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Get Weekend Brawl Games Through Immortal Loyalty Shop

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Young_Inventor, Aug 10, 2020.


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  3. No

  1. This idea is very simple. The code for 3 Weekend Brawl games still exist. These are OP Survival Games, OP Skywars, and Lucky Bridges. I think you should be able to get these games in your MPS or MCS using Immortal Loyalty shop points.
    Posted Aug 10, 2020
  2. Hey!

    Thank you for suggesting this idea!

    My one concern with this is the idea that Immortal points are being spread too thin. I remember someone saying that to get all Immortal point rewards (leaving out Immortal gifting and the gadgets) that'd it'd take 4 years to get enough points. I don't know if adding more to it is the best move when considering this thought, especially if we consistently bring more and more removed/exclusive games to be unlockable.

    However, from an overall point of view, I remember the popularity of certain brawl modes such as that of OP bridges, and I feel as though having it accessible in some means does make a lot of sense (given that the game code still exists? I'm not sure, but you seem fairly confident on it :o). We do need to consider the number of players necessary for these games - SG, BR, and SW are all games that require a good amount of people as opposed to seasonal games like HH and CC II. I'm not denying that such a game would probably be fairly attractive when advertising MPS's, but overall player count should be considered.

    Given these two points, I'm still mostly in favor of this idea. I think it would be fairly fun for a good majority of players to experience these game modes that were undeniably fun in the past. For this, I'll give this a +0.5 in acknowledgment to some of the concerns that I mentioned.

    Please let me know if you have any questions/comments!
    Thank you for putting this thread together ^-^
    ~ Bobert / Erik

    UPDATE: It's come to my attention that the only brawl games with game code still are OP Bridges, CW Sugar Rush and OP SG. My response still applies for these three, however.
    Posted Aug 10, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 10, 2020
    Young_Inventor likes this.
  3. Hello!

    At first, you are actually incorrect with sub-modes (old Brawl modes) list which we currently still have for some game, and they are OP Bridges, CW Sugar Rush and OP SG. Old Weekend Brawl game doesn't exist anymore for a long time already, since like 2018. They currently work as another mode for the game on which they are based, so we have an ability to set them during events but only using a command, and they aren't displaying in the /menu with anyway.

    An idea about including these old modes for games to the Immortal shop was something which has been mentioned when we were doing Immortal Shop update but it wasn't implemented with that. The reason for that maybe that it was complicated to do (however, I didn't check if it's exactly like that) since currently, it doesn't work like any other normal games (including which we already have Immortal shop) because these modes are like a separate game but it's connected to the game on which it's based. It's probably possible to get them to display in the menu but that's most likely not needed to do plus I will agree with what Erik said above. I'm not exactly sure if it's really that complicated to do but I'm assuming it is.

    We kinda already got an ability in the Immortal shop to have OP games which is in the way of /ig (give command). We have that already without needing a special mode for that, so once the game started, you can just use that to give several items at once (that command offers such feature) and you will get the same thing as in these already existed sub-modes.

    So, overall, I will give -1 to that since we don't need that because there is alternative to that already and also, I won't forget a thing that it might be complicated for the implementation. Anyway, thanks for the idea.
    Posted Aug 10, 2020

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