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favorite NF song/album

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Anna., Apr 2, 2021.

  1. as the title states, i'm curious what y'alls favorite NF song/album is.
    if u don't listen to NF u are truly missing out and i recommend u listen to him asap

    my favorite album is The Search and my favorite song is probably How Could You Leave Us although it's quite sad

    this thread was inspired by my own curiosity and the fact that i wanna know @CrackleHarvest36.'s favorites and he can't not tell me if it's a public thread calling him out B)
    Posted Apr 2, 2021
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  2. Hi!

    My favorite album from NF has got to be Perception, and my favorite song is quite a hard question to answer. I love so many of NF's songs, and it's really hard to pick favorites. My favorite song is probably Can You Hold Me. How Could You Leave Us is amazing as well just like all of his music.
    Posted Apr 2, 2021
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  3. Heyya!
    I really like NF as he's a fairly PG rapper that talks over a lot of subjects most artists are to afraid to even think about! He's so genuine and straight forward with his past trauma and the ways people cope with a lot of the traumatic things. I personally do not have a favourite album however, I do have a few favourite songs. Those songs being "Hate Myself," Mansion," and "Lost in the Moment." These songs really describe a lot about what I've been through in my life and the exact way I cope. In Lost in the Moment one lyric is "....ever since you fell in love with the music you find a way to express how you feel but the moment you get away from the mic you dont know what you're doing..." which I think explains perfectly how a lot of people cope with things in different ways and sometimes even the wrong ways. "eventually you'll have to deal with the things that you talk about" meaning talking about trauma and such might result in you going through it in some way too. Either way NF is definitely a great musical artist and I love his works! Great post/question!
    Posted Apr 3, 2021
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  4. I genuinely agree with you Anna. My favorite album would definitely be "The Search" only because it's so personal. Not many artists can touch me so deep and give a different perspective of life. Always my go-to album from time to time, that's for sure.
    Posted Apr 4, 2021
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  5. What is nf
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
  6. I don't listen to NF a lot, but there are a few songs they've made that I really like, and they are: Lie, Paralysed, Time & Let You Down. I will admit they make some pretty good music, but these are my favourites from them!
    Posted Apr 28, 2021
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  7. I've listened to a bit of NF, lie will always be my favourite because I remember being taught some awesome hip hop choreography to it right after a breakup and it was so powerful and stuck with me. So I'd say lie 100%
    Posted Apr 30, 2021
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  8. Hey!

    I listen to NF once in a while, but not enough to know every album/song they have, but my favorite song by them is easily Let you Down, as a few others said above. It's honestly a really relatable song with a good beat. NF's such a good rapper, and it really shows in Let you Down. I remember hearing that song on the radio and wanting to put that in one of my playlists years ago. I haven't listened to it a lot lately, but thanks for reminding me he still exists, so I'll start listening to him again, haha. Thanks for making this post!
    Posted May 1, 2021
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  9. same lol just searched it, its "ok"
    Posted May 1, 2021
  10. Likely, Bon Jovi - it's my life
    Posted May 7, 2021

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