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Games are ***

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by Mack Jack13, Dec 2, 2021.

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  1. How about you add a anti cheat bc im tired of watching people flat around or having Indians knock back or even not needing to look at you to hit you like common fix the things that need fixed!!! And your report system is really bad like reallllllyyyyyyy bad
    Posted Dec 2, 2021
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  2. Hey, sorry to hear you are experiencing hackers within your games. I can assure you that the Bedrock platform does indeed have an anti-cheat, but with any anti-cheat comes bypasses and issues that it can't quite always pick up on. It requires a lot of Developer manpower and time to fix these things and right now we are fairly low on Developers, so alterations/updates can be a bit delayed. With that said, it is best to be patient and hopefully we can see some changes in the near future.

    I know hackers have become a big issue, and as far as I'm aware there are plans to incorporate an in-game reporting feature which I think would help tremendously once it is added. For now though, I suggest working with the reporting features that we do have available. The first being our website, you can create reports at mineplex.com/reports, before doing so I highly recommend reading over our Reporting Guide as it details how to properly make a report. You're also welcome to join the Discord at discord.mineplex.com and report users through our #report-players channel. From there a Moderator can look at your report and handle it if they are available.

    Seeing as though this thread does not promote positive discussion, and your concern has been addressed, I'll go ahead and lock this thread. In the future if you have any ideas in regard to helping the issues you mentioned above, feel free to make a new thread stating these ideas in a positive, constructive manner. If you have any further questions feel free to message me or another staff member found here!
    Thread Locked -- Concern Addressed.
    Posted Dec 2, 2021
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