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General Server and Minestrike Question

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by IrakoWolfbaen, Jun 23, 2021.

  1. Hello, community. This post contains my question about the general state of the server and my game, as well as my notes on what I think should have been done 4 years ago but could still be implemented now.

    I think every player that has played this game knows me. I am IrakoWolfbaen, or Joshua if you care. I have been playing MC for a little over 6 years now, I think I've been playing Minestrike for close to 5. I've put in 130.9 days in on my main account and 49.6 days on my alt, totaling around 4,332 hours on just Mineplex with easily 10,000 sunk into the MC across other servers and other games that I play just to improve at MS and as you can imagine with all this time I have made immense irl sacrifices just to play Minecraft CS:GO on our beloved server.

    Now, time to trash talk MP, as, hopefully obviously, on a server I have 4500 hours in I desperately hate it from the bottom of my soul and only wish for its destruction with my hateful comments and am not looking for actual change. For just a little bit more backstory on this post: I was making a report for mnmidget22, and I just got carried away in the Optional comments section. I know, a report section on a Minecraft server is a great place for a 21-year-old man to freak out in. So here goes nothing.

    Your server is dying (an objective statement) yet no rational actions are being taken against this. Why? You have broken games and blatant cheaters running rampant as well as a healthy dose of Lagplex every minute. Players like me who know what the server used to be like have been force d to just sit back and watching it die slowly.

    Uh. That is my main question I suppose. Not as long as I thought it would be 'why game bad when game used be good'. For the 2nd part of that question I want someone to put their fingers on a keyboard and give me some answers.
    Why haven't actions been taken. Listen, actual statistics time. You have 1000 players on peak hours right now. A single active mod, let’s assume 5 hours a day, could easily get 6 bans an hour, 10 minutes a piece for a recording and a official report (or even better just a 180 ban with a 'forrealzkid?'), and although a closet might be difficult to ban they're not close to the main problem right now. At that rate, 30 bans a day, the server would clean up in a few weeks (even if most players just closeted harder it would literally be better) and the general opinion of the server would easily shift to being much more positive. A. Single. Mod. With efficient banning power. Could turn around the server. Do you genuinely think, does literally anyone think, that implementing this would result in an overall decrease player count? And hey, I believe anything you do professionally should be geared towards profit so: Would an increase player count result in increased revenue? Do you like the monies? I personally like the monies.
    Additionally, stop it with the expiration date on /report. Like, the player is still cheating, why is the report going away? Deal with your problems.
    I'd also suggest IP banning repeat offenders with incremental punishments. Oh boy, the horror of uh idk. Something. Yeah, why don't you IP ban again? These players don’t respect the community. They violate the golden rule every second that they are allowed to stay connected with the server. Why are they allowed to stay when their negative effect results in a worse experience for the general player? What is the real argument against IP banning? Their mains getting banned? Loss of overall profit to the server? A, They cheated. That makes their main a cheater and cheaters shouldn’t be allowed on my server. B, although the though process of potential profit off of the cheaters is correct, the cheaters are the main reason that normal players have to not play. Does that make sense. Keeping 10 cheaters isn’t worth the 500 players that you lose. I am not requesting IP bans for average offenders. I am not requesting permanent IP bans. I am requesting a method that will keep these kids who “bought like 30 alts for 5 cents” away from my game. An increment of 60 days would do. And yes, I’ve heard that it could affect siblings. That’s why I think on the ban screen it should provide a link to reason of ban so the cheater can get their butt kicked. It’ll be the easiest and least painful way that they learn that lesson.

    I genuinely believe that these simple changes would revolutionize the player count within three months. I honestly believe that if MP showed that they actually cared for their player base by implementing these changes, the general consensus of the community will shift and players will start coming back. This is literally the time to do it. Just look at HP’s growth if you need motivation. As far as personal risk goes, please IP ban me if these changes are implemented and result in a lower player count and/or decreased revenue. That's all I can personally lose.

    So, that's my rational response to the situation. My emotional response included too much swearing and blasphemies for me to post on a Christian Minecraft server. I don't really care who sees this or what you think, I think I just needed to get the years of confusion towards MP out of my system. I'm not an emotional person, but from the bottom of my heart I beg Mineplex to implement these changes. I love this server and my game and I hate the complete apathetic mess it's become.

    I'll probably check on this post for a week and I'll happily respond to any comments in that time frame. Until then, pce.
    Posted Jun 23, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 23, 2021
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  2. There's a post like this every week it seems...
    Posted Jun 23, 2021
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  3. I believe it. I'm not really active on the forums normally so I wouldn't really know. If the problem is being clearly addressed in the other posts then I'm not really sure why there hasn't been change yet.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 23, 2021
  4. Hey,

    A common misunderstanding I see way too often. Trainees, Moderators, and Sr. Moderators are volunteer jobs on Mineplex. People tend to have it slip their minds that staff members have lives outside of Mineplex and can't be on 24/7 to just punish players that are breaking the rules. They like to play games and socialize with the community and aren't just here to punish players. I strongly suggest utilizing the in-game, and forum reports as a way to have players dealt with fast when there aren't any staff members available for assistance with a player who is breaking the rules.

    Currently, Mineplex Trainees and Moderators do not have permission to punish closet cheaters. Only QA (or Quality Assurance Members) can punish players because they have access to private GWEN logs.

    The head developer, AlexTheCoder, has shared with the community that he is going to be hiring developers soon, so I suggest you take a look at the forums every once and a while to see if there are any updates on devs. Also, I'm not totally sure if you are referring to as of recent with the server being laggy because a huge DDOS attack on the main host is going to cause some lag issues. As of right now, Mineplex hasn't been laggy whatsoever for me and other players so It could be an issue with the version of Minecraft you are playing on or even wifi issues.

    In-game reports are mainly used for Chat Offences. Hacking/cheating-related reports in-game tend to be overlooked for reasons. I suggest you report hacking/cheating offences on the forums as they tend to get dealt with extremely fast (or at least within 3-4 minutes). Note: Closet cheating reports tend to take longer than normal forum reports because they are sent to QA for further investigation.

    You can access player reports here: Player Report | Mineplex

    This is something I strongly agree with. IP banning a player does way more than just Network banning a player. Yes, the players can use a VPN to come back and do the exact same thing that they did before. I'm sure Mineplex has some sort of system for VPN protection on the server and if they don't, I hope they will be in the near future if they are going to allow IP bans instead of Network bans.

    Have a nice day,

    Posted Jun 23, 2021
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  5. Hey, so I've moved this thread to the Server Discussion section. Whilst you do briefly touch on Minestrike, I feel it addressed more server wide issues and would be better suited there.

    Whilst we do have a large staff team already, it is true that we are all volunteers and can't always be on. I will be the first to admit that there isn't enough manpower to effectively moderate and ban all the hackers all of the time, but that's where forum reports are important as they can be reviewed at a later stage when staff are one. If you /report a hacker in-game during a time where little to no mods are on then by the time it gets seen the hacker has already left a lot of the time, hence why the reports expire. Some reports also expire due to the fact that they are reports for hacks that normal staff can't punish for (such as Reach). We try our best as staff but there will always be holes in the system and we can only apologise for that.

    /reports are most ideal for chat offences as we can resolve these even if they player goes offline, so these types of report tend to get answered consistently and rarely expire. Gameplay reports are similar to hacking reports in that if a staff member doesn't handle the report before the player leaves then there's nothing we can do except hope they come back online. Thus, forum reporting is much better option, I understand it can be time consuming and quite a hassle it's the most sure-fire way to get a hacker banned during quieter periods when less mods are on (we are only human, we do need to sleep and go to school hence why there are times when nobody is on).

    Whilst some staff ban more hackers than others, we are all expected to help out with this and if you feel that a staff member may be neglecting such duties you can always report them to their mentor (if trainee or mod only), team leader or through a ticket.

    As for IP bans, this has been much debated in the past and has been a rejected idea for a long while now, I won't repeat what they all said but I shall link a few below:

    Hopefully I could shed a little bit of light from a staff's point of view. Thank you for the suggestions, I do agree that if the issues you've listed above were addressed we might be able to pull the player count back up. But my personal philosophy on the matter is that if it was an easy fix, it would have been done by now as nobody here wants to see the server die.
    Posted Jun 23, 2021
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  6. One of the reasons for hacking/cheating-related offenses is overlooked is due to the soul fact of evidence. Mineplex staff members need to have sufficient evidence to warrant punishment for the user. Most of the time players will have logged off or whatever the case may be and they can't really do anything about the report if they can't see the player breaking the rules. Also, If the player already gets punished by another staff member or GWEN, the report will be marked as expired as well.

    GWEN v2 is in development as we speak. There is no word on when there will be an update for GWEN but all we know is that there will be one soon.

    Regarding the Mod situation:

    Moderators can't be in 2 places at once, they have a job that keeps them busy when warranting a punishment for a user. This is where the forum reports come into play in a huge way. There are tons of Reports Patrols on Mineplex, and as I said before if the cheaters are blatantly cheating, they get punished for their actions almost immediately (speaking from experience).
    Posted Jun 23, 2021

  7. First off, thank you for responding. I'm happy to see that moderators are active on here.

    I'd still strongly recommend not letting reports expire. I'm not sure if this is in place, but a system that pings staff whenever a player who isn't cleared for cheating logs on to the server would/should suffice. But understand from my POV that I've reported players, had the reports expire, and logged on to see them continual to blatantly cheat. It's been exhausting. And to be a little brutal, I really don't think MP has made sufficient effort here.

    As far as IP banning goes, I can agree to those arguments. But that just makes the current system, at least in my eyes, a bit worse because of its ineffectiveness.

    You do make a lot of sense, though. I personally don't normally use the forums, so in all reality many of my personal issues here very well might be on me and I really can't state that strongly enough. I'll definitely going to look into this more.

    Thank you again
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 23, 2021
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  8. Just for confirmation on the VPN as of right now it seems that they do have an anti-VPN system as have attempted to login on a VPN in the past and the system stopped me.

    As far as utilizing the in-game report system goes, I've probably submitted close to 200-300ish reports of which maybe 10 had any response at all. It's definitely a valid point that it's easier for the reporting system to punish chat offenses just due to their nature.

    But overall essentially the system needs to change. I think that the majority of games, and I mean probably 60% or more, at this point have BLATANT cheaters in them that almost always go unpunished. I can't understand how that's allowed and by allowed I mean how there aren't countermeasures in place that are sufficient to punish the cheaters (or in other words that cheating IS allowed because it isn't punished regularly enough to matter). The current mod system isn't enough. And note that these are blatant cheaters. I can't really imagine a system that would be good enough to counter all the closets, at least not for a while.

    And MP do be laggy tho. Number IP and clans.mineplex.com do help, but for myself and most of the players I play with lag is extremely regularly an issue and has been since well before the ddos attacks, but I should have clarified that they weren't the main contributor to this so thank you for pointing that out.

    I wasn't aware that devs were actively being hired, so that's refreshing.

    Thank you for commenting on the post! I genuinely appreciate your input here :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 23, 2021
  9. Crossing my fingers that I formatted this right.

    I currently believe that the staff aren't hard enough on most cheaters. This is a bit difficult to really state with any authority. As a experienced player, to me it's incredibly obvious when someone is cheating, and in my eyes that's enough to ban without a second thought. But with staff I'm sure it's more complicated than that, however I can only say what I see.

    Keep me posted :P

    In my experience, there are often staff on when cheaters are going unpunished. The player base isn't big enough for there not to be available staff that can instantly punish the most blatant offenders in a matter of seconds. I guess that's what the forums are for, but on any other game and in any other server it seems to be handled more rapidly.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 23, 2021
  10. Moderators can only be as harsh as they are allowed to be. There are certain rules and guidelines that they must follow and they can't really do anything about that, as Dean (Head of Staff), and Toki (Staff Management Admin) have the say in how the staff team functions and what the guidelines are.

    There isn't much I can keep you posted on as I know much as you at this point. There isn't too much information given to the public about the anti-cheat until the update finally comes out. The only thing I can really suggest is to be active on the forums, just check around the News and Announcements tab on the forums to see if there are any new updates on GWEN v2.

    (You can access it here: News and Announcements | Mineplex)

    Like I said before, the staff members like to do other things than just punish players for hours on end. Moderators do a lot more than just punishing players. Some of which, have sub-teams that they are on and they have to do their job on the sub-team and may not be able to moderate as often as they once did before. If you want to apply for Trainee to maybe help this situation, please refer to these threads first as both will give you lots of information on how to apply and what the process is like.

    - Official - Becoming a Trainee [Java & Bedrock] | Mineplex
    - Official - Becoming a Trainee 2: Train Harder | Mineplex
    Posted Jun 23, 2021
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  11. About IP bans.
    Sure, they can ban hackers more effectively than network bans.
    But what about other people?
    If done in a public place, you can't really IP ban them, as you could effect other people more than them. Additionally, there's also the fact that one person could get IP banned, and everyone else living in the same house would also be banned.
    Edit: oopd yeah you already talked about the sibling thing, but I think the public thing is a valid point
    Posted Jun 23, 2021
  12. It would have to be case by case if ever implemented and should only be used in extremes. I simply think it would be necessary with some of the characters that frequent MP, but the points against IP banning are still valid and should be taken into consideration when an IP ban becomes clearly the best way of dealing with very specific individuals
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 24, 2021
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