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favorite video game

Discussion in 'Surveys' started by ppancake, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. ppancake


    that was me a couple years ago but then Minecraft got boring
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 13, 2019
  2. SkarmMines


    Outside of Minecraft, my favorite games would definitely have to be Super Smash Bros Brawl for the story mode [Subspace Emissary] or Ultimate because of literally how amazing it is. Additionally, I absolutely love Pokemon [can't wait for Sword and Shield] and the Ace Attorney series. I've been playing Pokemon for as long as I can remember, getting one game and my brother getting the opposite one so we could "race" to see who can finish first and then battle each other. It's grown to definitely be one of my favorite game series and I don't remember a time where I didn't play it growing up. As for Ace Attorney, it's not a game I really got into until around 2016 when the sixth game came out, but the story follows Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney, who has to go through investigations and trials to have his clients declared "not guilty". It's much more fun than it sounds and it's quickly become another one of my favorite game series. The seventh game should be coming out this year for the Nintendo Switch and I'm super excited. An honorable mention is definitely the Zelda series especially: Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild.
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
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  3. BasicT


    Hey there! For sure, my favorite game has got to be Minecraft as I grew up with it from when I was in first grade, to now. However, outside of Minecraft has got to be Super Smash Bros Ultimate as I love the fighting style and how different games merge into one. I also love the Skylanders [In General] as I love the adventure the game has to it and just the style of the game.
    Have a nice day!
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  4. I play Minecraft the most right now, but I'm patiently waiting for call of duty mobile to come out
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  5. Oscaros_


    Heya! I personally really like playing Clash of Clans, and playing Fortnite on the PC. I don't exactly play the games on Minecraft as much, but I do still enjoy the Mineplex minigames and play them every so often :p I also enjoy helping out ingame and banning hackers as ever to improve the community's experience, but in general I really enjoy playing Fortnite on PC which I'm hopefully increasingly improving at!

    Nice little thread, it's interesting to see what else people here play asides Minecraft :p​
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  6. wixco


    I love tetris too, that's crazy. One of my friends would say I'm pretty bad at it, but he's lying. I'm great at tetris. I love it. It gives me the opportunity to be like my role model, who is also a tetris star. I also really love Overwatch, and I play that occasionally as well!

    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  7. As a gamer, I’ve had many favorite games. But the gem of all games for me would have to be Minecraft. It’s the game I played the longest, and grew up with. Some notable games for me are: terraria, Forza series, fallout 3,4 & 5, and the crigiest of all, Roblox.
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  8. xUmbreon


    I have a couple of favorite games, but by far my favorite video game franchise is Pokemon (who would've guessed?). I first started playing on my friends' consoles, and I really enjoyed playing on those. I wanted to get a DS and a game of Pokemon of my own but unfortunately since I was around 5 years old I didn't really have access to that yet. Once my birthday rolled around, my grandmother gave me a copy of Pokemon Diamond as well as a DS. This was my first ever video game that I owned, and it was a brand new copy, not a used copy. I spent a lot of time playing Diamond and I really grew to love the franchise as a whole because of that. My favorite game of all time is probably Pokemon Platinum or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. I love to play RPGs as you can probably tell.

    Minecraft is a close second to be completely honest. My cousin had Minecraft Lite on her iPad and I thought it looked cool, so I downloaded the lite version onto my phone. After playing around I convinced my parents to buy me the full version on my mobile device. Then, I got the full version of Minecraft (PC version) sometime around Christmas of 2013. I then started to play some servers, and I discovered Mineplex around 2014 and I've been here since.
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
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  9. NothinButNet36


    I love my sport games. NCAA14 Football is the greatest football game of all time and of course was the last one because of lawsuits and other things. NBA2K16 is my favorite basketball game because it was fun and didn’t have a lot of problems as future 2K games have. My favorite Madden game is probably Madden 16. Besides sport games Minecraft is the only nonsport game I play.
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  10. happilycam


    Nice! I heard the discount is pretty good for those who didn’t get the previous year passes. I have all the operators, but fail to use most of them that often. Regarding Doc, I used to main him too! The MP5 is really nice, and I have black ice for it as well. I wish I could use him more where the weapon skin was worth it. Seeing as Thatchers gun is the same as Sledges, I always interchange them as well depending on who we need. (:
    Posted Mar 14, 2019

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