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Favorite Movie/Show?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ItsFree, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. Hey all!

    Was a bit bored so I decided to explore the off topic section for a bit and wanted to bring a new thread to life! And cause I need more shows to watch during my free time haha

    What is your favorite movie/show and what makes it your favorite? Personally, my favorite movie is Avengers Endgame as I'm an avid fan of the Avengers series or anything Marvel related and with how much action was packed into Endgame. What about you?!
    Posted Jun 21, 2021
  2. hey free this may catch you by surprise here but my favourite movie is Frozen. Basically I like winter types of things so I decided to watch it one day and it ended up being really good and now we're here. Also sidenote Lord of the Rings is also top tier and were my favourites for a long time. As for shows; Modern Family, Family Guy, the Pokemon Anime as a whole, I can't really pick a favourite but those are up there.
    Posted Jun 21, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 21, 2021
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  3. Hihihi

    I know you already know this buuuuttttt, my favourite show is hands down Attack On Titan. It's an anime though so some people refuse to watch it *cough* but it's honestly so good and I'd recommend it to anyone who needs something to watch. The amount of foreshadowing blows my mind, since it's really subtle but ends up being something you're like "no way, I missed that?" after you've finished the show (like 2 episodes from where we are right now you're going to be SHOCKED). Every character has their unique, but normally tragic backstory, so seeing how much character development takes place is another reason I really like the show. A lot of people don't like how the show ended but honestly, I think it ended really well (definitely made me cry a river though).
    Posted Jun 21, 2021
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  4. Im not a big movie person, but I really like horror movies, some of my favorites are A Quiet Place, Birdbox, and the Shinning. I watch a lot more tv shows, and usually animated ones tend to be better than like "real" ones, my two favorite tv shows are Rick and Morty, and Futurama.
    Posted Jun 21, 2021
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  5. Hey!

    Firstly, a show I highly recommend is Peaky Blinders. There are 6 seasons of the show that consist of 6 episodes that are 53-56 minutes long. It's a show about an English Mob called the Peaky Blinders that is run by the Shelby family. You can watch it on Netflix I believe, at least Canadian Netflix you can.

    Another one I can definitely recommend is The Hitman's Bodyguard. It's a movie about a former AAA bodyguard that was ruined and now has to protect the most violent assassin in the city. It stars Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson and a few other B-list actors. Personally, I got a ton of laughs out of this movie and it was quite enjoyable.

    Last but certainly not least, The Martian. The Martian is my all-time favourite movie and will be for a long time. It's got quite a long run time of 2 hours and 24 minutes, but it is definitely worth 2 and a half hours to watch. The movie is about an astronaut that gets stranded on Mars and has to stay alive until the next mission comes to rescue him in 4 years. There are lots of nerve-racking moments that definitely make you sit on the edge of your seat, but there are some lighter sides. Overall, it is still an amazing movie to watch. It stars Matt Damon and I think he played the role in this movie extremely well and made the movie that much more enjoyable.
    Posted Jun 21, 2021
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  6. Hey Free!

    Anyone who hasn't watched Friends is missing out. There's such a divide when it comes to people who think it's funny and people who think it's ridiculously lacking in any sort of comedy, but I loved it when I binge watched all ten seasons. It's basically a group of six friends who all own apartments in a building in New York City, and they go through pretty much every life experience together. Highly recommend.

    Another show is 13 reasons why. I won't delve into the plot too much in this setting but the characters are probably my favourite part of the whole show, despite that I'm conflicted on who my favourite is. I would most likely have to say Justin Foley. God that smile. Anyways, if you're old enough to be okay with watching this particular show then I would recommend it, but it does deal with several topics that are super delicate so bear that in mind for anyone considering it.

    Thirdly, Quicksand, a lesser known but nonetheless amazing show. This is one I'm guessing you haven't watched before and you should definitely try it out if you're into thriller and crime. There's also a huge element of teen life such as drama and romance so it ticks all my boxes. It's about a Swedish girl who is arrested and suspected of murder, and her trial about why she did what she did (allegedly). It flashes back and forth between the present and her memories, which is where all your typical teen drama and all that comes into play. And then the present is all about the trial (I love court in movies/TV). So all the themes really float my boat. Watch it!

    If you're into horrors, the Haunting of Hill House. That's pretty much been the first and only horror show that I've watched (as opposed to many, many films). It genuinely scared me to the point where I was looking behind my shoulder leaving my dog out to bed at night. As for horror films, the Conjuring series (which you've already seen but in case anyone else wants to sacrifice a night of sleep, here you go!). I'm not going to say any more about that other than good luck if you decide to watch it.

    It's so so hard to pick my favourite movie of all time. My parents are film fanatics so I've seen all the classics like the Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Forrest Gump, The Wolf of Wall Street, and plenty more... but when it comes down to it, I'd have to say one of the Star Wars movies. Or all of them, but Revenge of the Sith probably takes the cake. God, Anakin Skywalker... anyways. As for my favourite show, maybe Gossip Girl? I watched that way too fast and I wish I could do it all over again not knowing what's going to happen. I love older shows though like Malcolm in the Middle and The Wonder Years. Again you can blame my parents for that.

    I'm blaming you for setting me off on this tangent. I watch movies/TV way too much please no one judge me :weary:. Given this absolute tirade, you're obligated to watch at least one thing I've recommended or talked about! Preferably not just you but anyone reading this :D you'll thank me one day when someone compliments you on your amazing taste.
    Posted Jun 21, 2021
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  7. Favorite movie(s): back to the future series

    Favorite show: supernatural. It's on Netflix, you gotta watch it because it's awesome. It's about demon and monster hunting and it has gore in it so if you're into that kinda stuff then you'll like it
    Posted Jun 21, 2021
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  8. Hi there,
    My favorite show would have to be a netflix series called "Gotham". I am not sure if you've seen it or even heard of it, however, it was created as a story that comes before the Batman movies, as Bruce Wayne is a kid in this series.
    If you like DC as much as you like Marvel, I definitely recommend checking this show out as it's very entertaining and gives you an idea of what happened prior to Bruce Wayne becoming the Batman.
    Having said that, I'm glad someone shares my opinion on Marvel movies as they've been my favorite for a very long time now. Do you have an opinion on the new series that Marvel released called "Wandavision" and "The falcon and the winter soldier"? I'm curious to ask someone about those as not many people I know share my passion regarding Marvel related content.
    Have a great day and thank you for the question!
    Posted Jun 22, 2021
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  9. I've always been someone that doesn't have a favourite show or movie, it just depends on what I've been watching recently or if anything in specific really stands out. With that said, my favourite genres are thriller, horror, drama, sci-fi and comedy. Instead of choosing a favourite of each, I'll just mention some movies and shows I've enjoyed in the past:

    - How to get away with murder
    - Lucifer
    - New Amsterdam (definitely recommend watching this for something new!)
    - Money Heist
    - Super Store
    - Santa Clarita Diet

    - Back to the Future
    - Identity Thief
    - Home Alone

    These were just some I could think of off the top of my mind, and they're in no particular order. As you can probably tell, I much prefer shows over movies, not sure why but they're just more enjoyable to me!
    Posted Jun 23, 2021
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  10. Hola Free!

    My response to this questions ALWAYS changes because my opinions change so much when it comes to movies/shows, but my favorite t.v show is a show called Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. It's about a girl who becomes a zombie and tries to hide it. It's super funny and I've literally watched the whole series about 8 times (not even kidding LOL). My favorite movies are probably The Wrong Missy, Bad Teacher, and The Bee Movie, which are all on Netflix, haha. These to me are all super funny movies that always put me in a better mood, which is probably why they're my favorite. Thanks for making this post!
    Posted Jun 26, 2021
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  11. Monty Python And The Holy Grail, just proves that you dont need fancy equipment and special effects to make a brilliant movie. This one was made in 1975 with just 400.000$. The comedy from this movie is timeless and it has inspired many many memes (like:"Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science.)

    And of course

    The Godfather trilogy, you simply cannot talk about good movies without mentioning The Godfather. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it so far.

    And for the shows: Top Gear and Family Guy, good old offensive jokes.
    Posted Jun 26, 2021
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  12. Ayo Free,

    I feel like it depends on what you're looking for and in the mood for but more recently, I've been watching old shows that I continue to love like, I always have one for different genres honestly but again, most recently:

    TV Shows:

    -Brooklyn 99 - Comedy
    -Criminal Minds/S.W.A.T - Action
    -Prison Break was a good show until you get to the final few seasons, it really had a good start but it just didn't go in the right direction


    -Batrman - The Dark Knight
    -IT (Newer versions)

    I recently started watching another show that probably won't be named here but you can slide into my dms for any recommendation, I'll always get you
    Posted Jun 29, 2021
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  13. Hey!

    I'm a huge Movie/Television person, so for me, there's a ton of possible different answers to this question as it depends heavily on the genre of the film/show so I'll go into a few of my favorites and why they are my favorite.

    Lost in Space (2018) - I'm obsessed with all things space and Sci-Fi, so when this reboot of a TV show from the 1960s came around I was hooked right away. Everything about this show is perfect for me: the characters, the special effects, the script and of course the action. Lost in Space is a show that packs in a ton of action, drama, and twists and turns which kept me interested and I highly suggest it to anyone who loves Sci-Fi and hasn't seen it!

    American Horror Story - I'm also a pretty big fan of Horror, although, I mostly only like Horror Movies but American Horror Story is an exception. It's a fantastic show, it feels so immersive and the writing is great. With the episodes being on the longer side, I was worried that I would get bored but for the most part (with the exception of a few episodes on a few seasons) that wasn't the case at all.

    The Conjuring Universe Films - I highly suggest watching all of these films, in the correct order (you can look up what order they're meant to be watched in). Although some of them are not as strong as others, they all pack in a few great scares, and the stories are intriguing and engaging. As a huge fan of horror, the Conjuring and Annabelle movies are ones that I've re-watched at least five times each by now.

    Guardians of the Galaxy (1&2) - At first, I was hesitant to watch these movies and only actually recently watched them in March of this year. I was pleasantly surprised, it had lots of comedic parts, Sci-Fi, and action. The storyline for these movies is actually really interesting, I'm not the biggest fan of superhero-style films but this one had the perfect blend of elements for me.

    Frozen I and II - My favorite animated films of all time right here. Olaf is my favorite character, and in my opinion, is what makes me enjoy these films so much. Not much else can be said, but I'm obsessed with these movies and if you haven't watched them I definitely suggest you do if you get the chance!

    These are just a few of my favorite movies and TV shows, I've watched hundreds so it's impossible to list all of them as for the most part I've enjoyed everything that I have personally watched. If you haven't seen anything I listed above, I definitely recommend grabbing a bucket of popcorn and watching as they're all fantastic. :)
    Posted Jun 30, 2021
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  14. These threads are always tough to answer I find, but I've come up with a few answers!

    TV Shows:

    Friends: Friends is just one of those classics that I even remember watching when I was pretty young when it was still playing on regular channels. I love the very sarcastic, witty humour the show has and I find I relate to most of the characters in some way

    Schitt's Creek: This is definitely a new favourite for me that I put on the same level of Friends, I was so sad when it ended xD I just love how dramatic they all are apart from the dad. Something else I really like is that all the characters are Canadian and it's filmed a little outside Toronto which is fairly local for me so I've grown to appreciate it even more. Moira is by far my favourite character.

    Jeopardy: I love this show because I'd watch it with my grandmother years back before she passed away so there are certainly memories there. Even to this day though, it's always me and my mom's little tradition to watch the news and then Jeopardy at dinner and we like to compete to see who gets more correct answers in one episode. Although I'm not really good at any categories like US History, the bible or Greek mythology, there are other categories I can nail and I just like the challenge the show gives me.

    • Shrek 2
    • Home Alone
    • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    • Cheaper By The Dozen
    • Elf
    • Mean Girls
    Posted Jun 30, 2021
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  15. I agree with everything you just said EXCEPT Frozen. I have no clue why, but I watched both of them and absolutely hated them. Getting more positive, I LOVE Guardians of the Galaxy (both 1 and 2), and I see them as my favorite movie, so seeing its one of your favorite superhero movies makes me happy!
    Posted Jul 1, 2021
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  16. I love these suggestions since I hadn't seen some of these, but I thought Schitt's Creek was one of the funniest TV shows I have seen recently. I do have people telling me to watch Mean Girls, I do not understand the hype, but I will still watch it and see what I think
    Posted Jul 1, 2021
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  17. Sorry I am late to the reply, but I LOVE every single one of these shows/movies! My favorite on this list is definitely Lucifer. I had not seen Identity Thief before, so knowing you have good taste, I might have to watch it!
    Posted Jul 1, 2021
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  18. This one show called lego masters, basically a bunch of adults create things out of toys for children and can win $100,000
    Also the host is 5he voice actor of lego batman
    So reality TV but actually entertaining basically
    Posted Jul 1, 2021
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  19. OMG IVE SEEN THIS BEFORE! ITS SO COOL! I forgot that it existed, but I was watching this so much cause when I was little I used to have huge bins of legos and me and my brother would build and play with legos all day! I need to start watching this again, TYSM FOR REMINDING ME!
    Posted Jul 2, 2021
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  20. Avatar: The Last Airbender hands down is my favourite show. No show (or movie) has ever made me feel as empty as this one did when I finished it. It took me weeks to process the fact that it was over and that there were no more episodes to watch. Thankfully Korra exists.. as well as the newly announced Avatar Studios - so I’m definitely relieved - but still; I had never binged a show so quickly before (and this was when I was rewatching it a few months ago).

    Outside of this series though, my other favourite shows have mainly been sitcoms. Friends, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, The Nanny (so pretty much anything set in NYC) have been shows that I’ve binged over the years. American Horror Story was also another favourite - but it was taken off Australian Netflix so I never had the chance to finish it sadly.

    In terms of movies, well it’s hard to choose. The Invisible Guest was an amazing movie, and one that I highly recommend watching (but maybe not for those who aren’t open to intense crime related themes). The constant twists and turns the story took, plus the shifting perspectives just really shows the immense thought and detail put into the film by the writers - ultimately creating an amazing movie to watch.

    I’m also a Horror fanatic, so movies like Sinister, The Shining, The Conjuring etc are definitely up there.
    Posted Jul 8, 2021
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