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favorite video game

Discussion in 'Surveys' started by Lila, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Overwatch is my favourite fps game no doubt. Super fun and the characters are grade A.

    My favourite storymode game is 100% The Last of Us. I've never seen a game take it to the level that The Last of Us team did. The graphics were amazing, the bonds have you all deep in your feelings, and the store is just BOMB. Recommend it if you haven't played it because The Last of Us 2 is coming out soontm.
    Posted Apr 5, 2019
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  2. Minecraft has to be my favorite obviously. But on the side I enjoy playing The Escapists 2, Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario Kart 8. This is not an exclusive list as I do play a lot of games but these have to be my top 3 of all time.
    Posted Apr 5, 2019
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  3. Next to minecraft, the game Im into the most is The Binding Of Isaac.
    Next to this, I also enjoy games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Tetris, Super Meatboy, The End is Night and a few more.
    For later releases, I'm hyped for Mario Maker 2 and the new Pokemon games.
    Posted Apr 5, 2019
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  4. How can I pick, I have so many!!

    ~The classic Diablo game, Mario Kart DS, Pokemon Red, FNAF games, PewDiePie Tuber Sim, and of course, Minecraft
    Literally every game I've played has reached my heart in some way. BUT NOT YOU, CLASH OF CLANS! I HATE THAT GAME

    But I do like a lot of retro games ^u^
    Posted Apr 6, 2019
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  5. Mine. Craft.
    --- Post updated ---
    I also play Clash Royale and Pokemon GO
    Posted Apr 16, 2019
    Posted Apr 28, 2019

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