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GI - Bridges Update Proposals

Discussion in 'The Bridges' started by rqil, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]
    Classics GI - Bridges Proposals

    Thanks to Classics GI, along with MCL collaboration, the document for proposed Bridges changes has finally been created! If you feel as though something's missing, something's unbalanced, or something needs to be removed, please reply with your opinions. Keep in mind that nothing listed here is final. Feel free to share this document around to anyone who wants to read it - all feedback is appreciated!

    Click here to read it!
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
  2. Oh my goodness, finally. I'm happy to see The Bridges receiving an update, it's been a long time since! Thanks so much Games Insights, what would we do without ya. :P
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
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  3. As if anything ever goes through the LT team. Most of these probably won't be put into play any time soon which is great imo. It does suck how you're looking to nerf berserker kit. This nerf is just gonna be extremely grueling for those who play alone. Anyone who plays alone is most likely gonna run berserker and be forced to put up with situations in which they're completely on their own as they're the only one capable of pulling anything off. As if they'll ever get an opportunity to snap back, get a few hits in, and manage to run out in a 1v6 situation. It's not difficult to cut corners to shorten the distance from a runner. Also, if you're in groups, it's not difficult to just try to cut them off either. Granted, this nerf will get people to run more kits however, for those who play alone, it's just killing things for them tbh. I'd rather see a 15s cooldown on a leap than be forced to play with 8 leaps when i'm playing alone. Then again, i'd rather not play the game at all on my own since i'd just get dropped by whoever has the bigger party. Or better yet, don't touch the kit at all?

    "To notify a user how many leaps they have left, a message will be sent in chat with a #/8 as well as a ding in chat (similar to that of a player mention) with varying pitches; the closer a player is to running out of leaps, the higher-pitched the ding will be"

    This is so pointless. There are those who play without sounds you know. On top of that, there's also people who literally spam right click over and over again. You expect them to just scroll up while getting chased to check how many leaps they have left? You might as well add an icon that indicates how many leaps they have left. Like how DE has it.

    "Nausea is given for 5 seconds if the player is directly in the center of the "crash zone",

    Are you kidding lol. Are you even considering how long 5 seconds is? Also, do keep in mind what the actual affects of nausea are.

    Instead of working on trying to balance kits, i'd rather see something be done about gamebreaking issues. Like the bridges bug where half of the bridges spawn before br even falls. Or most importantly, the water bug. Which affects every leap system on the server. The community is probably so divided by this whole suggestion and you're just gonna kill the gamemode completely if this goes live. As if it's not already dead from all of the cheaters that came in.
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
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  4. Berserker is by far the most overpowered kit in public games. You seem to have read the document wrong too - you are not limited to only 8 leaps in the entirety of the game. You will be limited to 8 leaps if you fail to attack another player 3 times (which will give one extra leap back). Giving Berserker a longer cooldown will not fix the problem - only delay it.Also, Bridges is a team game. Arguing from a solo perspective is not relevant to the game. It is not pointless to give players extra ways to be notified about different things. The idea of using the same indicators as Dragon Escape has for leap, but keep in mind that things may work different in Bridges due to the fact that the axes are used to interact with different blocks. Nausea will only confuse players, it's not like it's slowness. Unless a player is completely not paying attention, they will not fall off - especially because there's a slight pause in-between the blocks being hit and the blocks falling. Bridges spawning pre-maturely and the leaping in water issues are not Bridges-specific issues and they aren't something to bring up in a proposed Bridges update document.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 2, 2019
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    -snip-. I like many others will 100% quit this game and this server if this goes forward. If you have 8 leaps as a beaker how can you possible counter game stallers who sky base and 1v5 full diamond miners. Apparently there was a poll for this and many people who would have voted no like me did not know about this poll so it is also an unfair decision. The game is completely fair as it is currently and doing this update would finally kill it forever.
    Posted Jun 4, 2019,
    Last edited by a Moderator Feb 21, 2020
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  5. I'm sorry you feel this way! The reason for this nerf is to counter the most powerful kit in the game. Also, if you get a hit with it within 3 seconds (I believe, might wanna fact check me on that one haha), you get the leap back. This will make the game a lot more strategic, and more diverse in the kits! Another thing that a majority of players do not skybase to that extent, making it not as valid as a point as something a lot of zerk mains do. If you have any other concerns other than what you stated, please feel free to DM me or minecraft player rqil/any bridges GI member. Thanks!
    Posted Jun 4, 2019
  6. I think, that this update is very cool, I would like to see The Bridges like vannila PvP and not just leaping players and apples that do so much knockback and damage.Pretty cool update to Brawler too!
    Posted Jun 4, 2019
  7. Quickshot is actually when you left-click the bow and it instantly shoots an arrow out. The one in the doc is more like... barbed arrows on a cooldown.

    I suggest renaming it to Pin Down or something.
    Posted Jun 4, 2019
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  8. I don’t play bridges often because it isn’t my thing. But I think it is pretty cool.
    Posted Jun 4, 2019
  9. I do not think appler kit needed to be nerfed this hard. I do not think think the decreased knock back was necessary. Appler kit is used in another form of rod in PvP, except that this may be hard to get used to since it is left clicking instead of right and you have a limited amount of times to deal knock back. This is by far, the best feature appler had and now the kit is weak. Since the range has also been reduced (which I can understand because this is then almost merging with archer), the apples do virtually nothing to opponents.

    The berserker tweaks were necessary. It prolongs the game and makes berserkers really annoying to fight when you work hard to get them low, and then leap away, that cycle then repeats all over again and again. Something I would do to further improve the kit would be to only grant an extra leap per kill. Believe it or not, leaps can be used quite efficiently. Not only can you use it to run away, leaping towards an enemy and getting the first hit will make it a critical, dealing extra damage, knocking them back more, and then they are in perfect position for you to combo.

    The archer is already a powerful kit with barrage arrows that you can load up to potentially knock multiple players off the platform. Adding to the maximum amount of fletched arrows just allows them to do it more continuously. I do not play Champions so I have no background knowledge of the quick-shot ability.

    The brawler changes are pretty good. 1 less damage taken per hit does seem a bit overpowered (almost nothing if they are in full diamond). The knock back dealt and taken can make a huge difference in PvP and the correct decision was made to slightly reduce it but not the the point where the kit becomes useless. The starting sword they spawn with being changed from iron to diamond should also help ensure the kit is not too underpowered after the 3 nerfs to its perks.

    I either do not have anything to say about the others or know nothing about them.


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    Posted Jun 4, 2019
  10. Another great proposal from GI! Back in the day when I played Bridges a lot, Zerks were always annoying because they would continuously run away. I love the balances you're placing on the kits as well.

    Like @leo_thya stated, I Quickshot is when you left click a bow and it instantly shoots out an arrow. I'd like to see this implemented as a way to combo opponents in melee combat.

    Overall great changes and I hope to see these implemented in the future!
    Posted Jun 4, 2019

  11. "When you get them low" Sorry, last night I was in a 5v1 against 5 miners, I was beserker. We were all full diamond as it was on farmy map. All they did was stick right together and keep chasing me, I occasionally turned to fight as I wanted to win and not to make the game a draw. I had to use beserker leap many times otherwise I would have died in 3 seconds as it was a 5v1. Luckily I could safely leap mid without having to worry about leap count and get loads of stew bows arrows. In the match which I managed to win as unlike these trash miners im actually good at this game. However I must have used about 100+ beserker leaps in that game. If you nerf beserker then no on will ever use it and all bridges will be is miner v miner v miner and if you play on your own because you are unpopular like me then you will never have any chance of winning and you will definitely quit the game and the server and go play hypixel.
    --- Post updated ---
    "always run away" actually most of the people who play bridges CURRENTLY not "back in the day" are people who are good at the game, these good people rarely "run away" in fact we use the leap to win the game as fast as possible as we can leap to catch up with all the randoms who are running away from us, so im sorry but you are completely wrong. Beserker is very rarely used to run away and when it is it is because it is either an unfair fight or the enemy is cheating.
    --- Post updated ---
    How would you understand then sthu
    --- Post updated ---
    from my experience it is not meant to be vanilla pvp, if u want that go play on practice pvp servers
    Posted Jun 4, 2019
  12. If I'm going to be honest, if a kit allows you to win a 5v1, I don't find it balanced. Infinite mobility and being able to escape any situation. Not sure if the people that made the doc got the idea from this, but in SSM, Spider's and Wolf's mobility is also insanely good, which is why GI proposed for them to have limited double jumps and can gain them back from fighting, so they can't infinitely run, like what you did in the game you described.
    Posted Jun 4, 2019
  13. Wish bomber would have gotten a damage buff for the tnt, or a smaller timer for it to blow. I've been trying for the 5 kills in 1 game for literally 2 years now and it's starting to seem impossible without being up against afks or having friends feed.

    Also the appler nerf seems a little much no? You pretty much nerfed both the damage and kb to ****, as well as the range. That leaves it pretty much with the only benefit of having endless food, but now that pretty much all maps have hay bails the kit is going to be useless. I know it's rather broken how it is, but couldn't you just add a cool down to throwing the apples or something instead of making the kit absolute garbage?

    In addition, destructor is not in need of a buff whatsoever.

    The other kit changes are ok, and I like that you guys are trying to do something about the beserk meta, but please don't make appler trash.
    Posted Jun 4, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 3, 2019
  14. Appler is a stupidly powerful kit right now. One Appler has the ability to hold back an entire team of people since Throwing Apples deal up to half a block of knockback each (doesn't sound like much, but considering Appler can throw apples extremely quickly, it builds up fast. Throwing Apples can also cancel Berserker leaps while they're already mid-air, and considering Berserker is pretty much the direct counter to Appler (since Appler pushes people away while Berserkers are able to catch up faster), a nerf is necessary. The maximum range of Apple Thrower is 35 blocks in a completely flat area, so making the maximum range of them 50% less is fair. Appler damage builds up quickly as it is, and players in full diamond can get drained extremely quickly. Like you said, the main part of Appler is supposed to be the rod-like ability it has to make comboing players easier - not draining full diamonds like it's nothing, so the damage reduction is necessary as well (it still does damage, it's just not meant to be the main focus of the kit). As for Archer, Barrage is the only ability Archer currently has, making it one of the weakest and most under-used kits in the game right now. The proposed Quickshot ability was replaced with a slowness arrow, which you can read more about specific details in the document.
    You are extremely toxic and you should tone it down when you're discussing proposed changes to your game. You contradicted yourself regarding the Berserker changes because you said you need to use many leaps to run away and kill people who were 5v1ing you, thus arguing that you need endless leaps with no limit to running, but then you proceeded to say that Berserkers barely have to run away from fights. You yourself admit that a lot of the sweaty Berserkers utilize their leap ability to end games quickly rather than endlessly running and game-stalling, and you hit the nail right on the head. Players who use Berserker to be aggressive and end games quickly will not even feel a change in the kit because whatever leaps they use trying to kill people will be earned back by attacking said players. Making Berserker require a more aggressive playstyle will not affect the way you play the game since you play aggressively. If a Berserker player uses it passively and runs away from every fight, this kit will not be for them anymore so they'll branch out to other kits providing a playstyle with far more variety than having everyone good playing Berserker. You argue that you won't be able to utilize Berserker to take out skybasers very effectively anymore after this change, and that's exactly the point. Kits like Destructor will become more viable, and there will be nothing stopping you from playing that kit to assist in taking down skybases (unless, of course, you don't have all Bridges achievements!). Also the argument that you wouldn't be able to 1v5 teams as easily is not valid considering Bridges is a team game and it shouldn't be balanced to cater to a solo playstyle. All in all, no one kit should be good at everything, and Berserker is currently the definition of being stupidly unbalanced. Your lack of want to switch to a kit other than Berserker and contradictory statements overall show that you're biased towards the kit and are unwilling to be open-minded to a more balanced game.

    PS. Miner is balanced because they're only good at getting gear, but they lack any extra advantage in fights after Bridges fall. It appeals to new players because it allows them to get more stacked more easily and give them more of a fighting chance against players with combat advantages with other kits.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 4, 2019
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