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FreezaSamas legendary Wither Guide - SSM-

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by FreezaSama, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. FreezaSama


    Very well before I retire from Gaming I have spend playing on Mineplex for 5 years, mastering the Wither and Im leaving here everything you need to Master this Kit and use it as one of the most powerfull tools despite beeing counted as a Tier B

    Now then, we shall begin by talking about it stats,

    It has a good average
    6 Damage
    6 Defence ( Armor)
    120 % Knockback
    And a good regeneration of 0,30 Health per second

    Now Creeper and Slime have health regen of 0,35 and 0,4 per second but they armor is a downfall, wich makes a wither even more balanced


    Now for the Abilitys, you have a Guilded Witherskull, that does more damage the higher the distance, however on short range or not direct hits it doesnt do mutch damage but the knochback is very usefull. What makes this Witherskull so good? You can controll the skull by holding your sword right clicked, if you move on the direction you are looking the skull will fly excatly there where you look for but for deeper controlls I will come later back to it. You can controll how and where it does fly and you can even controll the speed of it.
    You can use the skull in close combat making a knockback and allowing you to go to defensive and offensive at the same time. But the skull can do more, if you master the skull you will develop a instict when to use it to make your enemys fall into the void, you can use this if you see that oportunity, getting teamed on, beeing low on the run or runing pretending you are low on health. Now how do I use it most efficently? If theres a Camper, or runners, like a chicken or a sheep, you can use the skull to chase them around. Did that sheep you aimed for siting on a high tree avoided your skull by jumping high? No problem, once you released your skull and it hasnt exploded jet, you can gain controll back by right clicking your sword again and let the skull turn around and hit the sheep from behind. Now how do I turn around it fast and with high accurate? I have put my F5 on my setting next to my space key, the alt Key. This means if I press Alt, Minecraft uses f5 thanks to my settings, use your thumb for a quick F5 on alt, it goes less than a second and turn around to hit your enemy. If I fight a chicken and miss, I aim the skull up to the skies and aim down on the ground to where the chicken is or you know the ckicken is going to land ( usually on the ground)
    This looks harmless and unsuspicious for the chicken seeing a missed skull moving straight to the air but he doesnt see it comming back and with that low chicken armor regen and direct hit you can kill chickens in no time with no problems as long you avoide the missles.
    Very well how do I controll the speed of my skull? When you hold the skull you have it at a certain speed, however if you release the skull it tarvels faster. If your enemy is really far away aim where he is or going to be and let it go and the skulls speed will increase and get there in no time.
    One last technique Wither has, you can summon serveral wither skulls and controlll them, however you need to practive it since it does require alot of concentration and knowlege whats going on on your surrounding and battlefield. However if you shoot one skull and the cooldown is up you can shoot another one , gain the controll back ( I get it on better controll by pre shooting the skulls at a certain direction and let it come back and shooting the second skull the same time the older skulls get at the same line. With perfect controll having ( I preffer 3) side by side flying skulls in perfect formation chasing your enemys is a thread to anyone go cant avoid it however this also can used very well to deal of with flying haxer on the sky, wich are rare on ssm but still happens.

    Now then for the next ability


    You can summon a Wither Image, that means a clone of yourself. This is a tool used for many many different things.

    It has a 7 second duration after conjuration always has a iron axe equipped. Now there are some few ways to fight with him.
    Use your axe when you summon the wither image, stay very close to it, it increased the damage areia of your weapon aeria fused with the weapon aeria of your image.
    If you are on regual combat use your axe when having your image out, it makes you two look indentical and making the simiar movments until attacking can make your enemy confusing but also intimidate since the wither does hit back hard but you also as well

    You have the ability to switch every 2 seconds while the image is alive, meaning you take over the body of your clone. This is also very usefull for defensive and offensive combat.
    You can chase your enemys really well with good results by trowing your image on the direction they are and switch and run over them. You also have your guided wither skull assisting you, allowing to make the running enemy fall into the void or stop his movements to catch up and damage him over time until he dies ( I never miss my wither skulls during hunting)

    Another style of using your image is to attack from security damaging your enemys and count in your head the seconds, if you are getting to 5 or 6 switch back to where you are save and send a perfectly aimed wither skull after your prey, repeat the progess but, never let your Image be out of your sight, if some enemy trows your image into the void, water, lava and you switch you will die instandy because the wither image doesnt die into the void but you do as soon you are there taking over his body.

    Another style is the agile combat Wither : You attack your enemy avoiding the enemys hits and switch around so he never damages you or only making you a scratch that you recover soon with your good defensive and health regen.
    You can send a image out to the enemy, if the enemy fights the image go and attack your enemy, that are free hits, if he goes then after you switch and back stab him from behind and send him with a wither skull into Oblivion.

    How to deal with teamers teaming up on you

    You have a Image you can use to assist, depending on the Powerlevel of your enemys use it close combat and take your enemy out while the other is distracted, if both ignores the image lure your enemys in and switch, make sure to make the map and surrounding your friend and send them into the void, or if its not possible to damage them and out run them, or if both ignore the image lure them away switch and attack them from behind while they fight the image, as soon the image died back off get distance with the shull knockback and repeat it.

    If they are both above average powerlevel or even god level like myself you have to in order win, outplay them, switch from defesnive and offensive at the right timing bee on the run, if they get seperated on distance you can grab the one closer to you and kill your enemy and start run as soon his partner get closer. If there is no possibilty to outrun for certain moments run and make a sudden turn back fight and use the surpise moment to launch a wither up in the sky, while beeing high on air you can launch the skull and a go for one that you know took alot of damage (you want to go for the one who has low hp or low amror to get rid off so you can take of the other enemy and not the one with full health and strong armor you can save him for later but it depends on how the situation is if you have to fight back cornered man up and fight back until you see a chance to return back to the run or kill 1 or all of the teamers) or you use that moment to escape, dont be afraid to fight back if you are low, just dont fight for to long ( like 1-2-3 hits to back them off and run again as long you dont get hit it doesnt mater what your HP is but I will come to it later how to move in combat without geting hit)

    A wither has the good ability to shut down campers and runners but also beeing very durational and you can switch to a good offense if close combat is needed,

    Now to the next one


    You have on Super Smash Mobs dobble jumps but you also have normal jumps

    I dont use the doubble jumps if I really dont need to, you can use that to jump back or forwart in combat, you can use that to avoid void outs, you can can use the dobble jumps when you are loosing controll of your combo ( with walking walk jump) to give that extra power burst,or altering the knockback you got by the enemy hitting you. You want also to use your surrounding and blocks to your advantage and be always on the move. When the enemy attacks you you can walk back to avoid his hit but you need to react very fast, walk back or sidewards to avoid his hit, the second he misses you go wile doging to the offense and attack back,your wither skulls helps there alot with the knockback if you messed that part up ( if you react to slow or misscalulate the enemy gets free hits on you) the skull is a last saver on kb to let your mistake go if you ever made any,
    However if you dont make any of that you will have alot more power and also beeing able to fight alone 2v1 and win. It all about movents and not geeting hit,

    Wither Pro and NO GO Surroundings to be

    As a Wither you want to be agile, fast and an open map, lage so you can be everywhere and keep everything under controll.
    You want a open but half big aeria to be. Most of the time on maps I have favourite spots where I protect that territory that gives me combat advantage.
    howevery im also going out to hunt or if I have to move out but you want that place save to be able to shoot wither skulls while your enemys kills each other.

    Where you as a wither dont want to be is a Small closed place, the most terrible Map for a Wither is Mushroom illands and glacier because its to small, mobs that relies on close space will get the advantage there ( Creeper explosion and lighting shield because the space is small but many enemys are there shooting with abilitys making sometimes certain situations difficult, there you want to relocate your positions or a wolf that wants his enemys in a close space so he can kill them fast)

    Large huge open maps are your friends and key to victory

    Now then I will explain now how to fight certain Top tier mobs and dominate over them

    WOLF : Wolf is a feared mob under many players, his high speed and high mobility and damage is what kills most of the player in less than a few seconds leaving them helpless.
    However as a Wither you HUNT the wolf, the wolf is your prey your victim not you his, You are the man here,

    Wolf has a special way to move, it moves always in a straight line, the wolfs also jumps to be fast from angle to angle until he gets to you. Now very well then how do you get the wolf down with no problems?

    The wolf moves straight, you have to calculate his movements and because he is to predictable you can avoid that straigt line where he is about to jump you on and when he misses you are already attack him. Use with wither image use your skull if he gets to you switch if you cant switch use the force of your wither skull explosion to stop the wolfs movements and alter his landing and hit him back. and if he wants to attack switch and the image usually kills him, if you dont have any avoid again his movents and if hes to low he will run away and you chase him with your image and skull until he dies ( he has low armor wont take long) or if he is low and stays to fight kill it straigt, Show no merci , the wolf doesnt show merci to his preys as well. Rule number 1, dont jump careless around the air since that gives him free hits and making you die, stay on your ground and focus


    Very well then the Top class spider with no Weaknesse it seems

    Or does it? I Freeza am the only one who uses Wither how I use it and I found out spiders are not weakness free at all.

    Now then how to deal with a God Pro Spider?

    Spiders movents have a indivudial moving style, it helps there to conjure your image the spider will often turn around shoot needes and if you are behind him shoot webs or jumping straight high.

    You can melee the spider to death without getting toched thanks to the image, while you hit him, the image does a really good job hitting him, if the spider want to defends himself from the image and backs of for that 1 second to hit the wither back you strike back and not leting that spider have a chance.
    If you chase a spider and he traps you in a web, switch to your image back, its very efficient


    While Zombies are considered to be a very Powerfull Monster with that overwhelming arrow damage it has a huge weakness against close combat pressure.

    You call your image you get him down by a 2v1. The good part is image doesnt get knockback from abilitys like Batwave or similar abilitys like the Zombie rotten flesh spit.
    You can end a Zombie within seconds


    Chickens have low armor low regen and low attack howevery the only way they can make damage is if they hit you with a Chicken Missle, because if they hit something with it they get a no cooldown extra chicken missle that fires again until he does miss. With a Wither you have so many resources to not get hit and force to chicken to die in close combat or having a quick death with chasing wither skulls and that trowable image.


    Creeper does have some good attack with 6 but a very low defensive however a impressive regen of 0,4 per second ( thats almost a half heart per second)

    A way to take creepers save out is to outdamge them in a short time. As long you dont activate hight lighting shield but the skull and avoid the sluptur bomb ( or however you pronounce that) you will be save. If the Creeper explodes mid air get a bit distance and shoot a skull when hes exploding, he will get send flying back for alot of distance trowing him into the void.


    Avoid the Inferno since that is the only thing that really makes huge damage with no effort. However if you doge the flames and get closer you will be able to melle him to death.
    If he prepares for firelfy you can 1 Shoot him out of it with a wither skull and make him most of the time fall into the void

    or you can 2 hit him out of it so his attack is cancelled
    or 3 you use your image and switch at the air or the side distance where he cant get you, if he comes closer to you again switch back and send him a wither skull and finish if he still stands with some good nice hits


    Static laser doesnt really do mutch damage and is healed very fast back if you get hit, for wool mine just avoid it, a sheep has low armor and low melee attack

    You can catch up to it with a wither trow swap and chasing the sheep with witherskulls


    The snowman loves to use blizzard however because you have your image use it to pressure it and if he makes a ice bridge high into the air thats a free kill for you. You use the skull to shoot the snowman from below the ice bridge and making him fall.

    Very well that was a few Informations I gave here as a secret but before this theread here ends

    My Wither playstyle is dirty I know and I agree, you fool your enemys trow them into the void, you team up on your prey with your image, you can run pretty good with it and take on teamers. It is however not just playable dirty it can be used to make huge pressure but I always mix between the two, depending on situations and my enemys

    Now then one more thing. SSM is a game where you have to react within seconds, you will have to act so fast that you sometimes dont see your enemys right away. if you have trouble fighting and aiming at things I recomment for beginners to use the Minecraft hit box, you can activate it by using F3 and B at the same time. However use it only as a tool if you are a beginner dont rely on it later because if you play without it after your mind will become stronger and faster.

    This is how I Freeza Sama use my Wither, for those with ambition to master it, I do provided very precious informations here to those who seek power and Wither Mastery

    Very well then now its time to say good bye Mineplex, take good care of my Wither for me yes?
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  2. Snowwii


    Wow, I feel bad that you took the time to write all of this. Great guide, I like how you bolded "spider" lmao.
    I honestly don't know what kit I should practice with and get good at. I'm still beginning and I haven't gotten good at any class. Oof

    P.S. we're gonna miss you <3
    P.P.S if you're quitting gaming can I use your account if you aren't giving it to someone? lol sorry if this seems greedy
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  3. xOeuf


    Aw, it sucks that you're leaving :(

    Spiders won't all react the same. Some will run and wait out your image instead of engaging. Some will kill the image before hitting you. Some just ignore it and jump somewhere else to draw you there. From my experience with wither VS spider, just take advantage of your range. Slowly taking down a spider is easier than risking it in the close-ranges. Also having a wither image on higher ground and just jumping down and fighting, then retreating when low seems to work for me. Wither is good also with spin-web. Make sure to keep it until webbed and then use it as a method of escaping.
    Good stuff though, this is really detailed.

    Pretty sure this is bannable on some servers.


    I'd generally say that if you play conservatively with wither you find the most success. It's not super high-damage and also doesn't have the best abilities for close combat where you need to deal constant damage on short cooldowns to excel, but it's still a great kit and good fun to play. <3
    Posted Mar 14, 2019
  4. Snowwii


    I wouldn’t use it on servers that don’t allow account sharing but that is stilol the OPs decision
    Posted Mar 14, 2019
  5. KerbalBoy


    Spam much?
    JK love the idea and am sad that someone with obviously such great ideas is going :(
    Posted Mar 14, 2019

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