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Gladiators (Lobby) Gapples

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by TERMINATOR_666, Jan 27, 2021.


Do you agree or disagree (if you disagree please let me know why in the reply section below)

  1. Agree

  2. Disagree

  1. Please nerf them, its so annoying the countless times I am about to beat someone in a 1v1 and then they gapple and suddenly they go from 1 heart to 4 in like 2 seconds and then you die. If you run away and gapple yourself, its just annoying how long a fight can go on for because of this, and not to mention there are 6 of them. That's SIX possible clutches in a fight, and that's just OP and make fights long and boring. Not to mention how well gapples work with the scuffed kb and combat system on this server, so if you get launched you can easily gapple to regen and get back to max health easily and if your opponent rushes they'll just die since you regen so much.

    You could just reduce the number of gapples to like 2 or 3, or you could somehow make it so gapples are less effective (ie: reducing how many hearts it can regen etc)
    I know that you can kill them while they are in the eating animation of the gapple, but this rarely happens thanks to how strong the armour is in gladiators (Almost full diamond with iron boots and all with prot 2) and even killing someone with 1 and a half hearts in the animation time is rare at best.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  2. You can gapple yourself - as you said in the thread, that's an easy solution.

    I agree though, I think the number should be reduced to 3 at most. 6 is way too much for a game that, as you say, can drag on for ages while it's just a quick lobby game.

    On the other hand, though, I kind of understand the need for so many. A lot of players go into lobby glads to practice their pvp/cps. Being able to drag a fight on for long if necessary is helpful for their training. It's also the reason for the really busted prot II armor - a lot of players play Cake Wars & can get the same armour and golden apples, so playing lobby glads with this equipment helps them get better at what could be long, drawn out fights.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  3. I personally like having six golden apples for the same idea that it makes the game a bit longer. Pvp battles without any special gear e.g. diamond armor, gapples, protection, are extremely quick and don’t really help you with your pvp as much as if you had the gear. Since it takes a lot more hits to finish the fight, you can practice getting combos that last for a long time.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  4. I'm definitely in favor of reducing the number of gapples to 3. Having 3 gapples in a game that is meant to be a quick "lobby" fight should be quick and easy. 3 gapples is still a large amount in my opinion considering the armor there is in these fights, but I still think 3 is a good amount. This is quite a small change, and I honestly don't have much more to say other than +1. I'll also be moving this thread to the game alterations subforum as it's better suited there.

    Thread Moved >> Game Alterations
    Posted Jan 27, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 27, 2021
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  5. Hey there!

    First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to make this thread and suggest this alteration! I am kind of on the fence about this alteration, as I agree and disagree. As previously stated by many others in the thread, I wouldn't mind seeing the Gap count reduced in the Lobby Gladiators. I feel that the discussed numbers "3-4" would be a reasonable amount in regards to making this a quicker match.

    However, I personally feel that the current amount of Gaps are fine as well. Although it may be tedious that some players chug gaps to survive longer and overall prolong the match in the process, they're simply doing it to get more practice out of the duel. I would have to agree with @maevestarbaby in their reasoning to why the current Gaps are appropriate for more practice.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  6. Hello, i honestly disagree, because of my personal experience. i was winning once so good until he kept gaping. i though it didnt matter, but i was wrong. he killed me after. i like gapples but thaey can be annoying sometimes.

    Posted Jan 27, 2021
  7. I can see both perspectives for this suggestion.

    It can be extremely bothersome when people gapple to that extent and overtake you and it can be boring if the match goes on too long for some people since, like Brayden said, this game is supposed to be a fairly quick and easy lobby game.

    As is, you are in the exact same position as your opponent that allows you to regenerate better while they do the same, and it's unbelievably fantastic practice battling people like this. It elongates the game and I do think 6 gapples can be fairly excessive.

    The longer the game, the more practice you're getting in. Part of PVP, in general, is being strategic and able to use your resources to maximum utility is part of lobby glads, since you're both in the same position in this game you simply have to be more clever about it. However, I think after 3 gapples it does seem a bit odd and in a real match, most people don't have that many gapples at hand or don't have the opportunity to use them so quickly. Except for a few games, but in most of those games, you're worried about multiple people rather than just one person.

    I don't mind seeing them reduced or left as it is, like I said, I can understand both sides. I do feel like there have been times people have just gone past the timer for it which is annoying since it annoys people waiting and usually the players aren't satisfied with an outcome that could easily have been changed with a combo. At that point, it's an annoyance, but this isn't the normal procedure for most players. A lot of people don't even take advantage of all 6 gapples as well which makes them pretty redundant, so I don't think reducing it to about 3 would do much harm.

    Posted Jan 28, 2021
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