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GI - Draw My Thing Guide

Discussion in 'Draw My Thing' started by Sophie_OGrady, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
    GI - Draw My Thing Guide
    Draw My Thing, one of the earliest games added to the Mineplex Network, has consistently been a popular gamemode choice for players. As an effective way of bringing the popular family game Pictionary onto the server, it provides players with a relaxing, casual game of drawing and guessing. Each round, 1 of the 8 players are chosen as the artist to draw a provided word, and hints are given to the remaining 7 players for them to guess the round’s word as fast as possible. Each player will draw for a total of 2 times, making up a game of 16 rounds.

    Game Information:

    Point System:
    Every round, points are rewarded for both the artist and guesser teams based off of their performance.
    • Artist: The artist will be awarded two points if at least one player correctly guesses their drawing.
    • Guesser: If a player is the first to correctly guess the word, they will be awarded three points. Every other person that guesses the word will get one point for the round.
    To the right of the screen is a leaderboard showcasing the point values of each player. At the end of all rounds, the player with the most points wins the game (keeping in mind that ties do happen, in which case all players tied for highest score will receive win credit and rewards).

    Round Times:
    Each round can last up to 60 seconds. However, for each correct guess, the timer will decrease by 5 seconds!

    Words & Guessing:

    Draw My Thing has a fairly extensive word bank, ranging from 2 letter words to 12 letter words as well as various compounded phrases (3+3 long to 4+3+6 long phrases).

    Regarding guessing, players need to type in chat for the game to check if their guess is correct. Any reasonably lengthened message will be counted as a guess (as evidenced by each player's “total guesses” stat in each game). If too many terms are detected in a single chat message (typically 3-4 guesses in one), it will filter your message, saying you cannot guess multiple words at the same time. However, if it goes through, the entirety of the message will be checked for the correct word of that round.

    Fun Facts about Guessing:
    • Being muted has no effect on one’s guessing going through; if you get it you get it
    • Guessing in secondary chats (party and community chats) works just as well as public chat
    • Compounding words together works as well (again, it checks to see if the word appears anywhere within an acceptable “guess”), so if the word was “hat” and you accidentally said “my cHAT is getting flooded”, it will count it as a valid guess. Similarly, combining words for guesses intentionally is acceptable as well; guessing “watchouse” would work for both “watch” and “house”.
    Aside from watching the drawing on the board, guessers are given hints above their hotbear/hearts to the left of the timer as can be seen here (same place that themes appear when drawing). It will start off as all blank lines (number of lines corresponds to number of letters in the word(s)), and over time, random letters will be added (as also evidenced by the image).

    Artist Information:

    The artist that is selected each round is automatically teleported to fly in front of the canvas - a big white board in which players can draw upon. Players will choose from an assortment of tools in their hotbar (will describe in detail below) and right click to draw onto the board. To encourage people to actually focus on drawing, players will not be able to move/fly around until they start drawing.

    The theme that the player is supposed to draw appears above their hotbear/hearts to the left of the timer as can be seen here (same place that hints appear when guessing). This is also indicated with the label “Draw:”. A common mistake is that players will draw the word that appears directly above the hotbar (which is typically “pencil”). However, this is not the correct word to draw, and instead is the item that they are holding.

    Colour Palette:
    Every map has a colour palette in which the artist can choose to draw in. They can be arranged differently according to map as can be seen with the following:
    Artist Tools:
    As mentioned above, the artist’s hotbar is filled with a variety of tools like this. From left to right, the tools are as following:
    • Pencil - Your most reliable tool. It draws one block at a time and can be used to draw free form.
    • Paint brush - Very similar to your pencil, except it draws lines that are three blocks wide. Still can draw free form.
    • Line tool - Used to draw any sort of straight lines, whether horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
    • Rectangle tool - Used to draw rectangles in any shapes and sizes.
    • Circle tool - Used to draw circles and any elliptical shaped items in all shapes and sizes.
    • Spray can - Like your paintbrush, except the density of each stroke is less (leaves spores as you draw a line) when trying to draw lines
    • Fill tool - Used to fill any enclosed entity with a color of your choice
    • Clear canvas - Used to clear all drawings on your canvas (resets canvas to completely white)

    • Art Hipster: Win 50 games of Draw My Thing.
    • Mr. Squiggle: Both of your drawings are guessed within the first 15 seconds.
    • Keen Eye: Guess every single drawing in the game.
    • Pure Luck: Guess a word in the first 8 seconds.
    • All Achievements Reward: None.

    Final Thoughts:

    Many people are probably wondering, at this point, whether Draw My Thing is a hard game to learn. And the answer quite simply is both yes and no. This game takes a great deal of practice to get a good understanding of the words in the game. After that, with enough experience, it just comes down to how fast one can recall a word (after given the drawing and hints) and then type it out before others (with correct spelling).

    All aside, it’s not your typical chaotic PvP game such as Cake Wars or Bridges, and as a whole, is a fantastic way to chill/vibe and pass time with friends. Happy drawing and happy guessing!

    Big thanks to @Bobert2013 for helping with this project.
    Posted Jul 18, 2020
  2. As an individual who spends $75k a year on art school I am always greatly disappointed when I do not win Draw My Thing, and question myself, if such crippling financial debt is worth it in the end. I feel empty; nothingness.
    Luckily, though, this guide has made me a master at draw my thing! I have quit school and am now teaching myself art via this mini game. Although I will never be a functioning adult or contribute to society, I am able to guess the word someone is drawing the moment they depict the second pixel of their drawing onto the canvas! To add on to this thread, I carry a calculator with me at all times and use mathematical functions in order to calculate the next brush-stroke of each individual. Pixel-by-pixel, I mimic and recreate the words I am implored to draw with the talent and fervor of Picasso. Dare I even say with the artistic skill of such greats as "xXxMommyDestroyer89xXxUwU" perhaps.
    This thread has greatly developed my skill and my eye for art in such ways that university classes never could have, and I thank you for that. I truly appreciate the effort you and your team have put into this.

    - Mr. Eggington.
    Posted Jul 18, 2020
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  3. Draw My Thing is arguably the most intellectually stimulating and challenging minigame in Mineplex existence. Requiring players to utilize critical thinking, creative thought, quick contextual evidence, and conjured out-of-the-box solutions, Draw My Thing requires its players to both guess and come up with drawings for thousands of unique words pertaining to everyday life, Minecraft, and hypothetical thought alike. Artistic talent must be effectively used to demonstrate conceptual understanding of words throughout the game, as an individual player will inevitably be called upon to go up to the drawing board twice per game. Furthermore, the game frequently requires participants to recollect previously learned information and recognize patterns in letter spacing, content displayed, and theories put forth to the nature of a drawing's content by fellow players. As such, it results in an incredibly difficult and complex, yet highly enthralling experience for new players and Mineplex veterans alike.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 18, 2020
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  4. thank you I can finally win DMT now!
    Posted Jul 18, 2020
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  5. Additionally, Milk the Cow is by all means the second most intellectually stimulating game on the Mineplex network, proceeding Draw My Thing. In contrast to how Milk the Cow appears on the surface, the entirety of the game complicates beyond its known reputation of requiring only the right mouse button and space bar. In order to achieve maximum time efficiency, double jumps must be timed perfectly to allow the player consume their milk bucket during their air time and land to refill. With double jump causing fall damage and seldom regeneration for players, the player is forced to use their double jumps in the most strategical manner possible if they plan to survive. In the combat department, the player is provided with a context that inevitably improves their decision making skills under extreme conditions. Provided with no means of retaliation against the cows, players are forced to develop their own strategies for cow-avoidance, whilst still playing an aggressive metagame if they plan to win. Unlike in other games, players of Milk the Cow are constantly evolving their gameplay strategies at a never-seen-before pace, as every match provides them with new and unexpected enemy behavior. As a players enemy is not only the cows, but also their own team, players are provided with a very strict timeframe to outsmart everyone else in the game, cows and fellow players alike, to come out on top as the most intellectual player in the game.
    Posted Jul 18, 2020
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