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GI - The Bridges Update Proposal

Discussion in 'The Bridges' started by Dwasserd, Apr 14, 2021.


Overall, would you support this first version of the proposed update going live?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. After the last update of the apple kit, it definitely does need some sort of update to balance against the rest of the kits, but I think 25% is way too much. Increasing the knockback by so much will make it so players can profusely apple spam while the other kits can't touch them. Increasing it by 10-15% (depending on the other kits updates) would make more sense personally as it would mean the kit has a use again, but isn't too OP.

    If it is increased, possibly putting a cap on apples or something along that lines could help keep the kit balanced and to avoid the kit being unnecessarily OP.

    Really agree with the permanent saturation add, it's a nice touch to the kit which may make players more inclined to choose it. It also makes a lot of sense as apple kit players' have a large stack of food anyway, so this would be really good in my opinion.

    I don't agree with this for a few reasons:

    - Skybasing. There are skybasers usually in every other game who are "experienced" skybasers whereby they all have the right kits to be able to stop other teams getting them. Usually, players go for skybasers after they've killed every other player, meaning they will have a low number of leaps left (if any). This would make it practically impossible for the player to reach the base, especially as the players above are usually shooting, apple spamming or using destructor. Having a bow and enough arrows (which is rare enough if you aren't archer as there is only limited amount of arrows in mid) and gaining leaps this way is practically the only way zerks have to kill the skybasers, and even then it's difficult. Removing the feature for arrows = leaps would potentially drag games on even longer than they do right now, completely defeating the point.

    - Zerk was already buffed A LOT in the last update. From infinite leaps to a limited amount, it's already relatively hard to get leaps - it depends on the game, the players etc, removing another way would ruin the kit in my opinion.

    - Arrows aren't that easy to get. If you're not archer kit and your team doesn't get mid, it's unlikely you'll get a bow and enough arrows unless you've killed enough people to obtain that. Adding this to zerk would just cause more problems than solutions in my opinion and isn't needed.

    For solutions, as already stated in a couple of replies I've seen, adding some sort of border would be a lot more useful. This would mean skybasers could still have their fun without making the game last 60 minutes and end with no one winning. The border could have a set time, for example 30 minutes, whereby it moves inwards and forces everyone to the middle.

    Or, there could be a set point where everyone gets teleported to mid, or a certain point somewhere depending on the map say 30-40 minutes in to force a fight. This would avoid games ending as no one winning.

    Feel like the knockback and damage should stay the same on brawler as that's what the kit is known for and has been for ages. For the last two, I think either keeping the kit at 10 hearts and getting regen for 4 seconds, or having the kit at 12 hearts and removing the regen would be better as having both would be too OP in my opinion. 12 hearts seems better to me, but that's just my opinion. Speed seems good, it's a small touch that would be motivating in for Brawlers.

    TL;DR as I think that sounded confusing, knockback + damage = same, it should either be hearts and no regen or regen and no hearts as both is OP, speed is cool.

    If damage was to be reduced, bomber kit achievement should be changed as well to balance the kit's buff. Bridges being bombed shouldn't be reintroduced in my opinion. From reading a response, I saw you said about destructor having the same ability - this isn't exactly true as it differs in a few ways;

    Destructor is an achievement kit and the Bridges achievements are hard to get so It's not a kit that everyone has, unlike bomber. Destructor pearls also only take a certain amount of the bridges as it's supposed to, however TNT doesn't have that and can end up breaking the entire bridge. When the bridges could be bombed, players used to camp on their islands a lot making it virtually impossible to get over to them without being bombed or hit off unless you were a zerk meaning the games were extremely long again. I feel like adding the ability to bomb bridges again is uneeded and wouldn't benefit the game at all.

    I agree with the ores & blocks idea - this would make it so much easier for bombers to receive their blocks rather than having to search everywhere for them. Definitely needed imo.

    Mixed opinions on this one. While Bridges could do with a new kit of some sort, I think this might change the game a bit too much. The idea around the kit is nice as it would encourage teamwork and potentially add more strategy but It might be too big of a change for such a traditional game. Theoretically though, if it was to be added, I think the cooldown should be a little higher (maybe 60s) due to the kit being rather OP, and there should definitely be a limit of how many heals a player can do per game.

    An alternative to this could quite frankly be adding more mushrooms to the maps as that would keep the game the same and wouldn't be changing too much. But honestly I'm very mixed on this as Bridges is one of the long-standing games that I (personally) wouldn't want to see changed into something completely different.

    Disconnecting: Games can crash, wifi can die, there is a lot of reasons players unintentionally leave the game and coming back to lose a life seems unfair. Most of the time players only leave the game intentionally in a party or to not come back so adding this isn't really necessary imo.

    No one winning: Could be problematic if there is 3 players fighting the whole game and 8 players in a skybase. As mentioned above, a border or some sort of force to make the players fight and the game end would be better.

    The rest seem awesome, I specifically love the idea of /surface, it would come in so handy on the maps where the mine is like 100 blocks below surface.

    Honestly, it's really nice you've posted this to get opinions from the community and ask for changes/ideas to these to ensure everyone is involved. <3
    Posted Apr 16, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 16, 2021
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  2. I play pub and im legit cause I can actually fight cheaters. Its not my problem that the cheaters use horrible settings and I can click my mouse.
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  3. The only thing that should be getting actually implemented is /surface feature and borders that close in to prevent skybase game stalling as well as "zerks running" The rest of this shouldnt be implemented and you said you went into lobbies to ask players? Did you go into the deadest lobbies when no one was online except like one person afk? Because ive asked people who main bridges and basically with all that ive asked in the past week it should accumilate for all day every day and they all said they never saw you. Now then when exactly did you go in and ask players about what they want?
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  4. I have been collecting feedback from January up until March whenever I hop on and see a Bridges game has come to life. I have been asking players like 69HD, lazabuster, agingpekar and more, but also players who simply respond to the chat messages. I am currently getting other players to send the doc around to their Bridges community groups to gather feedback. While yes there are problematic things on the doc, these things can be talked about and reprimanded before the final version of the doc is released. You already know I have a lack of experience within Bridges and therefore I do not know who to approach, which is why once again, I uploaded the document here to gather feedback. Since uploading, I have been in touch with more Bridges mains than before over discord and been collecting feedback for it. This will simply all help me in understanding what they want for the game and what they don't want. They share their insights with me, which will hopefully help the doc improve.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 16, 2021
  5. Regarding the appler kb, we can probably poll what % would be favored by most, before deciding anything rash.

    For the zerk change, you mention that adding a border would be the solution. Do you mean instead of removing the arrow not charging leaps or alongside?

    The brawler kit is most likely going to lose its kb modifying abilities upon introducing the new kb system. This is why we want to revamp the kit in a way it remains tanky. But from the feedback we received this is not the way to go.

    I have seen a lot of negative feedback on bridges being breakable by TNT again, so we will most likely remove this feature from the doc. I do want to add that the damage of the TNT itself wouldn't be reduced, but the further away you are the less damage it will deal. I was informed that the blasting radius is pretty big and will end up dealing a lot of damage, even if ur further away from the TNT. This change would still keep the maximum damage closer to the TNT. Do you think that change would be alright in that regard? Or do you think it will be bad?

    The healer kit definitely needs to be revised, as we would need to properly test how overpowered or underwhelming its abilities really are.

    The disconnecting feature will be changed so that players will respawn in the same position, with the same gear/health/saturation prior to leaving to ensure disconnects before the bridges drop won't make eliminate them from the game. We might look into a feature to do the same after the bridges drop, but that will be in due time.

    We might lean more to the border side in the end, but the specifics would have to be worked out more.

    I'd like to thank you for your feedback, it was really extensive, concise and helpful
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 16, 2021
  6. what if there was a version of bridges, but instead of bridges, it had walls
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  7. if you consider a cheater dominant community running a dying gamemode "fine the way it is," then sure, I'll agree with you.

    you do realize the entire purpose of him posting this document is to gather feedback? not everybody enjoys the healer kit and he's even acknowledged that, he's simply just trying propose an update for the gamemode so that if the dev team ever does, this is what they'll reference.

    there are some good changes and some negative changes here, and the entire reason of him posting it in the bridges section is to not only gather opinions from people who play the game, but from people who don't play the game. it's obviously going to change, so instead of complaining about it, give better suggestions rather than saying "don't update it."

    the funniest part of all of this, in my personal opinion, is that people who have no involvement in the gamemode or are even apart of the bridges community come into the community and act as if their opinions matter towards the gamemode. if you hold less than 100 wins in a gamemode, why are you bringing your opinions to the table? people such as whalker, lightdasher, cheeseysf, dfgamer, rilau, aaronign, skit, and so many other people in this thread are contributing to their opinions to a gamemode that I doubt they even play, so why give your opinion in the first place?
    Posted Apr 17, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 17, 2021
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  8. my opinion is everything he just said. not worth updating a game thats dominated by cheaters.
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
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  9. A poll for the apple knockback would be awesome, possibly starting from say 10% and increasing to 25%? Even putting it somewhere like the BCL discord as well as the GI/MP one to ensure everyone's opinions are heard and taken into account.

    Fair enough with the new knockback system happening and Brawler needing to change. I think it definitely needs to be balanced out in one way or another, but keeping the diamond sword as one perk to buff it up and (possibly) the 2 extra hearts? I'd personally like it to stay as traditional as possible, but I don't know how that would work amidst the new system.

    Even if it's only the range of the TNT reduced, I personally still think the achievement should be reduced a little as this achievement is one of the hardest to get imo and lobbing some TNT and hoping it kills someone in range is how I did it. Not saying a huge change, maybe just reducing the kills by one?
    If the range was to be reduced, do you have an idea of how much? From [-] to [-]?

    Yeah, honestly I agree. Having a new kit does sound cool but it would need to be fully evaluated beforehand to ensure It's balanced and doesn't ruin the game. Also, It shouldn't be too different to the other kits to change the whole gamemode completely as Bridges is a much loved "known" game.

    This sounds awesome and will is definitely a much needed addition in the game. Thinking forward to if it was added to after the Bridges drop too, the timer should be a lot shorter IMO as this could be used in many negative ways. But as you said, It'll come in due course.

    The border would be a really good addition honestly, SG got a really good border as well as Skywars, Bridges should be next as it would solve a lot of issues.
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
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  10. Wow. Cool thread! These suggestions are really good. I can't wait to see what comes next!
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
  11. Flamewar Notice

    This thread is starting to become a flamewar, this is a notice that if the thread does not return to the original topic at hand then the players involved will be banned from replying to this thread. Posts that violate the rules or are unnecessary and do not encourage positive discussion have already been removed from view.

    If you have any questions about this please feel free to message me.
    Posted May 2, 2021
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  12. I'll have to disagree - the community has made posts about a blatantly cheating staff member -snip-. (Velo, Ac, Reach, Cheating on alts) and you've removed them to silence public opinion.
    Posted May 2, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator May 2, 2021
  13. This is not the place to be having such discussions. Discussing these topics and naming people to put them down is not acceptable and is not the kind of environment we seek to have on threads across the forums. The right way to handle this is to create a support ticket at www.mineplex.com/tickets with evidence supporting your claim.
    Posted May 2, 2021

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