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Feels Bad

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by 3Clicks, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Posted Sep 8, 2019
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  2. Hey mate,

    Unfortunately, I know how you feel. I have multiple people on my friends list that have been inactive for 900 days+, but not everyone stays around for a long time, so it is normal. I now clear most of these people from my friends list as it gets quite cluttered, but I still to this day have kept my good friends who I knew very well on my /f list, even if they haven't logged on in 3 years. Hopefully, one day that 900 days can turn into 2 minutes ago! :O
    Posted Sep 8, 2019
  3. Hey,

    Same feeling. 90% of the people on my friend's list are my old mineplex friends from 2015-2016 when I was staff. Now none of them go one. But it is interesting to sometimes see the number be at 30 days ago because it means they went on earlier for whatever reason.

    I don't want to remove anyone on my friend's list bc it's a lot of memories but it's getting kind of cluttered.
    Posted Sep 8, 2019
  4. I wouldn't say there's a feeling of regret when looking at players that haven't been online for a while. It's a bit sad but we have to appreciate the fun times that we had with those people while they were still active on the server. I have so many friends that haven't been on the server for years, but I still talk to some of them. They've just moved on to other things in their lives and want to focus on those instead of playing on Mineplex all of the time. That's completely okay. It does become harder to stay in touch with people that decide to move away from the server or Minecraft itself, but if you are truly friends, you'll stay in contact and if you don't, you just have to hope that they are happy with whatever they are doing now. I guess it just depends on how you look at it, but I always try to see the positive in the situation.
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
  5. Hey mate,
    I get this feeling all the time, I used to have rows of friends online on Mineplex and we always used to play, now it's like a graveyard in my friends list. It's very lucky for me to find 1 friend online but it's a very rare occurence. I've got people not on the server for even upto 500 days or longer, I know how you feel.
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
  6. For me, the feeling is bittersweet.

    On one hand, it does feel bad that I have not played with a lot of my old friends on the server for years. A lot of my friends on my list were from 2015 when I last played on the server before taking some time to focus on school. When I came back in 2018, I saw just how many people have moved on. I miss playing games and sharing laughs with these people.

    On the other hand, I also feel happy. I feel happy that I had the opportunity to meet so many people along my journey on the server. When I first joined the server in 2014, I never would have known the place where I am at now and all the amazing memories I have forged with the people from all around the world that I met here.

    So it is sad, but it's also a token that I am able to remember a lot of happy memories from over the years
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  7. I have felt the same thing before.

    Much before I became a staff member I had this one friend who was really good at cake wars and I used to play with him all the time along with my sister. Then I started giving more attention to bedrock when I began the process of applying for staff. I logged onto java just recently and saw that he hasn’t been online for nearly 2 months now! I felt wrecked. I know this is very less compared to your friend not being on for 800 days however my main reason for logging onto java was meeting him and having a reunion party in cake wars! When I saw he hadn’t been online for so long I didn’t stay on Java for as long as I planned to and I returned back to the bedrock server.

    Why does it happen that your good friends go inactive for so long whereas the other people on your friends list who you hardly play with are very active?
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
  8. Bruh moment.

    Anyway, I know how you feel. A bunch of friends I met in clans, minigames, realms, etc quit a long time ago. Even some of my irl friends that I used to play with when I first got my Minecraft account


    It’s even more annoying when you see a friend online 350 days ago and then the next day it says “online 2 minutes ago”. Now that’s when you feel regret because you could have been watching TV and then you decide to come into Mineplex. What if you didn’t watch tv for those 2 minutes. You and your friend could have talked to eachother. Exchange discords to keep in touch, etc

    Who agrees with me?
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
  9. The best way to avoid this issue is to have no friends \o/

    Or as I like to say, play Mineplex solo.
    Posted Sep 15, 2019

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