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Official Forums Team Introduction Thread

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Wanderer, Mar 20, 2020.

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    What we do

    The Forums Team oversees the Mineplex Forums which includes dealing with locking, moving, deleting, and archiving threads. We interact with the community, answer any questions or concerns that any user has and we even sometimes host forum events! The Forum Managers are responsible for processing most of the Ban Appeals, Forum Managers are also in charge of mentoring the FMAs, they help the forum team with any questions that arise and assist Forum Management Assistants in reaching their goal on the team. We aim to keep the Forums a safe and friendly environment for all users, which involves warning and punishing rule breakers through the Forums.


    Our Team
    Forum Managers:
    Forums Admin | Web Developer

    Hello, I'm Wanderer. Lead Web Developer for Mineplex and also Administrator of the Forums and Forum team(s). My biggest passion is essentially anything and everything tech-related, and that's where I tend to spend most of my time. I like helping out people, interacting with cool people and working on interesting projects of other types outside of that, which brought me to the Moderation team. o7

    Forum Manager | FMA Team Lead

    Hi! I'm Lion (or Thomas), I've been a Mineplex staff member since 2018 and during most of that time, I have been a member of the forums team. I am currently the FMA team lead as apart of this role I mentor fma's and manage the FMA Mentors. I am also the team's applications manager and "mentoring procedures and styles manager". If you ever have a problem with an FM or FMA I'm one of the people you can come and speak to!

    I am also a Forum Manager and handle appeals similar to as all of the other FMs do. As the FMA team leader, I process a lot of suggestions from fms and fma's about the team and the rules. I also do anything Wanderer wants me to do.

    A lot of my time is spent on the forums so feel free to message me here if you have any questions or want to talk. (Also outside of Mineplex I do development and Computer Science stuff so feel free to chat to me about that if you want)


    Forum Manager

    Hi! I'm Camull also known as Rob. I am currently 14 years old and am a Forum Manager here on Mineplex! A couple of my favorite games here on mineplex has to be Skywars and Champions, I enjoy intense PVP action games so no surprise! I was accepted as a Trainee on mineplex January 18th and was promoted to moderator March 21st. I am in Lobby-1 a lot on Mineplex as I really enjoy interacting within the community and getting to know everybody! Outside of minecraft I really enjoy sports such as Track & Field and Soccer. I Really enjoy close action sports like those and also running is one of my favorite ways to calm down stress and it's also super enjoyable in the process! I am also a huge animal lover, mostly towards cats as they're so cute and the most loving and cuddly animals out there! I am also a huge Traveler. I've been around the US and been to quite a lot of the states around here. I've visited Disney World about 7ish times. While at school I really enjoy subjects like Science, more so about the natural disasters than anything else as they're such an interesting topic to me and they're super fun to learn about too! If you ever see me in a game or wherever else I'm normally super friendly and as stated super interactive so don't be afraid to say hello!

    Forum Manager

    Hey! My name is Chase, and I've been on the Mineplex staff team since January 18th. Since then, I've become a Recruitment Assistant, editor for the Newsletter, a member of the Reports Patrol Assistance team, Ideas team member, and a Forum Manager! I was a staff member a million years ago (in 2014 & 2015), and then I took a bit of a hiatus, but I'm extremely excited to be back! In my free time, I love watching movies & TV shows as well as playing tennis and going hiking. If you see me in-game (or anywhere else) please say hi because one of my favorite aspects of Mineplex is interacting with the community anywhere I can! Thank you for clicking on my bio and please remember to be safe and to treat others with kindness <3

    Forum Manager

    Heyo! I am ddgolfer04 but more known as ddgolfer. I am from the US and I was accepted onto the staff team back in February of this year. Now, I am currently a Sr. Moderator on the Forum Ninja team as well as RPA. Additionally, I am a CMP Mentor in which I mentor community members who have certain desires or goals that they want to reach. Outside of Mineplex, I enjoy participating in my schools orchestra and engineering programs that I plan on going to college in. As far as Mineplex goes, I love to play Dragon Escape, NANO Games, and Bridges with friends the most. I love giving back to the amazing community we have here after everything I experienced when I was a community member. My DM’s are always open, so feel free to message me about a question or even just to chat!


    Forum Management Assistants:

    Sr.Mod 510bike

    Hi! My name is 510bike, and I’ve been a FMA since January 2020. I joined the team mainly because I enjoy contributing to discussions and hearing other people’s thoughts and ideas.

    I’ve been part of the staff team since the middle of 2019. I’m currently a Senior Mod on the Social Media team, as well as a member of RPA and a writer and editor for the Newsletter team. Outside of Mineplex, I’m into photography, martial arts, and mock trial!

    Mentor: @Lionatthezoo

    Sr.Mod AyyNick
    Hey I’m AyyNick, a Mineplex Sr.Mod on the Recruitment team. I am also on 4 amazing sub-teams, those being CCC, FMA, EA and RPA. I enjoy playing Mineplex with my friends, watching Netflix, going for walks, and hanging out with my friends during my spare time. I’m looking to join RC at some stage during my journey here as well. If you ever want to chat, feel free to send me a message either on Xenforo. Discord or Slack!

    Mentor: @Lionatthezoo

    Sr.Mod Dulciloquy
    Heyo! I'm Dulciloquy but most people call me Dul. I've been a FMA since the middle of June in 2019. I am a Senior Moderator on the Staff Management team, so my work here on FMA is just to additionally help out on the website! I'm not interested in being a Forum Manager in the future, but I'm very interested in the community that we have built up on the forums here, and I'm excited to continue fostering discussion, and keeping everything clean!

    Mentor: @Lionatthezoo

    Sr.Mod Epicbuilder435
    Hiya! I’m Epicbuilder435, and I’ve been on the staff team since May 4th, 2019. I decided to join FMA because I always loved the forums and I thought “well why not moderate it as well?” I’m currently also on the Recruitment team, Ideas team, and RPA. I enjoy everything I do on Mineplex and I hope to see all of you enjoying the forums as much as I do!

    Mentor: @Lionatthezoo

    Mod idcmax
    Howdy! I'm idcmax, but most people just call me Max. I'm from Chicago and I'm currently 17 years old. I've been around the network since around 2014 and this is my second time on the staff team. Outside of Mineplex, I love spending time outdoors, listening to music, and relaxing with friends. I am also a big hockey fan (go Blackhawks!) and I've been playing since I was about 11 years old. Apart from that, I really enjoy playing Nano Games, Sky Wars, and Survival Games. I'm always looking to meet new people, so feel free to say "hi" or something next time you see me But that about wraps it up for me, hope to see y'all around! c:

    Mentor: @Hxmza

    Mod Im_Ken
    Hi! My name is Kenny, a I'm 17 year old Moderator, from London. I was accepted as a trainee on the 14th December 2019, and I'm on 6 subteams, with FMA being one of them. My favorite game to play on Mineplex definitely has to be Champions. I really like Maths and Physics at school, and I'm also currently learning Spanish too, which I really enjoy. When I'm not on Mineplex I'm usually doing things like playing football or Xbox with friends or watching anime. If you do see me, whether it is in-game, forums, or discord, feel free to say hi, as I'm not scary (I promise).

    Mentor: @Hxmza

    Mod Klobko
    Hola. I’m Klobko but most people know me as Klobby. I’m a Moderator, Map Tester, Event Assistant and a FMA member here at Mineplex! I first joined the staff team on april 4th and then Forums Team on 19th may! At Mineplex, I like helping out with anything I can. Be it dealing with reports or just answering general questions players might have. I enjoy playing SSM in my free time or just hanging out with my friends playing literally anything! Outside of Mineplex, I’m a quite active person when it comes to being outside (though quarantine hasn’t been making that any easier D:), doing things like going out to nature or just casually sprinting. Feel free to PM me about anything!!

    Mentor: @Hxmza

    Sr.Mod Marzie
    Hated forums as a Trainee and half my time as a Mod. Why I applied for FMA in January 2018? The world may never know and neither will I. Ever since then I have loved the forums and saw why others did too. I became a FM that same year in July and resigned for my dream team Event Squad later on. On the website side of stuff, I also do Website Feedback, Website Bugs, and I was in the very first batch for the Appeals Team. I have a long history of other stuff I currently do that's not website related, so just look at my information on my profile if you really want to know it all.

    Mentor: @ddgolfer04

    Mod oCassi
    Hi! I'm oCassi. I'm currently on two sub-teams, those being reports patrol, along with FMA of course. I've been on the staff team since February, 2020. My favorite games on Mineplex have to be Cakewars or Skywars. Though I do have my favorites, you will most likely be able to catch me playing your favorite game since I play just about all of the games.

    Aside from Mineplex, I enjoy watching Netflix, training my dogs, and going on walks with my sisters. I currently have four dogs. Three chihuahuas and one golden retriever. I enjoy other games such as The Sims 4 and Stardew Valley, but mainly focus on, and enjoy, more of Minecraft.

    Mentor: @Hxmza

    Sr.Mod Oscaros_
    Hey I'm Oscaros_. I'm one of the longest serving on the forums team, having been here since July 2018. I've been a Forum Manager from January 2019 to May 2019 and I'm still going as one of my 5 subteams as a FMA! I'm from the UK and I'm 15. In my spare time outside of Mineplex, I like to run, cook, garden and talk with friends. If you've ever got any questions about the forums team or how it's changed or what my other jobs may concern feel free to just @ me in the thread or PM me! :)

    Mentor: @Lionatthezoo/

    Mod PieOrPi
    Yo! My name is PieOrPi and I am a FMA. I was also on the FMA team for about 3 months before I resigned and eventually reinstated. I am 17 years old and going into my senior year of high school. I have a passion for computer science and plan on majoring in it in college. On Mineplex, my favorite games are Speed Builders and Dragon Escape, because they're simple and fun. I currently have 3 wonderful dogs that keep me occupied, along with all my amazing friends on the server. If you ever need me, feel free to contact me on Discord or through Xenforo as I'd love to answer your questions! I enjoy doing work on the forums and hope to make them a safe and informative place for everyone!

    Mentor: @Lionatthezoo

    Sr.Mod Tilgorn
    Yo! I’m Tilgorn, a Community Manager along with being active in subteams such as Reports Patrol (RP) and FMA. As far as video games you’ll most likely find me here on Mineplex playing Minestrike. As an aspiring author, I am currently working on a book and love anything book-related! Other hobbies of mine include basketball, hanging out with friends, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. If you ever want to talk, don’t hesitate to send me a message!

    Mentor: @Lionatthezoo

    Mod WowCaleb
    Hello! My name is WowCaleb but almost everyone on the network knows me as Caleb. I am 15 years old and I live in Ireland, which many of you probably associate with leprechauns and good luck. Outside of school, I play casual sports while I wait around for the summer months where I can take part in various land and water activities like rock climbing, banana boating or just canoeing down the stream on a hot sunny day. My heart longs for adventure and travelling the world when I'm older is an opportunity I will not let pass me by. I also hang out with my friends, who somehow appreciate my wackiness and randomness. I honestly don't know how so I don't question it anymore. As for Mineplex, I was accepted as a Trainee on March 21st and received an early promotion to Moderator less than a month later! I have achieved a lot since I returned to Mineplex a few months ago, and I enjoy my current position more than words can express. I especially love interacting with the community and getting to know you guys better through all our platforms. I'm also that one guy you might see writing articles for the Newsletter, helping out at Events, and of course moderating the forums. Despite all that I do, I'm very friendly and I don't bite, so make sure to stop by and say hello if you ever see me around! Which could be anytime seeing as my sleep schedule is slowly deteriorating.

    Mentor: @Hxmza

    Mod xUmbreon
    Hey! I'm Alex, but most know me as Umbreon. I'm a senior in high school, and I live in the eastern United States. I first became a Trainee on Mineplex in October 2017, being promoted to Staff Management in May 2019. I resigned from the staff team as a whole in November 2019, and came back as a Trainee in June 2020. On Mineplex, my favorite game is Nano and you will most likely find me playing that. As for other video games, I'm a huge Pokemon player and I spend a ton of time playing Pokemon Sword. Animal Crossing is a game I enjoy as well. Feel free to message me on the forums if you would like to chat! :D

    Mentor: @Lionatthezoo
    Posted Mar 20, 2020,
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  2. DD/MM/YY

    04/04/2020 - @Phamtastic resigned from FM Mentor/Forum Ninja (Sr.Mod) to Moderator

    04/04/2020 - @Hxmza was promoted to FM Mentor

    16/04/2020 - New batch of Forum Moderators: @AyyNick
    @Camull ✩ @chhase @Degagelemming95 @Jaborrie @ScarletBlood37 @wattywatty14 @xailia

    20/04/2020 @Dallarth resigned from the staff team, with it resinging from FM

    21/04/2020 @Degagelemming95 resigned from the staff team, with it resinging from FM

    29/04/2020 @Jaborrie & @xailia resigned from FM

    08/05/2020 @Wolfayy was promoted to FM Mentor

    08/05/2020 @GuardianInASuit @ScarletBlood37 & @ZainM were promoted to Forum Ninja

    19/05/2020 - New batch of Forum Moderators: @ddgolfer04 @Klobby @LT Tombstone 77 @Unknitsun @WowCaleb

    25/05/2020 @skarm resigned from the staff team, with it resigning from FM

    07/06/2020 @TeaSpiller resigned from the staff team, with it resigning from FM

    12/06/2020 @ScarletBlood37 left the Forum Ninja team, @Unknitsun & @LT Tombstone 77 resigned from the staff team, with it resigning from FM

    19/06/2020 @Wolfayy left the staff team, with it leaving the FN team and FM Mentoring position

    24/06/2020 @wattywatty14 resigned from FM

    18/07/2020 New batch of Forum Moderators: @Btsy4U @idcmax @oCassi @PieOrPi @xUmbreon

    23/07/2020 @ZainM resigned from the staff team, with it resigning from FN

    23/07/2020 New Forum Ninjas: @Camull ✩ & @ddgolfer04

    12/08/2020 Edited the whole thread to reflect forums team structure changes. Beyond this point in the changelog, "FM" is Forum Manager and "FMA" is Forum Manager Assistant.

    18/09/2020 @Hxmza resigned from the staff team and is no longer a FM. @Btsy4U also resigned from the staff team and is no longer a FMA. @jacvb resigned from FMA.
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    OP OP Posted Apr 19, 2020,
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