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Game Insights - Survival Season 3 Update Proposal

Discussion in 'Survival' started by zapig, Mar 6, 2022.

  1. [​IMG]
    Hey guys,
    As some of you know, I've been the Bedrock Game Insights lead for a few months now. This doc has seen multiple leads and MANY months of meetings, but these fantastic people on Bedrock GI got it all worked out, and we're finally ready to show it to you guys. So, without further ado, here it is:

    Note: We will be resetting the map for Season 3
    Note 2: NOTHING IS CONFIRMED, this is just our proposal

    QoL Changes
    • Limit of 250 Claims per player. Will show how many claims you have in the Claim Menu
    • "New Claim" will appear as the first button
    • Add a cooldown of 5 seconds to the "You cannot build on this players land" message
    • Limit of 20 chunks per site.
    • When land is first claimed it will be outlined with Glowstone. After 5 minutes it will disappear.
    • Add /teleport <player> and add confirmation GUI on Accept or Decline
    • Players will now spawn with 5 cooked potatoes when they first join survival.
    • Reduce the rate that hunger goes down by 50%
    • Allow players to see their coordinates at all times
    • Random teleport when you tp to a survival server should EXCLUDE claimed land
    • Add a GUI warning when players are about to cross a server world border.
    Claim Interaction
    • When you walk into claimed land a message in chat will show: "This claim belongs to <player>"
    • Add /stuck to escape from claims when you are stuck, teleports you to the nearest wilderness area at ground level.
    • Disable pistons pushing blocks into foreign claims.
    • If you claim land not currently connected to another piece of your own claimed land, create a home automatically named “Claim X” (depending on what claim # it is) so that players can always get back to their claim.
    • ‘Gold’ virtual currency based
    • It will be displayed above the Hotbar in Orange Text
    Earning Gold
    • Selling to the Shop
    • Trading with Players
    • Killing players in the Battle Arena
    • Completing Achievements
    • Picking up Gold
    Losing Gold
    • Gold will drop on death. (Except in Battle Arena)
    • 4% of gold will drop. It will show as gold nuggets
    Transferring Gold
    • /pay <IGN> # (Aliases: /payment)
    • /bal (Aliases: /balance, /money)
    Trading Items
    • /trade <user>
    • Located at Server Spawns
      • ‘Ores Shop’
      • ‘Building Materials’
      • ‘Organic Produce’
      • ‘Decoration Shop’
      • ‘Combat Gear’
      • ‘Nether Items’
      • ‘End Items’
      • ‘Specialty Items’
    Battle Arena
    FFA Battle Arena
    • Users enter the arena by warping in the nether star
    • Arena Physics:
    • 100x100 Colosseum
    • Medieval Styling
    • Safe Zone & PvP Zone (small safe zone, large PVP zone)
    Entering the Battle Arena
    • Title Screen and Chat tell you "You have entered the PVP zone" or "You have entered the safe zone"
    • Disable the menu while in the PVP zone
    Combat Mode
    • If you engage in PvP, you will be put on the PvP timer for 15 seconds in which you can't leave the PvP zone
    • Upon killing a player, you will receive between 20 to 100 gold and Speed 1 for 10 seconds
    • Upon a Death, you lose 50 gold
    Kill Streaks
    • You can only keep kill streaks while in the PVP zone. Once you leave the PVP zone you will lose the Streak
    • Every X will equal 5 kills
    • Give X*10 gold bonus
    Regen bonus
    • Around the map at certain spots, golden apples will spawn
    • Walking to these will give you regeneration 1 for 10 seconds
    Survival Menu Changes
    General Changes
    • Change the command block to a Nether Star
    • Change the Item to lord be in line with the Hub Formatting
    • Make it so the menu doesn't open when you scroll over it
    Teleport to servers
    • Click to open a sub-menu that lets you select between all 16 Servers
    Manage Claims
    • Add a Trusted member to your claim who can interact with anything in your claim.
    • Remove trusted members.
    Unclaim Land
    • Clicking "Unclaim" will Teleports you in the sky with a bird’s eye view of your CURRENT claim (must be in a claim to unclaim it), puts you in a “limbo” mode (you can’t move around/move your perspective, you’re locked in your location).
    • “Delete Claim” item which you tap to delete the claim, then ends the preview & sends you back to where you were with your inventory.
    • “Cancel” item which sends you back to where you were.
    • Add /unclaim
    New Systems
    • Missions - This will allow players to earn Network Leveling XP.
    • Achievement Suggestions Form (If you have more than 3 suggestions please contact me directly on Discord at zapig#2767)
    • Public Player Warps - Players can create a public warp that will cost gold to keep.
    Claim Permissions
    • Redstone is now under Claim Permission, meaning each claim can control what Redstone does in their claim
    • Claim Ranks
    • Guest - Can only open doors
    • Builder - Guest Perms + Can break/place Blocks
    • Manager - Builder/Guest Perms + Claim Kick permissions
    • Kicking will take that player to their last home
    World Events
    Nether Event
    • To gain access to the Nether Event players must kill mobs to gain a portal token
    • Ranked Players can claim a free portal token every 3 months
    • Once a claim activates a portal token, there will be a broadcast message across that survival server saying a portal has opened up at the Marketplace
    • The Nether World Event will last 20-30 minutes
    Nether World Event Features
    Nether Fortress
    • You can find Chests with loot inside (Nether Wart and Soul), and Nether Mobs (Blaze and Wither Skeletons)
    Nether Caverns
    • Here is where you can find quartz and Glowstone. Zombie Pigmen will also spawn here
    Lava Fields
    • Magma Cubes spawn here

    End World Event
    • There will be an end portal at the marketplace. You will be required to get nine eyes of ender
    • This World event will last an hour
    End World Event Features
    Dragon Fight
    • Once the End Portal has been activated players will have 5 minutes before the Dragon Spawns
    • The End Portal will close once the fight starts but will reopen once the Dragon is dead
    End Cities
    • Players can access the End Cities after the Dragon Fight is done
    • Here is where players can gain Shulker Shells and Elytra
    • After 30 Minutes, the End Cities will be closed off and players will be taken back to the Main End Island
    Battle Arena Events
    King of the Hill
    • Players will be required to click an NPC at the Battle Arena to join this event
    • They will be given Leather Armor and a Knockback II Stick
    • Every second a player is on top of the hill they will gain a point. The first player to 250 Points will win Gold
    • This event happens every 3 to 4 hours
    • Players are given a target they must kill
    • If they kill their target they will get some gold and a new target.
    • Hitting someone who isn't a target will cause the player to lose some health and get blindness for 5 seconds
    • Last player standing wins
    Spawn Siege
    • Players will require a Siege Key which pillagers drop.
    • Players will need to defend a King that spawn in the Battle Arena
    • PvP will be disabled in the arena when this event starts
    • This will be a normal Minecraft raid
    Thanks to Bedrock GI for putting up with the endless madness concerning this document, to all the lovely people who gave their input on our design polls, and a special thanks to @GuardianInASuit for driving me up an absolute wall at every opportunity making this thread possible.
    Posted Mar 6, 2022,
    Last edited Mar 6, 2022
  2. Awesome thread Zap! I don't play survival so I can't form a well-rounded opinion on if these are good ideas in reality but as an outsider they look great! Keep up the great work GI o/
    Posted Mar 6, 2022
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  3. its here!!!
    Posted Mar 6, 2022
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  4. :0 OMG

    I guess imma start playing it when it come out!
    Posted Mar 6, 2022
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  5. Time to make Season 4!
    Posted Mar 6, 2022
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  6. Internal Screaming
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 6, 2022
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  7. I like this new concept, however I don’t really like how claims are limited to only 250, say if someone makes a gigantic base but they can’t claim any more because they ran out of claims. Other than that this sounds exciting and I would definitely join on season 3.
    Posted Mar 6, 2022
  8. Finally!! A Update for Mineplex Survival <3
    Posted Mar 6, 2022
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  9. I like all of this except for the 250 claim limit. I think 500 claims would be more reasonable, but still might not be enough for some pIayers. I like to build a lot of things in survival, and this would keep me from doing that. In my opinion, claim limits are unnecessary. I have never had trouble finding unclaimed land in all 16 servers, and I'd hate to have my claims restricted if I was getting close to the limit and wanted to build a big base like another user said above.
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
  10. Those ideas sound amazing, I'm very excited! Great job ;D
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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  11. True. It is unnecessary, because we should have the freedom to claim country's but there should be a system when a player is Inactive for a very long time that claim should be deleted.
    Posted Mar 7, 2022
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  12. Can't wait for this so much, played season 2 for years and it was some of the best times on minecraft for me.

    The only thing I don't like is being able to teleport out of peoples claims to the surface near by because that just gives people the opportunity to scout around your base or build around you when otherwise you would want to be left in peace.

    I disagree with this because I'd spend sometimes months away from mineplex because I have a lot to do in real life so to come back and find everything unclaimed would be unfair, and I'm sure you wouldn't like that either.
    Posted Mar 8, 2022,
    Last edited by a Moderator Mar 9, 2022
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  13. I kinda skimmed through this doc but it sound great from what I’ve read. It’s not survival any more. It’s an entirely different game. If that’s good or bad its yet to see. I can tell how much effort went into the proposal. Like toastie said above /stuck could be used to find vulnerabilities in bases claims. If you missed a spot it would show the person the unclaimed chunk. I don’t have a solution for that but I can see it possibly becoming a problem. I love most of this new stuff but make sure the glitches don’t carry over from season two. Look up mineplex survival on YouTube, some of the first videos are showing how to do some glitches that need fixed
    Posted Mar 8, 2022,
    Last edited Mar 9, 2022
  14. The only thing I don't like is being able to teleport out of peoples claims to the surface near by because that just gives people the opportunity to scout around your base or build around you when otherwise you would want to be left in peace.[/QUOTE]

    Yesterday I fell into a small ravine and couldn't pillar out because it was claimed, it would be nice to find a way out that didn't involve killing myself and starting from spawn all over again! plus the only signs of claim was a 4 block tall pillar of birch planks
    Posted Mar 9, 2022
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  15. This Sounds Amazing! But The 250 Limit is pretty brutal imo, because as far as i know 1 claim is 1 chunk (16 x 16) meaning we can only claim 250 chunks and that isn't a lot for many players because i know many players whos bases exceed 250 claims. Also using this video they tell us that survival has 1250 chunks and assuming that its a square 1250 x 1250 = 1562500, therefore you could easily increase the amount of chunks to 1000 because the average player count is ~500 so 1000 x 500 = 500000 meaning 1562500-500000 = 1062500. You still have over 1 million chunks left to claim!

    Edit: Forgot To Mention Thats Only For ONE server and there are 16 servers meaning over 16 million chunks left to claim! Thats pretty insane
    Posted Mar 10, 2022,
    Last edited Mar 10, 2022
  16. Well I guess it's a good thing we're not using flat worlds for survival then…

    In all seriousness, I get what you're saying, but given that we don't want new players being completely shut out of the game, we decided 250 would be a fair number given the size of the claims. However, if the need arises, we can definitely revisit that number.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 10, 2022
  17. i dont like th idea of the gold thing and the pvp but other than that it semes prity good
    Posted Mar 11, 2022
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  18. I can't imagine living without GBoxes or Gapples because all of the players in Mineplex Survival has been passing down the tradition to collect and sell GBoxes it has been rather a Ecosystem and Currency to them. Maybe just a few tweaks with survival?
    Posted Mar 11, 2022
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  19. Breh
    Their not even “G” anymore. The g refers to god. God refers to 32k. No 33k, no G. No economy. Just renamed items in different boxes.
    Posted Mar 11, 2022
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  20. Sorry about that, I haven't been able to log in anymore so I don't really know what is happening in survival.
    Posted Mar 12, 2022
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