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frosting is bad nerf it please

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by M4RK7000, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. aight im not a fan of frosting kit but seriously nerf it like who relies on snowballs that give their opponent slowness to pvp

    if there’s one thing i would want to remove from cw it would definitely be frosting
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
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  2. Heya,

    I totally agree with you that frosting is overpowered. However, I do not think that flat-out removing it would be the best solution as it is not completely broken. Game Insights (GI) has a document for Cake Wars with plans for future updates. In there, you can see that there are already plans to change how Frosting works by removing the slowness that its gives players. Additionally, there have been many other threads also talking about this same issue, so I can assure you that you're not the only one who thinks this.
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
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  3. Instead, what if we actually made warrior good so then it would counter? Atm warrior is obsolete because of how bad it is, and no one uses it. If we buffed it then there would be a viable counter for frosting.
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
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  4. This has been a big debate for a while, we all know it is overpowered. Doesn't seem like they want to fix the problem.
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
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  5. Frosting can be op in some situations but like other kits it requires skill to use. Its easier than archer kit for example, which deals a lot of ranged damage though and builder also has strategies like suffocating people in platforms and it also gives you an early game advantage. What makes frosting op is that in late game the other kits aren't relevant anymore since you can buy the things in the shop but frosting isnt in the shop. If mineplex decides to change something i think they should rather put something similar to frosting (not rods) in the shop so it gets less relevant in late game like the other kits.
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
  6. Any possible buffs you would give to warrior to counter frosting?
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
  7. Hello!

    I can agree with this. Frosting definitely provides in advantage in game, and there's no doubting that. I went from being a mediocre pvper to a beast in Cakewars simply because of the kit. Also, countering this kit is ridiculously hard. It's stressful and takes a lot more skill than it should, which goes against the idea of a kit all together. Frosting provides a significant PvP advantage that makes it hard to counter with other kits and gives the player using it not only an advantage in fights, but the game all together. I've noticed frosting is more successful if you hit the player with the snowball when they're at a distance where you can get them, but still far away which means that people can camp at their base or more importantly resource gens are get some easy kills.

    As for an actual nerf, I think that slowness needs to be removed all together or the time it lasts need to be significantly reduced. For those of you that aren't familiar with 1.8 PvP mechanics, people use fishing rods or bows to cancel the players speed so that they can get a combo. Not only do the frosting balls do that, but they also give the other player slowness which makes combos significantly easier. Having these two things combined makes the kit have a major advantage in PvP. I think a better alternative is to basically just turn frosting into a rod, by giving the player using it more snowballs but no slowness.

    Ultimately, I like the kit, but I agree that it needs a nerf.
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
  8. Idk there are alot of ways you could go with it. You could deal 1 heart more dmg after every hit and the effect wears off if you take dmg or after 3 seconds. You could get regen for 6 seconds after you get a kill, you could start the game with an stone/iron sword, or deal 50% more kb, you could add a ability that gives poison to your opponent for 5 seconds after you hit them. there's alot of things that you could do.
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
  9. what all you have to do is spam it and kill ur opponent how does that require skill
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 3, 2019
  10. Pretty sure there are plans made by GI to nerf it by removing it’s slowness.
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
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  11. Frosting isn't even that good a kit. I'm not sure how many discussions there have been about removing or debuffing frosting but it's gotta be at least 50 or so. At first, everyone wanted it buffed then debuffed so then they had to go through that process once or twice but I think they got it. I don't think it's even that good a kit as long as you can dodge and combo some. I actually think the builder can get more annoying than frosting at times, especially when all the opponent does is suffocate and trap others. These are just my thoughts though.
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
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  12. Personally I'm a fan of the warrior kit (even though half the time you don't get the 3 hearts per kill), but before we worry about changing frosting, as Gzen said above, how about we address how block glitching people with the builder kit is fair first?
    Posted Dec 3, 2019
  13. Posted Dec 3, 2019
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  14. i remember dodging someone’s frosting snowballs like twice when i was strafing, and i also remember trapping too

    thanks gzen for giving me a little bit of thought on this, but gee idk
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 4, 2019

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