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Fix For Joining The Server And Clans

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by edaniel557, Jan 27, 2023.


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  1. Hey Folks! I know many of you are probably having trouble connecting to the server and onto Clans well don't worry I got a fix for you!

    For me personally the IP "mineplex.com" when I try to join on it says "Unknown Host" Now some people have told me they don't have this issue but instead they have it with the other IPs so it is depending on each person I advise you guys to experiment with the IPs for me personally the IP "clans.mineplex.com" is working

    Mineplex IPs you could join on:

    For people trying to join Clans when you go into the Clans Lobby it is probably connecting you to ClansHub-1467 then when you try to queue it either has a glitch that puts you in the queue but doesn't TP you or it has a glitch where it says something about not being able to connect due to a web error and to try again later

    If this is the case simply just go to /server ClansHub-1466 and you should be good

    If you guys are getting errors about the web thing when trying to connect to the server simply just restart your game. If you have multiple accounts on your launcher try having one Minecraft open then open another one on a Different account and try connecting this has worked for me

    Hope this helps you all! Also would a video be helpful? Vote on the poll
    Posted Jan 27, 2023

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