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Fixed Assassin:

Discussion in 'Champions' started by Bossitiveplays, Nov 17, 2019.



Poll closed Jan 5, 2020.
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  1. *Please rate this honestly once you have read it*

    Evade: Fix the hit detection when you're playing against it. I deal with this constantly whenever I fight good evaders and some people will complain about this when I play with them in Domination matches.

    Illusion: Remove Slow 2 effect from it. Inflict Weakness 1 on the caster for 2 + 1 pl (per level) seconds when they cast illusion. This is a good place holder to make 'illu tapping' more bearable. Illusion tapping has caused quite a bit of commotion because Assassins can get free hits on their enemy before they are able to be attacked. Inflicting weakness on them for 1 extra second of the max time their illusion remains before it disappears makes that scenario a little better until this issue is fixed.

    Leap: Can be used while slowed. Have the cooldowns start at 8 - 1 pl seconds. This move needs to stand out from the others and I think other people agree with this idea. Literally a handful of players and hackers use this skill only. The cooldowns need a fix as well. Leap 1 is literally useless. If you start the cooldown a second early and have the cooldown decreased by 1s per level then the skill still ends at Leap 5 having a recharge of 3s.

    Blink: Travel 4 pl + 10 blocks. You can use De-Blink while slowed. One of the things I love about blink is its 'De-Blink' mechanic. I think that this skill should be exposed more so that people branch off of Flash and use Blink. Having the ability to De-Blink when slowed would be very useful as well. The distance maximum of this skill should be 30 blocks because I believe that Flash should be able to travel the furthest and 'De-Blink' is enough to make this skill standout.

    Silence Arrow: Silence time changed to 1 + 1pl. Cooldown reverted back to 20 - 2 pl. I'm sorry but 3s static silence is completely useless especially with the addition of water bottles removing all negative status effects.

    Smokebomb: Cannot be used while slowed. Inflict Weakness 1 on the caster for 2 + 1 pl seconds when they Smokebomb. Recall was given this nerf, Smokebomb should get it as well. It makes playing Assassin harder and to me, it's clear that the only reason why most people stopped using Recall was that it was hard to drink a water bottle and then recall as well as shift-recall and escape.

    Recall: Secondary Recall and Primary Recall have separate cooldowns. Primary Recall should replenish 2 + 2 pl hp and put you back to your location 3 + 1 pl seconds ago while Secondary Recall should replenish 1 + 1 pl hp and put you back to your location 0 + 1 pl. Primary Recall cannot be used while slowed. I was disappointed when they made it so that you couldn't use Recall if you were slowed and instead added some alternitive that did next to nothing for you. With this implementation and the consideration of Smokebomb being fixed I think this skill will be as good (and balanced) as Smokebomb.

    Combo Attack: There can be two ways to balance this skill. A) Make the damage maximum go from 0.5 + 0.5 pl, or B) Make the damage bonus per hit increase by 0.5 instead 1 as well as resetting the damage if the opponent hasn't attacked in 2s. Combo attack needs a nerf in my opinion. It does too much damage too quickly and if you combine that with illu tapping and smoke bomb it's unbelievable. This fix should solve that skill.

    Shocking Strikes: Every hit deals Shock and Slow 1 for 0 + 3s. The true power of Shocking Strikes in my opinion is the Slowness effect. This is the part of Shocking Strikes that makes it so good.

    Viper Strikes: Fix Viper. Deal + 1 damage. Viper poison sometimes won't even work. This skill should have 1 bonus damage because it needs the power boost to stand with the other Passive B skills.
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
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  2. Yes.
    No, but decrease the slow and until the glitch is fixed, it'd be neat to have something mitigating the damage slightly. Do not know what that would be.
    As a Leap sin, no. Just reduce the wallkick cooldown slightly and consider messing with the velocity or something.
    No. Silencing is stupid, but it's usable as is. Also, bottles counter literally everything so I'm not sure what your point is there.
    Also no. The recall change was a bad one.
    --- Post updated ---
    Just make secondary recall automatically trigger if slowed and call it a day.
    Combo isn't even really better than Backstab right now. Also, +1.5 damage is super underwhelming.
    Posted Nov 19, 2019
  3. Thank you for giving me your opinion. After reading your thoughts, my thoughts on Assassin changed as well.

    1. For instance, if Leap was able to be used while slowed then everybody would use that. I know that for a fact because in ClanYT clans that was all everybody used (ClanYT clans was a different server that was like clans in which it had custom skills to use like recall and static laser but also more skills like "strength in numbers" but my point is that all of the Assassins always ran Leap as their axe skill because of the "can be used while slowed" part of the move.

    2. Illusion should inflict slowness but very short (I'm thinking 1-2s) so that recall sins aren't completely overwhelmed by it's effect, or you know, just don't have illusion inflict slowness on enemies.

    3. Looking back to what you said about Silencing Arrow, 3s is useable as it is, but I wouldn't upgrade the skill. Perhaps add a way to make the skill worth upgrading? I say this because I'll use Marked for Death 3 or Smoke Arrow 2 in my builds but never Silence 2, 3, or 4.

    4. My idea on Recall hasn't changed. There was an update on clans a couple years ago that lasted for a day and that had made the skill have two cooldowns (Primary and Secondary Recall) and that feature really put Recall on par with Smokebomb. Though if that feature wasn't added, Secondary Recall being triggered automatically when slowed will also be enough.

    5. What I was trying to say wasn't really to nerf Combo Attack but make all the skills in that category worth using as much as Combo Attack. The two top skills that the majority use are Combo Attack and Backstab, with the addition of Water Bottles negating all bad effects Viper Strikes no longer became as useful as it once had been and even though Shocking Strikes was changed inflicting blindness, now I feel like it got nerfed because the slowness aspect of it was moved to only slowing the enemy per 3rd hit which disappointed me because I was a shocking strikes main on that 1 part of the skill and once that got nerfed I stopped using it because combo and backstab were just better.

    Again, I just want to thank you on spending time to look and reply to this.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  4. I wasn't aware water bottles removes silence...? Removing silence isn't in the item description, and I tested it last season to see that it doesn't help against being silenced. Unless this a recent change.
    Posted Dec 1, 2019
  5. Water bottles remove all negative effects including Silence. This feature was added awhile ago as well.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 1, 2019

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