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GI - Bedrock Block Hunt Update Proposal

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by landay, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. Hello, the bedrock side of Hunters, Hiders, and all in between! Today, I am back to propose a new update for Block Hunt over on our Bedrock Network! This update will contain numerous gameplay changes, kit changes, as well as making the game more interesting for both blocks and hunters. Of course, If you'd like to read the document rather than the forum thread, that can be found here!

    General Changes:
    • Change the hider: hunter ratio to 1:5 and change the system that moves hiders to the hunter team when a hunter quits abiding by this ratio.
    • Disallow hiders from being AFK kicked while hiding.
    • Disallow players from moving items in their inventory.
    • Put hiders into adventure mode to prevent block glitching.
    • Put the block/mob players are hidden into the 4th hotbar slot.
    • Introduce the “meow” taunt into the 5th slot of hiders, where players who use this give out a meow sound effect and receive .25 gems each time they meow. Cooldown of 5 seconds.
    • Introduce the “firework” taunt into the 6th slot of hiders, where players who use this ignite a firework and receive 2 gems each time. Cooldown of 15 seconds, max of 5 fireworks.
    • Add firework and meow taunts to kit descriptions.
    • Introduce border damage that instantly kills players for getting out of maps.
    • Allow 100% player max instead of 90% so the server can fill up fully.
    • Look into only oak doors being able to be opened (rest are unopenable), and every fence/trapdoor other than oak working (oak unopenable).
    • Increase all game rewards.
    • Disallow people to change kits at the last second (similar to team switching prevention at the last second) in order to get rid of hiders with hunter kits, vise versa.
    • Have a noise play when hunters attack hiders, similar to Java’s meow sound.
    • Display other player’s kill messages in the chat.
    • Decrease the volume and range of mob sounds and TNT.
    • Improve hit registration on hiders.
    • Prevent TNT in the map from exploding from a TNT thrown by TNT Hunter.
    • Decrease the knockback taken by Hunters from arrows by 50%.
    • Disable all particles generated by cosmetics except death effect particles.

    Kit Changes:
    • Make all Hider bow's power 1.

      Instant Hider

    • Give feather falling 2 leather boots.

      Shocking Hider

    • Decrease the amount of time hunter is shocked by 25%.
    • Add a 0.5 second delay between shocks.

      Leaper Hunter

    • Make leap ability more directional, less vertical.
    • Remove the ability to leap by crouching.

      TNT Hunter

    • Make TNT be able to kill hiders.
    • Add a 2 second cooldown for throwing TNT to prevent throwing 2 at a time.

      Radar Hunter

    • Reduce the tracking range to match Java.

    Gameplay Changes:
    • Add /kill command for hunters to respawn back at the spawn point. For ease of access for mobile players, add red wool in the 9th slot called “Kill Command” that will kill people when placed/tapped. (Note to make sure this does not count towards damage dealt/deaths of the hunter, as well as do not allow hider kills to go with it. Cannot be used within 10 seconds of combat.)
    • Give hunters the ability to break tall grass, flowers, and sugarcane.
    • At the beginning of the game display, a list of all the blocks hiders can morph into in the chat or a GUI. This is helpful for hunters who are new to the game and don’t know which blocks hiders can morph into and therefore don’t know which blocks they should be hunting for. Players could be given an item in their hotbar that would open a GUI which displays the list of blocks hiders can morph into.
    • Display blocks hiders are disguised as in hunters’ hotbar and how many hiders are disguised as each block when there are 2 or 3 minutes left in the game.

    • Cookie Town - Port current version of map from Java.
    • Desert village - Port current version of map from Java.
    • Eclipse town - Port current version of map from Java.
    • Mesa village - Port current version of map from Java.
    • Pirate island - Port current version of map from Java.
    • Riverwood - Port current version of map from Java.
    • Treasure Cavern - Port current version of map from Java.
    • Museum - Port current version of map from Java.
    • Add Shadowed Amazon.
    • Add The Market (Old Version).
    • Add Nakoji
    • Add Plexville
    • Add Lylinore Forest
    • Add Hidden Fields
    • Remove Confined
    • Remove Vineyard Mills
    • Fix paintings in all maps

    As always, these changes were by the lovely Bedrock GI team and I. Everything was gathered from Community Feedback, and the document/thread are always subject to change.

    If you'd like to view other game update threads:
    Java Block Hunt Update
    Bedrock Cakewars Update
    Bedrock State of Skyblock

    Feel free to provide all feedback below. Survival next?... :eyes:

    Posted Nov 19, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 22, 2020
  2. I don't play this but pogchamp :D
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
    landay likes this.
  3. Sounds Like A Amazing Update
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
    landay and Orangey like this.
  4. I like the displaying which blocks are left feature. It will be a great help to the seekers! uwu
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
    landay likes this.
  5. Pretty much all good ideas. But why would the old version of Market be added instead of the new one?
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
  6. Very cool update proposal. Feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm especially interested in getting feedback on the gameplay changes since some of them are pretty major and give a fairly significant buff to hunters. I will be actively responding to feedback here and in the GI Discord and will make changes to the update proposal as we go.
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
    landay and crazygeek516 like this.
  7. I don't really play that much block hunt, but this update proposal for the game seems really good. Very epic Landon!
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
    Ryan9116 and landay like this.
  8. the old version is better for gameplay
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 19, 2020
  9. if anything I’d want both since old will be fun to hunt on considering it’s quite different than java hunting. new would be too hard for players to hunt on but would be excellent for hiding and much like lylinore forest it would help introduce the concept of routing to newer players. but getting both would confuse players.
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
  10. I think the new version of The Market would be too large for Bedrock. It's within an acceptable range of balance on Java (in my current opinion), but with hunting being harder on Bedrock, it would very likely be too much to check. The old version of the map is quite small, but due to mobile/console players, it will hopefully be better balanced on Bedrock than it was on Java.
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
    landay, FluteVegetables and CZArkolan like this.
  11. One of the goals of this update is to making hunting easier for bedrock players so we don't want to add any maps that are hard to hunt on. This is why we chose the old Market map instead of the new one, and like you said, having 2 version of the same map would cause confusion.
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
  12. yeah that was what i was going for when creating the update doc. i think with nakoji and atlantis, it should be plenty balanced.
    Posted Nov 19, 2020
    landay likes this.
  13. Even though statistically there is about a 5 percent chance of this update actually happening, consider removing Mesa Village.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
    landay likes this.
  14. Can I ask why you think Mesa Village should be outright removed instead of having its updated version ported from java? The java version has been reworked quite extensively, and I believe it will make it more enjoyable on Bedrock as well.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
    landay likes this.
  15. This thread is 100% the plan for when block hunt is updated.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 21, 2020
  16. mesa is one of the easiest maps to hunt on without radar what are you on about
    Posted Nov 21, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 21, 2020
    landay likes this.
  17. Sounds like a really good update for a really good game. Awesome!
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
    landay likes this.
  18. Its not hard, its just boring. Thats it really. The gameplay with all the classes always has you going to the same 5-6 areas, and there are so many "interesting" places that are complete giveaways so nobody ever goes in them (the houses at the start, the corners, the mini stairways that go above the animal farms). I dont have a problem with Mesa because its hard, I just think its boring.

    And radar makes Mesa easier. You can clear the entire area in the "dark" corner just by going to the corner block two stories down. Nobody ever goes here either, THAT I dont understand.
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
    FluteVegetables likes this.
  19. The updated version getting ported from Java should fix all of these issues. It added proper buildings/rooms and extra spots, as well as changes to existing ones. I see new players in more locations than I did previously, so it should hopefully encourage spreading out more on Bedrock as well.
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
    FluteVegetables likes this.
  20. You should add a more detailed in-game description of the kits.

    For example too many people think the radar is actually pointing at something.
    Posted Nov 23, 2020
    FluteVegetables and crazygeek516 like this.

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