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Official Game Insights Introduction

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by DanielW231, Jul 22, 2019.

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    Hello! My name is Daniel and I'm the lead of the Game Insights team here at Mineplex. This thread outlined this magnificent team; what it does, how it works, and most importantly, how you can get involved.

    The concept of Game Insights is to have a group of experienced and well-rounded players at Mineplex that work to assist the staff, developers, and leadership to make informed decisions about how to maintain, update, and balance games at Mineplex.

    A brief overview of Game Insights

    Game Insights has been around for quite some time - it was first created by the Quality Assurance team in 2014. In the last year we have undergone large changes, including revamping the team's leadership, switching our platform to a semi-public Discord (we'll have more on that in a second), and revamping the underlying team hierarchy. Currently, Game Insights is a Community Management subteam.

    Since its creation, the team has been involved in many Mineplex projects that involve balance patches and game updates.
    In recent months, we've helped work on several game update projects including:

    • SSM Update (including designing the new Villager kit)
    • Cake Wars balances (essentially all of them)
    • Survival Games (both updates)
    • Skywars balances (and continuing discussions on further changes)
    • Bridges map modifications (changing the stairs in Raeburshire Citadel, for example)
    • Block Hunt update (including creating the Taser Hunter kit)

    This is a shortened version of our accomplishments. Many of the documents created by members of our team have brought about large changes within Mineplex's QA, Production, and Development teams. The Game Insights team and discord play a support role in Mineplex's development and design arm. Our goal is to give constructive and insightful feedback and suggestions.

    What's changed?

    The GI team no longer requires applications nor operates out of a Slack org (think of a private Skype group chat, if you're unfamiliar with Slack) out of reach from the community. We now operate in Discord!

    Game Insights operates out of a single discord server: the Mineplex Community Insights discord.
    Since its creation in July, 2017, the discord has achieved the following:

    Mineplex Community Insights (previously the main GI discord)
    • 350+ members
    • 1,000,000+ messages
    • 50+ docs created
    • 10+ docs used in real server updates (Arcade, Cake Wars, Block Hunt, etc.)
    • 100+ solid memes
    The discord has topics and channels corresponding to various games and feedback discussions. GI, Feedback, Ideas, Mineplex staff, devs and leadership use this discord to talk to players from across the network about gameplay, kits, mechanics, maps and much much more.

    Wait, is joining the Discord the same thing as joining the Game Insights team?
    No, joining the discord is not the same as joining the team. Game Insights members are chosen based on discussions within the discord, as well as contributions elsewhere on the network.

    So, how do I join the Discord?
    You’re able to DM one of the following members within the spoiler on either discord or the forums.

    IGN / Profile Position Discord Tag
    DanielW231 Game Insights Team Lead DanielW231#2230
    xVanessa Game Insights Team Lead Vanessa #5884
    Sophie_OGrady Arcade Category Leader sophie#1001
    rqil Classics Category Leader pace#2222
    VEANS_ Hardcore Category Leader Veans#1157
    Augend Community Manager augend#3680
    Bunni Community Manager Michelle // Bunni#7933
    EmmaLie Community Management Lead EmmaLie#3382
    nolawn Community Manager nolan#3600
    Sickle Community Manager Sickle#2478
    Tilgorn Community Manager pyro. (Tilgorn)#4891

    What are the requirements?
    There are no hard-line requirements, but we do want people passionate about Mineplex. Experience or a love for game design, balancing and feedback is obviously something we look for, but we also want creative and rounded individuals who can represent the interests of all our diverse community. Skilled, mature, and open-minded players are the ideal candidates.

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the forums or discord.
    Posted Jul 22, 2019,
    Last edited Feb 22, 2020

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