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General Rudeness shouldn't be something to get muted over.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Blastronaut, Jan 12, 2021.

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  1. Probably one of the dumbest things I've ever seen playing Mineplex is getting muted over something I say because it hurt someone's feelings, even if it doesn't have swear words in it. They need to get a grip. Muting someone over being rude is essentially communism. You share your opinion in communist china, you get taken away by the government. You talk bad about Kim Jong Un in North Korea, you probably get executed. Same thing for this server. Trash talking is a part of gaming, and you just have to put up with it. It's bad enough that this server has a chat filter to censor out cuss words, but muting me over saying something to get the message across to someone that I don't like them is unacceptable. Until the server changes back to the way it originally was, Mineplex will never have my full respect and neither will the people that I play against. Quit being a bunch of pansies.
    Posted Jan 12, 2021
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  2. I hear what your saying but I disagree, Being rude is something to be muted over, None wants to have someone be rude at them
    Gets a -1 from me
    Posted Jan 12, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 12, 2021
  3. If you wanna tell someone you don’t like them do it in a respectful way- there’s no reason for people to be going around being toxic and hateful whenever they want? Not sure why Mineplex would ever consider promoting that. I know if Mineplex implemented this change, I, alongside many of the people I know would leave the server entirely, because no one should be forced to be around constant toxicity. It’s incredibly rude to insult someone and hurt their feelings because of an opinion you have. If it’s rude, don’t say it, and you won’t get punished. There are definitely polite ways you can tell someone you don’t like them, so please don’t try to say it’s not possible or anything like that.

    TLDR; -1, as the issue you’re describing can easily be avoided.

    Also this is a block game...don’t think it’s really all that necessary to compare it to China and North Korea.
    Posted Jan 12, 2021
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  4. Everyone already said it. It’s a block game for all ages, don’t be toxic over it. -10
    Posted Jan 12, 2021
  5. I understand your frustrations. If you disagree with your punishment, then you can appeal it here. However, as people have said above me, you shouldn't be rude to people intentionally. And if I understand correctly, Mineplex doesn't mute you until you have multiple offenses. So you have probably gotten warnings in the past, and I disagree with taking away mutes for being rude. If you continue to ignore the warnings, then clearly further action needs to be taken. No offense or anything but some people on Mineplex are already toxic enough and taking away mutes would make the problem way worse.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
  6. Hey,
    These rules are in place for a certain reason, to protect people that have the opposite opinion of you. Mineplex wants to be projected as a everyone can play server and not a toxic place to be. But I do think that general rudeness should be 2 warnings until you actually get a mute for general rudeness. There are also little kids that play this. If little kids were to come onto the server and experience getting trash talked its just not a fun experience and they should be having a fun time on mineplex.

    its a -1 from me because the punishment still needs to be in place because you should still be punished for being rude to other players in the community.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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  7. Minecraft is inherently a kids game whether you want to agree or not, even if Mineplex itself has more of an older audience. Thus, to be cognizant of all ages, we do not allow overt rudeness on the server. There is absolutely no reason to be rude to anyone for any reason, especially over a block game, as others have rightfully stated. This is not communism - simply us doing our best to ensure a safe environment. Removing said rule would result in many toxic individuals getting away with hurting other people's feelings in ways that could cause other issues - and Mineplex will never, ever, promote that. It is easy to be a keyboard warrior behind the screen and be rude to others - but the way it can affect someone mentally is rarely ever thought about afterwards. We take Mental Health extremely seriously, and will always promote a safe and friendly environment no matter what.

    This is NOT communism. You agree to abide by the rules when you join the server. If you don't wish to be subject to the rules, you are not being forced to play the server either, so I don't see how this is anywhere close to the examples you gave in your post. This rule will not change, and even if I am not a rules committee member, I know that it won't for sure.

    Thank you for your opinion.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
  8. Although I do agree that SOME punishments need to be reevaluated, I don't think comparing the server to communism is a good analogy. I've written some threads about a similar topic in the past. If you said something that legitimately hurt someone's feelings then yeah I think a punishment is deserved. However I disagree with most severity 1 punishments and think common sayings shouldn't be punishable (acronyms, loser/easy, etc) because yeah. People in the video game should learn to deal with these comments but not to the extent that you described above.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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  9. Just because being rude is a part of gaming, it doesn't mean we at Mineplex need to or should tolerate it and in my opinion, that isn't a very strong argument for us to justify changing our rules all of a sudden. You're welcome to appeal your punishments if you feel they are unjust in accordance with the current rules we have in place but I will say that acceptance of all our rules is is mandatory, you can't simply choose to disregard the ones that you feel are bogus. Comparing our rules to communism is quite a stretch, any civilized society has rules and guidelines for what is acceptable and what is not. Getting to swear and be rude to whoever you want whenever you want just simply isn't a reality, especially once you make it into the workforce.

    There are always alternatives for things you can say to get your points across that are just as effective, but that are also respectful. Doing this and doing this effectively is a really important skill, especially when you're working and whatnot because I can guarantee you an employer won't tolerate anyone running their mouth and being rude, regardless of the situation so I don't think it's unusual or ridiculous that Mineplex wouldn't tolerate it either.

    To conclude, Mineplex will not be removing General Rudeness and Filter Bypass from the rules, this is a server intended for all age groups and we've taken an aggressive stance where toxicity and verbal abuse towards others has no place whatsoever, regardless of whether people like it or not.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 13, 2021
  10. I feel that many others above have addressed the topic of discussion in this thread very well, however I wanted to add a couple of things and share my own personal opinion on the matter.

    First and foremost, like many other Minecraft servers, it is expected that there are rules that one must follow while playing. It’s not uncommon or unheard of when someone gets punished according to their own actions that may violate said rules. It’s something that is expected, as the rules are guidelines that set an expectation on behavior. In addition, I would like to add, (in my own personal opinion), regardless if there are/are not swear words involved in comments/remarks made against another player, it does not justify the practice of being rude to others. Words are powerful, and they may affect others in ways you may not know.

    As Look_Dan has said above, I personally feel that this is a stretch comparing our rules to communism. I have to agree that any civilized society has a set of rules and guidelines for what is and what is not acceptable behavior. Here on Mineplex, we encourage players within our community to voice their opinion, but there are expectations that are to be followed when doing so. What I’m referring to is being respectful and kind to other players while expressing that opinion. (You’re always more than welcome to share your opinion, but please do it respectfully.)

    Although this may be a “part of gaming,” as Look_Dan has expressed above, it does not mean that we should openly partake in it or condone it here on Mineplex. There is a chat filter to censor offensive language because Mineplex has and always will be a family friendly server. With there being different age groups, it is one of our primary duties as Staff members to keep the environment a safe/appropriate place for all players of all ages. As Look_dan suggested above, there are several alternatives to getting your message across without taking extreme measures. I agree when he says that this is a vital skill, especially when it is applied in the real world. There are ways to respectfully disagree with someone without being rude. Personally, I find some things are better left unsaid, however, I generally believe if you don’t have anything nice to say, why say it at all? - That may be my own personal opinion, but I know that this type of behavior is not tolerated in the real world, and it certainly will not be here on Mineplex either.

    In conclusion, I do not foresee a change in the current rules that prevent general rudeness and offensive langue here on the server. As many others have previously discussed throughout this thread, Mineplex is, and will always be a sever intended for all ages.

    I will be locking the thread, as I feel that the thread has been addressed and it does not overall encourage constructive discussion. If you have any further questions and/or concerns feel free to reach out to me!

    -Thread Locked - Thread Addressed-
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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