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Forum Signature Request

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by hesonoodle, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Hey,

    As I've just got myself on this new forum and back on Mineplex (haven't been on for a long time), I'm looking for a forum signature if anyone would like to make me one. I definitely don't want to sound greedy or anything by saying "someone make me one", but if anyone would like to do it out of the kindness of their heart, I will be very appreciative.

    I'm not very fussy about what it's totally like, but I would like an animated one that has my username - (HeSoNoodle) and then switches the screen to say Eternal in a bold/bubble type writing style. Anything made would be appreciated and credit can be added in if requested.

    *just to clarify again, this is just a request and if no one wants to make one, it's totally okay.*

    Posted Jul 20, 2019
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  2. Hey there,

    I'm not sure if you'd be interested since it wouldn't contain your username, but I made some animated rank signatures a little while ago that sound a lot like what you're looking for. Feel free to check them out here!
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
  3. Give me a few days and I'll try my best to make gif with ms paint and a online program :3 I'll try my best! I love making art and I want to try animation so Imma try. If you don't like what I end up doing, I need the practice anyways! :D
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
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  4. Hey, thanks a lot! Really appreciate that and I’m sure it’ll be great. Just let me know when you’ve finished it, but there’s absolutely no rush.

    Thanks once again.
    --- Post updated ---
    Hey, thanks for making me aware of these. I hadn’t seen them and I’m going to see what other pieces of work I get, but nice to know there is some other art that could be used.

    Also, just want to include you did a really good job on them. They’re actually really good signatures.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 21, 2019

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