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Feeling scammed.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by MarshmallowMan71, Dec 3, 2021.

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  1. I have played on mineplex since March of 2013. I have seen games come and go, ranks released, and so much more.
    I always loved this server.
    But now, this awful, so poorly made system, not even mentioned in rank descriptions, is literally taking money out of your pockets. Never have I seen such a blatant rip-off. The fact that they did not even have an "exchange for shards" option, or just changing to duplicate items, etc. is so ridiculous. You just lost another player. I stuck with this server through all of the ups and downs but this is the end. This is one of the many reasons this server is going downhill.


    Resending because the image did not work.
    Posted Dec 3, 2021,
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  2. Hello there,
    I am really sorry you feel this way, but Mineplex is an awesome server. There is so much to do on it many cool people in the community, everyone is so friendly and welcoming and wouldn’t that for anything, we wish you well on your further journeys though and welcome you back anytime have a good one, and thank you for being a committed member since 2013, have a good night!

    -thanks YxngAP6310
    Posted Dec 3, 2021
  3. Can you elaborate on the rip off part, I am a little confused
    Posted Dec 3, 2021
  4. Hey, I'm a bit confused how you say this is taking money out of pockets when you only pay for Eternal rank once, so if you keep opening monthly rewards it makes sense that eventually you're going to get all the cosmetics? What would you like the rank description to say? Chests are only one of the rank features out there.

    You can exchange chests to shards with the Immortal rank given that you buy the feature from the Immortal shop - it takes about 4-5 months of saving up your points to afford it, although personally I would say to leave your chests and whenever there are new cosmetics added to the loot pool you can open them - you'll be guaranteed to get them.
    Posted Dec 3, 2021
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  5. What are you saying is a rip-off? I don't get it. The rank monthly bonus? You're an Eternal, which means you get an Omega every month. I'm sure you'll always have a use for those. As for Mythicals and Illuminateds, those are no longer any good once you've got all the standard cosmetics, but if you've been playing eight years, then you almost certainly have.

    Yes, there haven't been any new, non-event cosmetics in years. Yes, gems are useless once you have all the kits and shards are only good for event chests once you have all the normal stuff, and the conversion being locked behind a paywall when everyone ends up with a massive surplus of both if they play long enough is a bit cheap since it's something everyone could really use, it certainly doesn't make the rank any sort of scam.

    I'm sure when you bought it, you got a lot out of it. Think of all the bonuses that got you new cosmetics or shards from dups to spend on even more chests. Another important thing to remember as well-Eternal used to be $150, now it's only $25. If it wasn't a scam then, I don't see how it's one now. Plus the ability to open chests (or run out of chests to open) isn't tied to any rank. Ranks just make it easier to get more.

    Even so, I've still never seen a reason to permanently upgrade from Titan to Eternal, even if it's only a $2 switch. I like Titan's color better, and hardly anyone cares about the communities feature anymore, which is the rank's main calling card. And not having it means I always have the chance of getting it from Mythical Chests, which is a tantalizing prospect I don't want to lose.

    There's also an argument to be made here that buying ranks on any server in general is a waste. I'm sure you've seen those "iMaGInE bUYinG RaNKs oN a DeAD/MINecRAFt SeRVeR" people, I always "love" that, but they do have a point. However, that doesn't stop thousands and thousands of people on Mineplex alone from doing so.
    Posted Dec 3, 2021,
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  6. Hi @MarshmallowMan71,

    First and foremost, I'm sorry to read that you're not pleased with the direction that the server has been taken in over the years, and to be truthfully honest that's one of the things that we dislike reading altogether because we truly want everyone here to enjoy their time on the server. As unfortunate as this may sound, change is inevitable over time. With that being said, I wanted to sit down and address your thread personally.

    Like others have expressed above, I'm a bit confused with what you're saying here. If you're talking about ranks in general, nobody is forcing you to purchase them, and yes, they do cost money... So I guess you could say they quite literally do take money out of your pockets, but not for a reason that is unfit? Each rank comes with benefits and perks that are clearly listed in the Mineplex Shop before purchasing them. If you're talking about a limit on how many chest you can open, it only makes sense because once you get all the cosmetics out of that specific chest, there's no more chest to be opened. Not seeing how that's a scam...There just hasn't been any newer cosmetics pushed due to development focus being pushed in other areas. If you have any idea suggestions that you feel may improve the server, please feel free to make suggestions in the Idea-Discussion Sub-Forum.

    This is a viable suggestion. You could always purchase immortal and purchase the exchange chest to shards perk in the immortal shop, or you could save the chest for whenever new loot drops.

    Since this is a "quit" thread, and because this does not promote constructive discussion, I will be locking the thread. Again, if you have any idea suggestions, please make them in the Idea Discussion Sub-Forum.

    Thread Locked | Quit/Leaving Thread.
    Posted Dec 6, 2021
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