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Favorite Game

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Cenothrepticye3, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. Cake wars probably
    Posted Jul 15, 2021
  2. Bedrock: Skywars because its funny to watch people void.
    Java: Draw my thing because if you guess the word within the first 10 seconds everyone thinks you're hacking.
    Posted Jul 15, 2021
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  3. I am both a bedrock and java player so I will list my favorites for both.

    Super paintball
    Dragon escape

    Bomb lobbers
    Posted Jul 15, 2021
  4. I'm a java player so my favorite game right now is Skywars.
    If we're counting old mini games I would say Wizards, but that has since been removed.
    Posted Jul 15, 2021
  5. Bedrock: Cake Wars (Regular), Micro Battle, and Dragons.

    Java: whats java?
    Posted Jul 15, 2021
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  6. Sky Wars :DDDDDDDDDDD
    Posted Jul 16, 2021
  7. I used to love Skywars, SG, SSM, and Skyfall (all S games, lol), however, now I mainly play Speed Builders and Master Builders! I try SSM again from time to time but I'm nowhere near as good as the majority of the players I am put up against, so it's a bit more difficult to win or enjoy the game too much.

    Mixed Arcade used to also be one of my favourite modes, I always enjoyed DE and Runner.

    On Bedrock, I enjoy playing Speed Builders and Dragons!
    Posted Jul 16, 2021
  8. For Java I love playing Cake Wars so I can see all the imaginative ways level 100 closet cheaters have dreamed up to hide their cheats yet they still remain blatant

    On Bedrock I love CW as well but mostly for the part where you get tm8s who get full diamond armour and afk at the gen then just look straight at you getting killed and your cake getting eaten, and then they suicide in the void not long after
    Posted Jul 17, 2021
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  9. how are they hiding their cheats
    did u get straightlined and then cry
    Posted Jul 17, 2021
  10. Nah dude a lot of those players take 0 kb and then magically hit you from 5 blocks away, but I never said every high level player is a cheater if that’s what you’re assuming
    Posted Jul 17, 2021
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  11. Every single team i have
    But they don't even survive long unough to kill themselves
    Posted Jul 17, 2021
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  12. Hi!
    So I'm mainly playing on Bedrock nowadays, and I really enjoy Skywars Solo, Cakewars Duos (if I have another person to play with), and now Bomb Lobbers! Sometimes if I'm looking for something different I'll play Micro Battles. Earlier this year I was on a Mob Arena grind trying to beat the record, but ultimately didn't succeed lol.
    I really enjoy going on the Java platform too, currently I love Nano and Dragon Escape. Once I find a game I really enjoy, I tend to just play that game for a long time before branching back out to other games.
    Posted Jul 17, 2021
  13. Hey,

    My favourite games to play are master builders, dragon escape and mixed arcade.
    I play on java so a lot of the lobbies for games I used to love, survival games is the main one, are usually empty or have a max of 6 people playing them so the games never start :(
    Posted Jul 17, 2021
  14. My favourites are;
    Java Super Smash Mobs
    Bedrock Skywars
    Posted Jul 22, 2021
  15. dragons,bomb Lobbers, truf wars and mob arena
    Posted Jul 22, 2021
  16. oh yes and sky wars
    Posted Jul 22, 2021
  17. I agree with Ssm. I just keep playing because I enjoy it (even though I get wrecked by 90% of the Ssm community)
    Posted Jul 23, 2021
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  18. Got to be Super Smash Mobs!

    Always loved the abilities and different kits in the game, I hope they add more in the future!
    Posted Jul 23, 2021
  19. What's up?

    My favourite games on the network and which I'll play on both Bedrock/Java are:

    Speed Builders: It's just a relaxing game, you get plenty of exp for the game length and it's where I really started to come back on MP.

    Cake Wars: I love playing this game with friends, it's just a casual game where I can just talk with friends and focus on doing other tasks.

    NANO: I really love playing this game with friends when we're trying to be competitive

    I probably have more but those are main games.
    Posted Jul 24, 2021
  20. For the Bedrock server, my favourite game is currently Bomb Lobbers. It recently returned on the Bedrock server and it is so fun! The games are short, easy, and is very fun to play in a large party with friends. I'm also currently 19th place on the leaderboard with 1800 wins and it is fun to move up the leaderboard too. Before Bomb Lobbers came, I mained Skywars. I wanted to get on the leaderboard for that too but I stopped caring because I was bored and demotivated. I sometimes also play Cake Wars. That is the first game I played on Mineplex and mained it for a few months but I got bored of that too. I also like to play Micro Battles here and there but I don't play it that often.

    For Java, which I rarely play, I like to play Nano Games, although I find Java way harder compared to Bedrock.

    In summary, my main and favourite game as of right now is Bomb Lobbers. My old main and favourite game was Skywars. I also play Cake Wars and Micro Battles now and then.
    Posted Jul 25, 2021

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