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Ghost Mute Guide 2.0: Explanation and Resolution

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Dulciloquy, Sep 8, 2019.

    I will be using the word "ghost" and "shadow" mute interchangeably, they mean the same thing.
    This information is only relevant to players from our Bedrock server.
    I pulled information and quotes from a lot of different sources to make this guide.

    What is a Ghost/Shadow Mute?
    I'll grab this from a different website because it explains the phenomenon nicely: "When playing on a Minecraft bedrock server, you can get muted by the server itself. This means if you go to a different server, you'll be able to talk again. A shadow mute is different, in that rather than the server muting you, Microsoft themselves mute you. When you get shadow muted, it's game-wide. It means you're muted on EVERY server."

    To summarize, this is a mute applied to your Microsoft account by Microsoft itself, it did not happen because you broke any rules on Mineplex and unfortunately Mineplex cannot directly help you in removing the mute. I am making this thread because many players notice the issue while they are on Mineplex so they assume it has something to do with our server, when that is in fact not the case at all.

    This is only possible on the Bedrock version of Mineplex. If you play Mineplex through our Java server, none of the information in this thread will be applicable to your Java account. Bedrock refers to the version of Minecraft played on the following devices: Android, iOS, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Fire OS, Windows 10 Mobile

    Signs You May Be Ghost Muted

    A ghost mute means that when you attempt to communicate with other players using your account, your messages will not be successfully sent. You may type and send something in chat, but nobody else on the server is able to see what you have written.

    The best way to test whether you are ghost muted is to send a message in chat, then send the same message again soon after. If you get a message that says "This message is too similar to your previous message" it means the server recognized your chat and filtered it through the spam filter. If you get this message, you are good to go. However, if you do this and the messages seem to go through on your end, it means they're not actually being sent to the server, therefore not detected by the spam filter, which means you are ghost muted.

    Additionally, this affects the renaming systems on Mineplex. If you are attempting to rename anything from a housing plot to a pet and you get an error message saying something like "You may not use this name as it contains vulgarity" (Not sure what the actual message says) when you are absolutely positive your proposed name is innocent, this is a characteristic of a ghost mute. You can test easy words like "dog" or "pie" if you're not able to rename something. If short simple things like that are returning error messages stating the reason is vulgarity, you are unfortunately ghost muted.

    Possible Resolutions
    Now that I've outlined what a ghost mute is and how to identify one, let's jump into the meat of the thread, the possible solutions.
    It's finally time to shoutout the awesome thread from @FarlandDuck and his suggestions for resolving ghost mutes. They will be pasted in the list of solutions to try! See his original thread here.

    I'm going to summarize the different strategies first so you can quickly see which ones you may have already tried, and look for possible resolutions you haven't tried. Number one has had the most success by players on our server, so I would recommend trying these resolutions in order.

    1. Sending every character on your keyboard
    2. Spamming a period "."
    3. Sending numbers in order
    4. Sign out and back in
    5. Change your settings
    6. Contact Microsoft

    1. Sending every character on your keyboard
    2. Spamming a period "."
    3. Sending numbers in order
    4. Sign out and back in
    5. Change your settings
    6 Contact Microsoft
    Luckily, I have not had the chance to test any of these resolutions as I have not been ghost muted as of yet. Based on the thread by FarlandDuck, number one on this list seems to have helped many players of Mineplex specifically.

    The purpose of this thread is to be a quick reference for questions about ghost/shadow mutes on our Bedrock server. I have outlined what a ghost mute is, how to tell if you are ghost muted, and provided 6 possible fixes from multiple sources across the internet. I would like to reiterate that Mineplex cannot help with this problem as it is "above our heads" so to speak, in that Microsoft, the owner of Minecraft, applied this type of mute to your Microsoft account. This can be a bug and most of the time it happens randomly. I do apologize for the way this problem may have affected your time on Mineplex, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a resolution!
    Posted Sep 8, 2019
  2. Hey,

    Wow, thank you so much for making a very in-depth, informative, yet easy to read and understand thread regarding Ghost Mutes. I don't play on Bedrock Mineplex much, but I have started playing it more recently, and I am glad I came across this thread because now I know more about Ghost Mutes and how to fix them if it happens to me or others sometime done the track. I will be sure to direct players to this handy guide when they're unsure what a Ghost Mute is, why they may have it, and how to fix it. Thanks again! :)
    Posted Sep 9, 2019
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  3. Thankfully, I have not run into the problem of being shadow/ghost muted as of yet but I think this is a good summary of @FarlandDuck's solutions while also going into detail about what a shadow/ghost mutes are, some signs and why they occur. Extremely handy to say the least and definitely something to include in the teaching of new bedrock staff members!
    Posted Sep 9, 2019
  4. I've been playing on the Bedrock server, and I never had ghost muted in the first place. I'm so glad you created a helpful and informative thread as this will help lots of Bedrock players who were having trouble talking in chat. I love the resolution guide to identify the ghost mute issues too. I have bookmarked your thread so that I can look back for reference.

    Overall, that's an excellent thread you have, Dul! :D
    Posted Sep 10, 2019
  5. I'm pleased to see that I've been able to help lots of people, I like how this turns my wall of text into a neatly formatted guide : >
    Posted Sep 23, 2019
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