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Game Idea: Prisons

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by bvp, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. bvp

    Before you read this is just an old idea I've had since 2018 and I have ideas for different things I listed. Not all ideas are mine got some inspiration from a really old server forgot the name but if you searched hard enough you could find it.

    The game mode itself isn't original but the gameplay is. The game mode is prisons and there would be the mine section where pvp is enabled but there are smelting areas, tree/wood area, and the starting mine. Guards (real people) would be around that area and having items like swords/weapons would be considered contraband and would receive a fee. When you mine you would receive the ores but for example, you would need to mine coal from the area to smelt the iron ore. Gameplay features would be like custom enchants to lower fees, increased chances of mine fragments of dropping (mine fragments being some sort of booster), etc. You would trade your ores/pickaxe for rewards like money, better items (pickaxes, contraband, etc.) A black market system where players are able to sell their items (ores, pickaxes, contraband, boosters, etc.) for in-game currency. Since it is prison players can rent out cells to store their items but they must be careful because if they don't renew their payment other players can rent the cell and take the items that they left behind. It would be a cool game mode to focus on and hope to bring more players but it's just an old idea I had so I figured to share it
    Posted Sep 21, 2021,
    Last edited Sep 21, 2021
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  2. Honestly, this seems really interesting and something that would be very enjoyable for some people. Although the development team is busy with current projects at the moment. I definitely think this would be a good game to be developed in the future.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  3. There's a thread about Mineplex Prisons with many many responses that I'd recommend reading through if you're interested to hear about a previous discussion on the same topic: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/mineplex-prison.65493/

    Even if this idea were to be accepted, we do not have the dev power to make this happen any time soon. This would require multiple people working on it for many hours, as well as a creative team, build team cooperation, and many other resources. Right now I'm just glad to have someone focusing on bug fixes. If they decide to work on Prisons in the future I'm fine with that, but I don't think now is the right time.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  4. bvp

    That would kind of be the main focus is prisons and I know fixing bugs is already a big issue but definitely doing a beta and seeing how it performs could potentially be worth the effort.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  5. Unfortunately I have to agree with Dulciloquy here, at this point in time Mineplex just doesn't have enough Dev power to support adding another game basically as massive as Clans. I would personally love, and enjoy having Prison on Mineplex, however at this point in time it's just extremely unreasonable. However, in the future once we gain a lot more dev power I would love to see more threads discussing in more detail how Prison could potentially be brought to the server!
    Posted Sep 22, 2021
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