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Give thanks

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BadgerInASuit, Nov 21, 2020 at 12:35 PM.

  1. I would love to have everyone, if you want to, post what you are thankful for!

    Our world has gotten pretty crazy, and a lot of people have forgotten the blessings that they have, and just focus on the bad. We all need to remember to be grateful for everything we have. It has also been proven that showing gratitude can help your physical and mental health. And thanksgiving is coming up, so now would be the perfect time.

    I’ll start:
    I am so very thankful for my family, because they are so helpful to me and put up with me while we are stuck at home. They are my most favorite people, and I am so grateful that I can be with them.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 12:35 PM
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  2. I'm very thankful for everything that got me through quarantine. Friends and family, the shelter I have, the food and water I have, supplies, video games, electricity, and all these things that other people don't have, and they have to live through this as well. I cannot thank anyone enough for the things I have been able to have access to. I also am thankful for the Mineplex community. You guys have supported me so much over the past 2 years, and it has been such a rocky road already. Thank you guys for giving me so much hope, and letting me have a fun time. :)
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 12:38 PM
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  3. I'm thankful for having really nice friends who always support me. They are always there to help me and I'm very grateful.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 3:14 PM
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  4. Probably a really cliché answer, but my friends are the things I am most thankful for. Especially these 2 people, Luci and Will, who have stayed by my side through hell being thrown at me this year and have been the most loving and supportive people I have ever met. (And not to mention all my incredible friends on the MTT too) ^^

    Another thing I'm really thankful for, that I certainly gained a huge appreciation for this year, is second chances. It's not something we pay too much heed to until it affects us, but it's really special and not something to ever take lightly.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 3:43 PM
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  5. I'd have to say I am most thankful for what quarantine has allowed me to do. I had a ton of free time due to quarantine, but I found new things I enjoyed! I would do things like go on daily bike rides. I'm not saying covid is good, but it allowed me to turn something negative into something positive!
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 5:15 PM
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  6. I'm thankful for having that one friend who is always there, even if you hate them they'll be there

    And my family for accepting me for who I am:
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 6:26 PM
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  7. I am thankful for having people who are not toxic in my life and actually care for me.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 6:50 PM
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  8. This is definitely going to be an unexpected answer, but I'm very thankful for my ex and for my friends and family. Throughout this year, I've been challenged a lot and gone through lots of struggles between losing a pet, family struggles, losing a 2 year-long relationship and COVID making living a nightmare at times.

    Throughout this year though, every struggle I've gone through resulted in valuable lessons learned and take aways that will stick with me for a very long time. I learned what love is and what love isn't and have been happier than I have been in a very long time as a result of a new relationship, a past relationship, and overcoming family struggles as well as having the best friend support group.​

    For that, I am thankful for the lessons I have learned, and I am thankful for the people in my life.
    *side note, I'm thankful to have come back to the staff team 4 years later as well, that's pretty neat :P

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, Take care and stay safe,
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 6:50 PM
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  9. Im thankful for my mom
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 6:57 PM
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  10. Moms are amazing :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM
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  11. In this time of crisis where Anime is forced to delay new series bc of covid. I would like to say that I am thankful there are old anime series that I finally watched bc no new ones were coming out.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020 at 9:51 PM
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