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In Discussion Game Idea: Monarchy

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Evinhav, Nov 22, 2019.


Do you think this game should be implemented?

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  3. Needs some improvement, but otherwise yes

  1. Background: You spawn in a medium-sized map. There's a throne in the middle of the map with none other than G.W.E.N. herself. There are 4 towers with beacons on top of them, which will be G.W.E.N.'s only source of healing. The objective is to destroy the beacons on each of the towers without getting killed by the many weapons G.W.E.N. uses. The weapons will be similar to the methods of fighting that the Pumpkin King uses in games like Halloween Havoc for example, with a few new ones. Once the beacons are destroyed, the players will then have to fight against G.W.E.N. and her many special abilities. The way to win the game will be similar to Castle Siege. The player to kill G.W.E.N. will become the winner of the game.

    Archer: Spawns with a full set of chainmail armor, a bow and arrow, and 9 bowls of mushroom stew. Can use double jump to get away from attacks. Players using this kit will receive one arrow every 8 seconds.

    Swordsman: Spawns with a full set of iron armor, an iron sword, and 9 bowls of mushroom stew. Right-Clicking the sword will allow the player to shoot flames at G.W.E.N. and her minions, similar to the Mage Class in Champions. Can use double jump to get away from attacks.

    (Achievement Kit?)

    Abilities for G.W.E.N. to use as attacks:
    Wool Fire: Same as Halloween Havoc, wool spawns on the ground and players have to step off before it catches on fire.

    G.W.E.N. Beam: G.W.E.N. shoots a beam at the players, which will cause an explosion where the beam is targeted. The players around the explosion will take 0.5 hearts of damage and will be knocked back by the blast.

    TNT Fountain: G.W.E.N. shoots TNT at players all around her. The TNT will cause an explosion and will deal 1.5 hearts of damage to the players around it. The players will also be knocked into the air by the blast, which will deal fall damage.

    Shockwave: An explosion sound followed by a fizz sound will be played, and a circle of cloud particles will come out of G.W.E.N.'s throne. (think of the nano game jump rope to know what this would look like) The players who don't jump over the shockwave will be knocked into the air and will take 1 heart of damage.

    Obviously this game idea is a Work In Progress but with some suggestions I feel like it could turn into a really fun game.
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
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  2. I'm in the middle of the spectrum in terms of if this game will work well long-term and whether or not it's good in general. One side of me says that this is too similar to castle siege, if you simply make it so that some players can be GWEN Guardians (which would be awesome) it would be even more similar to castle siege. But then the rebuttal in my head says that it's not too much similar to castle siege, it seems to be a bit more unique and can be a lot of fun. In the end, I'm leaning towards agreeing with your game suggestion, so well done! I would love to have a similar game like this one replace castle siege and require a lower player count. If you add in two teams, one of which is the "Monarch Guards" or "GWEN Guardians" to defend GWEN and the beacons, and then of course there is the attackers team, I think this would make the game even better and would further construct it to be a great replacement to castle siege.

    I've taken a turn from debating in my head if this game would work to then realizing it does not need to be different than castle siege as it would be a great replacement for it instead, that should sum up my thoughts. I'm interested to see other inputs on this game suggestion but I am personally all in for it!
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
  3. The game would be a good idea, however improvement is needed in order for it to be considered. I like your idea though. I would also love for there to be another game mode added.
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
  4. I think my main concern with this is that it doesn’t really fit with Mineplex’s current games. All of our games are minigames, player vs player or team vs team. The only time we have players vs bosses are for games that are seasonal, not permanent. Although players were trying to destroy the king in castle siege, it was still a team vs team game. Something like this may get repetitive for players after they’ve played it a few times. If you look at the seasonal games, a lot of them lose population towards the end since players have already beaten the game. And those games are usually only here for a month or so.

    I do like the originality of the game though. I actually don’t think it’s too similar to castle siege like said above. Although the objective is to kill a boss, a lot of the actual components of the game are different. I like all the kits you described as well.

    I do think the game has potential despite the limitations I described above. I’d recommend adding some additional details about the abilities Gwen has.
    Posted Nov 23, 2019
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  5. As @510bike said this would not fit in with Mineplex’s current games. Also this kind of sounds like heroes of GWEN. I know you can’t play it anymore but you can still play it on mps or mcs. This also could get a bit boring and easy because everyone will know what GWEN will do and would dodge all the attacks. Maybe add new features or something but the thing is alot Mineplex games are team vs team and this kind of sounds like a game and also how much health does GWEN have? You may be asking how this is like heroes of GWEN and that’s because there are 4 beacons and 4 mini GWENS that attack players when there near a tower and now theres 1 GWEN no withers and 1 team. I know this isn’t totally like it but it’s kind of like it with the 4 towers and GWEN. Overall this could get boring and doesn’t fit Mineplex game style so I’ll be giving this a -1

    Have a nice day!
    Posted Nov 23, 2019
  6. Hey.

    It does sound like a cool game, but as many other has said, it doesn't really fit in with the Mineplex's current games. This looks like a team vs a boss, but the Mineplex network has more games with teams vs teams, and that's why this wouldn't fit in.

    However, it would be a cool game, and I do like the concept of it. But still, I'll give this a -1
    Posted Nov 23, 2019
  7. I absolutely love the idea to have two teams for this game! I feel like that would make the game more challenging for either team, and make players stay on the game longer rather than leaving it after a few games because it gets boring. Maybe more people who reply will be able to give suggestions on how a team game version of this would work. I'm open to any suggestions!
    --- Post updated ---
    Ok, so time to clear some things up. There would be no GWEN guardians on top of the tower. GWEN herself would be the one attacking the players who are trying to destroy the beacon on top of the tower.

    I think if I were to say how much health GWEN has, it would most likely be the same as the pumpkin king has in Halloween Havoc. There would be a bossbar at the top of the screen (indicating how much health GWEN has). The status of each tower will be displayed on the scoreboard, for example: in Champions it shows the status of each capture point. Red would signify whether the beacon is down or not, or if it's still giving GWEN health.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 23, 2019

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