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In Discussion Free Kit Weekends

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Jwck, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Everybody remembers when they first joined Mineplex, having no gems or achievements, and having to work their way up from free kits to being able to afford the next kit on their grocery list. But how do we decide the items on our imaginary list? We had to learn the kits we wanted based on their lackluster descriptions and how other players played them in our games. The flaw in this method, however, was that the descriptions did not always cover every aspect and strength of the kits when in action, and other players always made the experience look easier/better than when you play it. With the introduction of achievement kits a few years back, there was a similar hurdle in that you didn't know if a kit was worth taking the time to earn achievements for, and, after having earned those glorified achievement kits, were met with disappointment after using them in-game.
    The solution to these issues?
    Free Kit Weekends (name subject to change)!
    Free Kit Weekends are simple. Once a month, for a whole weekend, the entire server - all of its mini-games and not-so-mini-games - will open to every player the ability to freely play with any kit that they have not unlocked yet to allow them to personally experience it for themselves. Players stockpiling their gems for a big purchase will decide on the best choice kit to spend their hard-earned gems on without any regrets of a poor decision. They will also be able to play as the achievement kits that take so much effort to earn so that they may determine what game to tirelessly strive for its achievements. Free Kit Weekends will also boost the number of players on the server at one instance, as it is a limited-time event (albeit monthly) that players will be sure to catch so they do not miss on the chance to play as their longed-for kit. Additionally, the players may set a goal to earn one of these kits after having a sample of their gameplay and will dedicate more of their time earning it on Mineplex. The only downside of Free Kit Weekends is that players who have previously bought many kits without the reference of playing them beforehand will not have that opportunity, but these things can only be helped by preventing this for the future. A small solution, although unlikely and unnecessary, would be to provide a small boost to game rewards, gems being a higher priority than shards, when using a kit that isn't provided through Free Kit Weekends (this does not apply to kits purchased before the implementation of FKW, but to all kits purchased in general). Free Kit Weekends will also be a period where all players are on equal ground, having no "advantages" over enemy players other than skill level.
    In Summary: Free Kit Weekends provide new players with opportunities to explore the kits of Mineplex games that they have not unlocked yet personally for a temporary time, creating a mutual benefit between the players and Mineplex with only small, if any, downsides.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  2. This could bring chaos. A lot of kits cost lots of gems and getting them for free for 2 days every 5 days would bring chaos. The kits are supposed to be payed for with gems and getting them for free for the weekend is too much. It would bring chaos because everyone would be choosing achievement kits and other op kits. Even thought everyone would have them it would take away the value of kits and people would just wait for the weekend then go full on with all the achievement kits and win a bunch of games. Overall this would take away the value of kits and that is un needed so I’ll be giving this idea a -1

    Have a nice day!
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  3. I do understand that having free kits too frequently will cause them to have no value at all. That is why I suggested this should be a monthly occasion rather than a weekly occasion. However, my idea for this event to be monthly is not a requirement, and may be once every 2 months or once every 2 weeks. I do, however, think a more easily-graspable time period would be ideal, so that every player may easily remember, "Oh, hey! FKW is coming up this weekend!" rather than having to double-check if it had already happened last month. As for the concept of kits being "too OP," if a game on mineplex is beatable purely for its incredibly unbalanced kits and not skill, then the game is not worth playing at all. If anything FKW would fix this, as all players would be on equal ground. Thank you for the feedback, though!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 20, 2019
  4. I think 7 days a month is too long, Maybe once every two weeks. I like where you are coming from though, I think this is a fun idea.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  5. I'm starting to suspect that people are reading over the fact that is intended to be monthly and for one whole weekend. To elaborate more in detail, this means one grouping of Friday (optional?), Saturday, and Sunday consecutively each month. This equates to one in about every four weekends and twelve times a year, which further grants 3 days a month, and 36 days a year out of the total 365 days that a year consists of.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 20, 2019
  6. 2 times a month is ok. That wouldn’t bring that much chaos. I mean 2-3 days a month
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  7. Achievement kits and gem kits are not more "op" then free kits. In SSM for example, the best kit in the game is a free kit spider, and the achievement kits sheep and villager are low/mid tier
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  8. Heyo,

    I understand where you are coming from, and trust me, I've been there too. However, there would be a few issues with this. Number one, I think that it should be a different game per once a month. As well, I think to win with a kit that you did not have before the event should be reduced as it is not technically "your kit." One thing I like about the idea is that it will give players an idea of the kit before they make the purchase, which makes a lot of sense so they could play it for themselves. Overall, I think this idea could be saved for now. +0

    Have a nice day,

    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  9. Hello,

    This idea was actually already denied here due to the fact that it simply isn't possible for it to be server-wide, as we currently only have that option for Community Servers. If said community has a server open, you can try all kits forever, not just one day. Additionally, I find this out of place. Giving all kits to people, in my opinion, would see a rise in hacking offenses for those few days since they know they can just use any kits that they want, and would, in return, cause some upset people over what happened.

    Additionally, I think that it would confuse some people as to why today they can use every kit that they want but yesterday only the free ones. From my experience, in games where you can try kits, you mainly learn how to use them by watching other people use them, not from direct experience, at least from what I have played. What if, for a small fraction (say 5% of the total cost) a player could try out the kit for a few games and get used to it. Obviously there would be a limit to the number of times one person can purchase a trial, but I think that it presents a nice alternative to this, and something that could possibly be added in.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  10. I don't agree with extending this to achievement kits. They take a lot of time and effort to get and personally, I'd dislike it if people could use them without having to dedicate that time as I did, even if it was just for a couple of days a month. You mentioned a benefit of your idea is that people could see if it was worth their team working towards an achievement kit so they're not disappointed once they do it. I think this just stems from a misconception that achievement kits are way better than normal kits, which in all but a few games is incorrect. 9 times out of 10, they're normal kits, just exclusive. I think they should stay that way completely. You should try to complete all the achievements in a game because you find the game and the challenge fun, not for the expectation of an overpowered kit as a reward. I am biased since I have almost all achievements on the server but I'm definitely not an advocate for giving away free stuff, even temporarily.

    I agree with @jxcb's idea to have a trial period at a smaller cost. This is somewhat of a compromise in my opinion (as long as you can't trial achievement kits) and sounds a lot easier to implement and more player-friendly to not have to wait for a specific weekend every month, when you might not even have much free time and so miss out. I'd add to it by having you be able to try for X amount of games and then if you decide you like the kit, you could purchase it later at a discount, depending on how much the trial cost. For example, if you wanted to trial Warper kit in DE (5000 gems), it would cost you say 1000 gems and afterwards, to buy the complete kit, it would only cost you 4000 gems more.
    Posted Nov 21, 2019

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