5 1/2 hearts). There aren't really any downsides to implementing this, and since this already exists for the loser, I doubt it would be a difficult feature to implement.

    What do you all think? Sound off in the polls, and please respond with comments, questions, concerns, or feedback. Thanks for dropping in!
    Posted Dec 25, 2019
  2. Hi there!

    I'm going to keep this quick and short. I don't see a need for this idea as if you kill someone in gladiators you have to go to the next room and your health bar is filled up instantly there is simply no need to know how much HP you will have once you kill someone because that HP bar will be filled up within seconds. I'll be giving this idea a -1 Thanks for hearing me out! I'd love to see more of your creative ideas so keep posting!

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
  3. I'm aware that your health bar is refilled after you leave your match, I'm simply requesting a way to know how much health I had when I killed someone.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 26, 2019
  4. I don't think this idea is completely necessary as is there really a need for it? Quite simply I find that if you've won, well done, and you then move on to the next room where your health bar is replenished. If this feature was implemented it would only allow for you to reflect on your match and your own skills. You may be an avid player of PvP and wish to do so, but many people would not find this information useful. However, when told your killer's remaining health from the match, this is more beneficial as players can be more aware of the damage that they are dealing, which can be used as room for improvement. It can even allow for an insight into their opponent's strategies. It is not a bad idea, but when weighed up against other developments that can be made on the server, it will not make a major difference. I do not believe it needs to be prioritised against other improvements that can be done.
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
  5. You're absolutely right, it isn't completely necessary. But just like how knowing your killer's remaining health may be useful to reflect on your performance, knowing how much health you won by could also be beneficial to considering your own performance.

    This isn't a top priority development, I'm aware, but the information would be useful to those players who want it and it wouldn't be intrusive to those who don't want it. Like I already referenced, this message already exists for the loser, so clearly it wouldn't be a difficult feature to implement.

    That being said, your feedback has duly noted. Thanks for stopping by to respond.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 26, 2019

  6. I see your point of view, and true enough it would definitely not be difficult to implement. Though, with limited developers, priority is the main concern. I don't think it needs to be introduced as a stand-alone feature in a single update, but rather as part of a larger patch across all Nano Games in the near future. This way it could be part of many additions that some players notice and some don't. Either way, it would prove beneficial to those who, like you, take note of this kind of information. However, you are probably with me on this as you didn't mention an urgency for its implementation. In fairness, I would most likely find this useful at some point if it was added eventually. Good thinking!
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
  7. Hey!
    Honestly, I think this would make quite a nice feature to Nano Gladiators.

    Nano Gladiators is a fun, but simple game. Fight, and if you win the most fights, you win the game in terms of points. For this reason, I feel that this idea would make an excellent addition. With only a sword, there's only so many strategies a player can use in battle. I feel that knowing your health when fighting an opponent, could tell players how risky that strategy was. This would allow for players to be able to analyse their wins and be able to determine their most fail safe strategies.

    As you've also mentioned, this wouldn't be very intrusive. It would allow for players who want this information to have it, and for players who don't to ignore it. As you've mentioned, I don't think this would need to be a high priority, however, if it were added in a QoL update, I would enjoy it. +1 from me.
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
  8. A larger blanket update would definitely be the way to go since this feature wouldn't be large enough to warrant its own update and announcement. It's not pressing, just something I would like to see in the future and would greatly appreciate should it be implemented.

    I'm glad to see you're interested in this idea! I definitely think a Quality of Life update would be the best way to deliver this update, should Mineplex's Production team decide to implement it. Let's hope they do!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  9. My apologies for taking so long to process this thread. Unfortunately, Game Insights have agreed that there would be no benefits to implementing this idea. There would be downsides either, other than the dev time (which shouldn't be much anyway) however we all agree there's no real reason for having it in the game. You can see your own health when you're fighting, so you should be vaguely aware of how low you were without the need for the game to tell you.

    Not Planned - Denied by GI
    Posted May 11, 2020

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