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Gameplay Trolling: Teaming in BH

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by crazygeek516, May 1, 2021.


Should the Gameplay Trolling rule be refined for BH?

  1. Yes, as described in the post.

  2. Yes, but with further refinement than the post provides.

  3. No, the rule is fine as is.

  4. No, but something else needs to be done.

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. This thread is similar to one by Jaek, found here: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/teaming-in-block-hunt.192633/

    Currently, Gameplay Trolling includes "preventing team-mates from succeeding in the game by hindering your team." This rule is important, as teaming can be quite annoying for new players. However, in the context of Block Hunt, this rule is problematic. The rule should not be removed from BH, but "hindering your team" needs to be better defined.

    Unlike many Mineplex game modes, BH has a "culture" of teaming, even among new players and "randoms." New players who die often do not want to kill the people they were hiding with, especially when a "chicken gang" forms. Most sweats wish to hide and don't see the purpose of taking a win away from their friends. People who die generally do not want to hunt. This means that the rule can currently be used to get anyone easily banned, so people report whoever they hate while breaking the rule themselves.

    After a Hider dies, they essentially have four options: hunting properly, running around the map, staying afk in Hunter spawn, or quitting. Due to the reasons above, people generally do not choose to hunt properly after dying. It is not punishable to quit or stay afk in Hunter spawn, as neither actively hinders the Hunter team. However, running around frequently lets you get reported for this rule. If you see a Hider, but refuse to kill them, you can get banned. However, you could have simply quit or stayed afk to not risk getting banned. Running around the map and finding hiders without killing them is effectively the same as staying afk in Hunter spawn: you do not provide any benefit to your team, and the only drawback is that you have the potential to keep the team ratio high enough to not get someone moved. As such, mercying hiders should not be punishable. People should be allowed to find Hiders without killing them, including if they use /taunt on them, due to this reasoning.

    Additionally, this rule should only apply to Hunters. As a Hider, your one goal is to survive. This means that not killing Hunters can be to your benefit, as killing Hunters generally exposes where you are hiding, and many Hunters adopt an "If you hit me, I'll kill you" playstyle.

    This rule should only apply to BH in the following contexts:
    • Blocking teammates from hitting or shooting Hiders, such as by standing inside them or between them and the Hunter hitting/shooting them.
    • Purposefully giving Hiders hyper axe by walking up to them to let them shoot you.
    • Helping Hiders map exploit, such as by opening up "exploit spots" with TNT.
    Although the intent of this rule is good, its implementation needs improvement in the context of BH.

    EDIT: See the discussion below for reasoning for the further refinements made to the list.
    These refinements are:

    This rule should only apply to Hunters.
    This rule should only apply to BH in the following contexts:
    • Blocking teammates from hitting or shooting Hiders, such as by standing inside them or between them and the Hunter hitting/shooting them.
    • Helping Hiders map exploit, such as by opening up "exploit spots" with TNT.
    • Purposefully letting Hiders attack you without attacking back when it is clear where the attack is coming from, you are not AFK, and you are not preoccupied with another target. This includes purposefully letting Hiders shoot you to upgrade their axe (with the same conditions applying).
    • Actively discouraging your team from checking an area, such as by saying that no Hiders are in a specific area (or that none are near you).
    The reason this rule should only apply to Hunters is that Hiders have no control over what a Hunter does. If one walks up to give them hyper, the nametag can give the location away, so quickly getting Hyper and killing them is in the Hider's best interest. Of course, having a Hunter let you farm them can still fall under the stat boosting rule. It should simply not fall under Gameplay Trolling, as it should need a higher standard of evidence.
    Posted May 1, 2021,
    Last edited May 17, 2021
  2. If you alter the rule so that hunters are allowed to truce with people, obviously large parties of friends are going to have a significant advantage over newer players, as newer players are going to be targeted more (since hunters are unlikely to hunt their friends) and it will led to a drastically negative experience where they are killed almost immediately and then proceed to have to hunt in a lobby where the hunters who are friends with some people on the hider team are not going to be helpful whatsoever making it extremely unfair. I don't think any BH mains who have huge connections across lobbies realize how prejudiced trucing is against the average player.

    Now I get your point that players shouldn't be banned for just running around the map trucing with their friends because parties are an integral part to Mineplex, same with not wanting to kill some of their "chicken gang" friends, etc. However, the drawbacks definitely outweigh the benefits if this specific rule were to be changed. It is extremely frustrating for everybody else in the lobby for hunter(s) who purposely team with their friends, don't play the game as intended. Compared to having a hunter being afk, (which is much more understandable), and that has systems to combat it like removing the afk person to free up a slot in the lobby and moving a hider to the hunters, having a hunter truce with certain people also doesn't have any remedies.

    If the rule were to be changed, and some features were to be added to lessen the impact of trucing and making the game more enjoyable (I don't see any on the proposal doc rn), then sure that would be fine, but until the update it wouldn't be a good idea. Keep in mind, if you are against wanting to kill certain people in the lobby, then you will always have the option to join another. And that people shouldn't blame others for reporting them for breaking the rules, when they are the ones breaking them.

    I would also like to add that the poll included in your thread, is not going to be representative of the whole BH community whatsoever
    Posted May 1, 2021
  3. This is 100% accurate I am so glad someone who actually knows what they’re talking about has commented! It is extremely difficult to get a hyper axe so these teamers will undoubtably completely ruin BH. Hunters will have no chance of ever winning if teaming is removed, so don’t listen to crazy geek as he is only trying to make hiding easier so he can make hider leaderboard!!
    Posted May 1, 2021
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  4. I think you misunderstand what I'm saying. Of course it's easy to get hyper off of a complete stranger to BH, but if you are constantly having to worry about an experienced hunter targeting you because they aren't going for their friends whatsoever, that literally falls under the general Gameplay trolling definition:

    Not sure that you have ever experienced this first hand, but it definitely isn't fun to be spawn killed by 5 chickens and just have another hunter trucing and getting away unharmed, all while doing nothing to help the situation.

    I'm glad you realize that people don't need 5000 wins to realize whether something is genuinely frustrating and unfair or not!
    Posted May 1, 2021
  5. this line hits hard at home.
    the current rule allows people to not only follow someone they hate for hours, but also target reports to the person they hate. this cultures a bad environment in the server as reporting for teaming is stupidly easy, and RP are inconsistent at best of times in reports from what I've been told.
    the rule just allows someone to be like "oh I don't like person X" and then get them banned / follow them for hours because they didn't see block Y or chicken Z. if this following for hours for this rule isn't seen as a problem I don't know what is. it fosters a hostile environment for players, which mineplex should be offering the opposite :angryyoda:
    Posted May 1, 2021
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  6. Not much would counter this regardless if the rule was more "defined" as the OP wants it. Sure, it could be more accurate, but it wouldn't stop loopholes from forming, and issues arising out of a somewhat ok rule.
    Posted May 1, 2021
  7. Don’t be shy, say names :eyes: 100% agree with what you said Dr. Flash
    Posted May 1, 2021
  8. Lol i
    Lol why would it matter if a certain hunter tries to target you? Hunters who mercy generally only spare certain people because they are friends with these players, most don't intentionally try to frustrate other players, they simply attack any player who isn't one of their friends. As for the rules impact on actual gameplay, the most important factor, If anything it actually makes it harder for hunters who are mercying their friends, as they can't see player tags and thus cannot determine who is friend and who is foe. This means they will most likely pause before attacking you if they find your hiding spot, and will also be hesitant to attack if you are being chased by hunters. Besides they would be trying to kill you regardless, thus even if teaming means its slightly easier for the hunter to specifically kill you, as they don't have to chase after the other hunters, it is also means its easier for you to outmaneuver them. For assuming your referring to lobbies where there are five or more somewhat capable hiders, for otherwise your point would be irrelevant as the impact would be insignificant, then this means there are equally less hunters you will need to worry about for the entire game, thus allowing you to move more freely around the map due to the reduction in hunter Regardless, if you can't win as a hider because hunters are targeting you then that's your fault. Get better at the game, or change your playstyle/spots so that hunters who target you don't know where to look, and thus cannot kill you.

    Getting ganked by unskilled players who have to rely on safety in numbers rather then individual skill is obviously annoying, however, teaming has no impact on them. Maybe its annoying that someone's standing there doing nothing, but as crazygeek said, 'What's the difference between hunters afking, and them mercying their friends?", either way they are going to be of no help to you. This is a gameplay issue, and IMO it stems from the ineffectiveness of the TNT kit, a kit specifically designed in order to deal with this exact circumstance, and the fact that BH is a game which has a diverse array of scenarios which would be almost impossible to balance simultaneously. If you want to fix this issue then you need to look at these components rather then teaming.

    The best hunters, and hiders almost universally support this rule change, in comparison you are a player who barely plays BH, and when you do, your gameplay is so bad that you have literally become a meme. Why would the best two hunters support a rule change which would be supposedly detrimental to hunters? You do not understand block hunt, and thus you do not understand the implications of the rule change. If you don't understand something, then stay out of the discussion and stop trying to exert your frustrations over your inability to hide effectively by opposing a rule which will have little impact on your mineplex experience.
    Posted May 1, 2021
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  9. Even with the rule, this already happens. People know where their friends hide, so they simply hunt the new players while avoiding their friends, then go AFK once no new players are left. Since they have simply "not found" their friends (as there is no proof they know where they are), this is allowed.

    I completely understand the frustration of new players when friends team. However, you need to keep in mind that the Hunters are not properly AFK. They are still at their computer and still talking in chat. They simply often remain at Hunter spawn while they do so in order to not get banned. This means that the AFK kick system effectively does not impact this rule. I am more than willing to add more systems to help address the issues to the doc, similar to the body-blocking prevention already on the doc, but forcing someone to hunt is impossible, and has to be done purely through incentives.

    If all of your friends in one lobby, you are obviously going to want to stay in that lobby. Block Hunt is unlike many Mineplex PVP games. Many people play it almost entirely for the purpose of socialization, using it as a chat room with an associated activity. I'm not blaming people for reporting others for breaking rules, but it is an issue when they do so only against people they hate rather than against everyone, especially since this rule has many flaws in the context of BH.

    No poll is ever fully representative. Polls would need every person who plays to respond to them, which never happens. A forum poll is not ideal, as many people do not have forum accounts, but it is better than a discord poll, as new players are more likely to see it. In game polls would be skewed by people voting who do not play BH (and who do not intend to no matter the results), and MP discord polls would be skewed in this way too. This discussion is more important than the poll, but the poll serves as a quick way to see a rough estimate of how liked or disliked this idea is.

    I do agree that spawnkilling is a situation that is frustrating for new players, and is a scenario in which I could see this punishment being applied. However, even this would need to be better defined, as the "teams" in Block Hunt are not proper teams, each player plays toward their own goal. Getting out of Hunter Spawn helps the Hunter go and kill other hiders. Spawn killing prevention is something we have been thinking of for a while, and I am more than willing to add something to the BH doc to prevent it, but a rule would have too many gray areas.

    I understand that people don't need 5000 wins to realize what is unfair or frustrating. New players are very important, especially in BH, as we see so many of them. However, my original post explains how there is effectively no difference between trucing (except in the 3 mentioned scenarios) and AFKing in Hunter Spawn. If one of them is allowed, the other should be too. Many new players voice frustrations specifically at these scenarios.

    Since these posts are focusing on the drawbacks of teaming to new players, I think it is only fair for me to point out the benefits, some of which a0_Oe has already mentioned.
    • When a hunter mercies a Hider, there is one less Hunter around to kill new Hiders.
    • When a hunter mercies a Hider, it is easier to keep track of the nametags to avoid.
    • When a hunter mercies a Hider, other Hunters can see their /taunt and go to their name tag to find the Hiders. This can help them learn spots.
    • When a hunter mercies a Hider, there is often a brief period where they stop to see who it is, giving new players a chance to fight back or run.
    Although most of these benefit the Hider team, it is important to note that many new players drastically prefer Hiding. They complain when they get Hunter, give hints in chat to increase the thrill of Hiding, and get excited when Hunters pass them. It is important to care about how fair the game is for a new player wanting to Hunt too, but Hunting is widely regarded as the "sweatier" of the two teams, as the needed skillset involves map memorization, pattern recognition, and prediction. It is innately going to be harder for new players to hunt than it is for them to hide. Hunting and hiding are effectively separate games, with hunting being the harder game.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 1, 2021,
    Last edited May 1, 2021
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  10. if only i could say it without punishments
    Posted May 1, 2021
  11. Here you are making two completely contradictory statements, if you are intentionally trucing with certain players in lobbies then you are also frustrating almost every other player not a part of that friend group.

    Every person that frequents BH often has means of knowing whether a certain player is a friend albeit a voice call, party chat, taunts, etc. Just because they may pause before attacking you doesn't remove the premise of them targeting everybody not in their friend group; it's still worse than regular gameplay.

    It's hard to get better at the game when every lobby is full of people trucing and targeting. Please try it out before disregarding it as a player skill issue.

    I'm saying that this rule change is going to benefit every experienced player further increasing the skill gap needed to play BH. Again I'm going to have to refer to:

    You are never going to have that experience because you as well as basically every other member who has participated in this discussion have a well defined friend group within BH that lets teaming benefit you. Why would I play BH as much when there is even more toxicity displayed in lobbies (towards people not within your well defined friend group) than you are using in this post alone.

    Yea and this should be allowed

    And I'm fine with implementing incentives as I said in my original post

    Then they should relog as spectator once they die if they want to continue socializing and allow the current hunter move system to work as intended

    Yes I agree, I honestly feel like Mineplex should add individual polls for each game lobby so it's easier to get a representative feel of what the community wants

    I'm also fine with adding something to the BH doc

    While yes there are some benefits, it isn't how the game is intended to be played and directly goes against the current implementations in place in order to somewhat balance it. And like I said before, I realize there are some benefits, but I feel that the drawbacks still outweigh them.
    Posted May 1, 2021
  12. I do not see how his statements are contradictory. The person is intentionally trucing with certain players, but this is not innately frustrating. New players get frustrated primarily when one of the situations I believe *should* be bannable happen. I have never seen a new player get frustrated over a hunter using /taunt on a friend.

    Although this trucing can be considered worse than "regular gameplay," new hiders do get an advantage because of the brief pause compared to if there were no pause at all.

    The entire purpose of my argument is to show how the two are equivalent. If one should be allowed, and the other is effectively the same, both should be allowed.

    This in itself could be considered gameplay trolling by your standard. The movement system only happens conditionally. If someone were to leave and have this condition not be triggered, the Hunter team would have lost a player, equivalent to someone leaving a 4 man team in CW. If you shouldn't be punished for leaving, you shouldn't be punished for AFKing in this context, and if you shouldn't be punished for AFKing, you shouldn't be punished for not actively hunting.

    The current rules already allow you to bypass these implementations, as my previous post explained. This suggested rule change serves to better define the rule so that people can no longer use it to target those they hate with bans when they themselves break the rule. No new bypasses are created by the change. It is currently possible to get almost any BH player banned by spectating them for a few rounds. Sometimes, this ban is also false, as there are many gray areas that could be considered trucing that are not. For instance, if a Hider runs up to an AFK Hunter, and the Hunter gets back but does not see them, you could report the Hunter for not killing the Hider right beside them. Both Hunters and Hiders alike disagree with the rule in its current state.

    I am glad to see that you agree with adding proper gameplay changes via the GI doc, but I hope that you see the changes serve to minimize the rules needed, thus minimizing gray areas and false bans.

    In summary:
    AFKing in Hunter spawn is allowed, even when you occasionally move to avoid the AFK kick (and thus avoid changing the team ratio).
    Mercying is effectively equivalent to AFKing in Hunter spawn.
    Since mercying and AFKing are effectively equivalent, mercying should be allowed.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 1, 2021
  13. just leave the game if you aren't going to play, rejoin as a spectator
    Posted May 1, 2021
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  14. what’s the benefits of doing that. please elaborate further Mr. 8400
    Posted May 1, 2021
  15. hiders don't have to hunt as they wouldn't be anyway
    Posted May 1, 2021
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  16. In an ideal world I would agree with this. However, this is unreasonable to ask due to the game and its player base (even if the request itself makes complete sense). People aren't going to /hub and rejoin every time they die. This would require them to leave any party they are in, rejoin, and get reinvited to the party. Parties frequently form due to people hopping from ESPers together. Additionally, that's a fair bit of effort compared to just staying in Hunter Spawn, especially since most sweats die only in the last few minutes of the game, and nobody wants to risk getting their friends moved.

    In addition to the above, there is a very minimal chance of one person quitting late in the game affecting the ratio enough to get someone moved at all. For instance, if there are 10 hunters left and 5 hiders, 1 hunter leaving does not cause a hider to get moved. This means that leaving has exactly the same (lack of) effect as staying AFK in spawn: nothing happens. I see no reason to not allow someone to aimlessly run around the map mercying people in this case, as it is completely equivalent to both staying AFK and leaving. People play this game to have fun, and running around the map looking for people is a way to have fun while waiting for the round to end. As long as they don't actively help the Hider team (such as through one or more of the three ways I mentioned in my post), running around does not harm the Hunter team in this scenario.

    In addition, the movement system is frustrating to new players and old players alike. If a sweat gets a new player moved by leaving, that new player almost always complains. Spectating would just trade a potential frustration for a guaranteed frustration in the few cases where someone would get moved.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 2, 2021
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  17. It's frustrating to get targeted because the hunter is trucing with half of the lobby? And then as a hunter, it's frustrating to not have one helping kill hiders properly either?

    You're making it sound like the majority of new players decide to go as chicken and hide in places only experienced players know about so that they will pause, and even then most hunters have /taunt as a keybind so there isn't any pause at all

    Sorry my bad, I mean that I prefer that afking in spawn will also be dealt with through some game updates. Citing something unbalanced in another gamemode doesn't justify that BH should also be unbalanced

    You are asking for the rule change so your friend group of the 5k+ BH wins can just grind stats easier and make it more difficult for the rest of the playerbase. How are people supposed to get better if the rule is lifted and they are now going to get targeted more frequently?

    I think you mean players who are experienced and have a lot of friends in BH? Show me one new player that wants to be targeted more often

    More updates should be added to both so they aren't allowed (not punishments) because neither make the game balanced

    Seems like only a problem for the top 1% of the BH community :shrug:

    Yes and there should be a update (whatever it may be) so that if they afk, the game will be balanced

    Yes and there's an update on the doc pointed at making it not frustrating
    Posted May 2, 2021
  18. As I mentioned previously, I have only seen new players get frustrated when one of the scenarios I specifically mentioned occur.

    Without a dedicated playerbase, games will not run. Look at Bridges, there are so few sweats left that games rarely start. If its a problem for the top 1%, even new players are affected.

    Getting moved will always be frustrating. People queue Hider with the intent to hide, not to hunt.

    These proposals are not at all about wins. I do not stand to benefit whatsoever by mercying being allowed, as all of my friends just AFK in hunter spawn and/or avoid sweat spots anyway. This would just let them run around the map instead of being bored. These proposals serve solely to minimize targeting people with bans. As the rules stand, it is very easy to report only the people you hate. People report others for breaking this rule while breaking the rule themselves. If a good hunter kills you too much, you report them and they can no longer kill you. If a good hider is winning too much, you report them and no longer have to deal with them. Even though this happens almost every game, people only ever report those who annoy them. Although it should be common courtesy to not mercy, there should not be a rule forcing you to do so. I am not asking for the rule to be lifted, I am asking for the rule to be more specific such that you cannot get someone banned unless what they are doing is actually frustrating, such as in the three instances I provided. How would you feel if you got reported every week for doing something that everybody else in the game does? You would probably feel like you were being treated unfairly, that you were hated, and that you were being targeted. No rule should allow this to happen, but as this rule stands, it does. Even the new players you are claiming to care about are harmed by this rule, as many of them refuse to kill "chicken gang." As you've said before, BH is not a hardcore game. If people can enjoy running around the maps aimlessly, they should be allowed to do so.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 2, 2021
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  19. It isn't unreasonable to ask anyone to do that at all, it's insanely easy to do. No where was it stated that a player would be forced to do it either... asking someone to do something should rarely be a burden because they have the choice. BH is an incredibly dynamic game that requires a lot of scenario-based decisions. While hiding, you have to trust that a player won't kill you in the game, that requires closer relationships and a sense of doubt depending on who it is. A similar scenario happens while hunting; it is extremely difficult/nearly impossible to predict what decision to make if you can't know if a player you see is actually searching an area and attempting to pursue a hider, if they are hiding a player, or if they are doing absolutely nothing. If frp was searching an area, I would take an assumption that I wouldn't need to search there. Other hunters have to take an educated guess as to whether they should search an area that another hunter is already searching, because the doubt is so high. This costs valuable time that is a variable which only hunters have. How would I know if a radar hunter actually searched an area thoroughly? Now of course, there are players who don't have sound on or are deaf might be an exception, but clearly less likely to be a high percentage of the player base. I just don't see how someone would not want to play and play, but have the option not to. In that case I would assume the person doesn't "not want to play" and instead has another incentive. Exp for game time? That's totally fine, and in that case, I see a requirement for maps to have closed- off hunter spawns so they can sit at spawn and get their much deserved exp. I'd rather have someone boost insignificant exp than create a more difficult game for their "own" team. I

    The statement that "Parties frequently form due to people hopping from ESPers together." doesn't seem true to me at least, since the parties are almost always formed to create insanely easy wins. Partied teams are going to win more than non-partied teams. They can effortlessly truce and communicate to their party what is happening. The statement quoted seems like a basic consequence of the party rather than the entire reason itself.

    Here is a clip of what would technically be allowed under your proposal;

    This is Stat Boosting

    Nowhere in this clip is anyone actually blocking anyones shots, because nobody is intentionally shooting them. Do they get hyper? Maybe, I didn't check the amount of arrows dealt... but isn't that technically what would have to happen? If you don't have to hunt, you don't have to do anything about the hiders shooting you for hyper. It contradicts the rule. The implication you have would mean that a hunter would be forced to attack a hider if they were attacking them; but it was stated that mercying should be allowed under your adjustment.

    The list of requirements (which I agree with) provided should have a preface which states "Including but not limited to"
    Posted May 2, 2021,
    Last edited May 2, 2021
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  20. If a person is hiding solo, I would entirely agree. The difficulty comes when parties are formed. Since this issue was about the rules and ideals, I took the idea of people doing it at face value simply to show one problem with it.

    I agree with this point. I tend to search areas away from other sweat hunters, going "off-route." However, I would like to also note that it tends to be fairly easy to know who mercies and who doesn't, especially due to the "hider lobby vs hunter lobby" nature of the game. When it comes to randoms, I notice that they tend to all check the same areas, whether or not someone else is there, so this impacts them far less than sweats. Many newer players do not radar properly, so I always assume that they could have missed something.

    The purpose of my argument was to show the equivalency of afking in hunter spawn with running around the map. Your argument does show that they are not entirely equivalent, but I still believe that the rule does more harm than good in its current form and needs some level of rework, as some people enjoy running around the map aimlessly. Due to the casual nature of the game, I do not feel like this slight difference is enough to warrant a rule preventing people from having fun in their own way after they die.

    I also agree with this point. Letting someone attack you in this way should be a listed scenario. I had excluded it due to it sometimes being unclear when it is intentional or not, but it should definitely be punishable when it is very clearly intentional, as in your video. I could also see a rule suggesting that, in cases such as that, you are required to attack back. Of course, this would have to only apply when it is clear you are not AFK, otherwise someone could get Hyper off of you after you died, resulting in a punishment.

    I would preferably like to have a comprehensive list of what is allowed or not, as gray areas are what allow targeting specific people (those one hates) with reports. If you have anything else you would like to add to the list, I am more than willing to listen.

    With this in mind, I would like to refine my proposal to:

    This rule should only apply to Hunters.
    This rule should only apply to BH in the following contexts:
    • Blocking teammates from hitting or shooting Hiders, such as by standing inside them or between them and the Hunter hitting/shooting them.
    • Helping Hiders map exploit, such as by opening up "exploit spots" with TNT.
    • Purposefully letting Hiders attack you without attacking back when it is clear where the attack is coming from, you are not AFK, and you are not preoccupied with another target. This includes purposefully letting Hiders shoot you to upgrade their axe (with the same conditions applying).
    • Actively discouraging your team from checking an area, such as by saying that no Hiders are in a specific area (or that none are near you).
    The reason this rule should only apply to Hunters is that Hiders have no control over what a Hunter does. If one walks up to give them hyper, the nametag can give the location away, so quickly getting Hyper and killing them is in the Hider's best interest. Of course, having a Hunter let you farm them can still fall under the stat boosting rule. It should simply not fall under Gameplay Trolling, as it should need a higher standard of evidence.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 2, 2021,
    Last edited May 2, 2021

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