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Gems To Shards

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by TheRealSans, Aug 14, 2022.


good or bad idea

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  1. heres an idea you culd trade 10 gems for one shard at carl the creeper so 100 gems wuld = 1 shards heres the list
    1 gem = 0.01 shards
    10 gems = 0.1 shard
    100 gems = 1 shards
    1,000 gems = 10 shards
    10,000 gems = 100 shards
    100,000 gems = 1,000 shards
    1,000,000 gems = 10,000 shards
    also with ranks it shuld be cheeper how cheep depends on the rank

    note: the 1 gem = 0.01 shards is just to give you the idea that gems = 0.01 shards
    this is v 1.1 of this idea and i will change it depending on other ideas
    and also this culd be a thing that everyone or just ranked ppl can acsess
    and if it is a thing everyone can acsees than when ppl are ranked they culd get a discount on the price like insted of 1 gem = 0.01 shards it culd be 1 gem = 0.1 shards or mabey with vip+ 1 gem = 1 shard
    although if that was added mabey ppl wuld get alot more ranks.
    Posted Aug 14, 2022,
    Last edited Aug 14, 2022
  2. -Thread Moved to Bedrock Ideas-

    Hi there @Dubstepmakerelite! I went ahead and moved your thread from the Help Subforum to Bedrock Ideas since this was an idea suggestion for Bedrock. On Java we actually have a Gems to Shard feature that is exclusive to only Immortals. Essentially as an Immortal (our monthly subscription rank/our version of VIP+), each month you accumulate Immortal Shop Points that you can spend in our in-game Immortal Shop. I would love to see this feature, along with other many Immortal features (that are feasible) moved over to Bedrock. Gems to Shards would be possible for sure and I hope to see VIP+ expanded on as a monthly subscription rank. Maybe they could implement a point system like we have on Java where if maintain your subscription you get more points each month and could buy exclusive cosmetics/features in a VIP+ shop. With the rank being such a recent release, I'm sure there are lots of plans for it! I generally like this idea suggestion, I'm just not sure on the ratio examples in which you have listed. I'm for sure interested in what others may have to say regarding your idea suggestion!
    Posted Aug 14, 2022
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  3. If Bedrock is anything like Java, then beyond a certain point, gems don't have much use. So converting them into something useful is a good idea, in my opinion.
    However, a circumstance of making this too easy is the probable decrease in revenue from ranks, since this would conflict with the point of buying a rank, in a way. Ranks are already a way to get shards/cosmetics in an easier way. Having an alternative that's free means less revenue, which Mineplex needs.
    This could be solved with a decent exchange rate though, I feel that your proposal is too easy. Something that seems harder, like 100 gems = 1 shard may be more meritable. Sure, you'd have to play a lot to potentially get anything worth the effort, which is the point. Overall player count would increase perhaps - a positive. If it's too much effort, people will still buy a rank anyway as it's clearly easier to do that.
    Posted Aug 14, 2022
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  4. ok so your saying that 1 gem = 0.01 shards that sounds about right i have 10,000+ gems and (if this was added as a rank only feature) i wuld get 100= shards though if it was a rank only feature then that may make players want to get ranks much more.

    this is an updated list as i got feed back heres the idea
    1 gem = 0.01 shards
    10 gems = 0.1 shards
    100 gems = 1 shard
    1,000 gems = 10 shards
    10,000 gems = 100 shards
    100,000 gems = 1,000 shards
    1,000,000 gems = 10,000 shards
    note: this culd be the only one that everyone and/or ranked ppl can acssase
    and also this culd be an chart ONLY for ppl that are not ranked and when you are ranked it changes from
    1 gem = 0.01 shards to 1 gem = 0.1 shards please note that this is only an idea and not a reqest although it wuld be great to see it happen.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 14, 2022,
    Last edited by a Moderator Aug 15, 2022
  5. I'm fine with this idea, but for it to work, there needs to be a lot more cosmetics added to the crates. Compared to java there is very little, and for about a year I have had every cosmetic, and still have over 600,000 shards and nearly 30 royal crates from monthly bonus. All of this stuff yet nothing to spend it on, really sad. I was hoping that maybe one day there can be certain titles that players can unlock above their head like in java, as well as custom names for weapons, but I'm not sure if we will ever get anything like that as we haven't had a content update in over a year.
    Posted Aug 14, 2022
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  6. The conversion ratio is 10 gems to 1 shard with the Java Immortal one.
    Posted Aug 14, 2022
  7. I would be ok with this happening but after a point you have bought every kit so you don’t need gems and once you have most/all the cosmetics you want you don’t need shards
    Posted Aug 14, 2022

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